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  1. With regards to funds, pound cost averaging is the best way (IMHO). Maybe if the fund drops in value a long way (re:- earlier this year), then an 'extraordinary' purchase is worthwhile. I did this with a high yield fund, x pounds per month and bought a top-up of y pounds in January. Which with hindsight was a little early, but who can time the market perfectly? edit:- having trouble with pounds (£)... story of my life really
  2. If your looking for a fund that tracks the price of a particular metal then there are quite a few ETFs out there? Or have I misunderstood what you're looking for? cheers Reggie
  3. Holy cow what did FP do to you? Did he sleep with one of your close relatives? This is a discussion forum, we discuss things, disagree violently, dust ourselves down and move on to the next argument/ discussion. Let it go..
  4. As a parent I'm outraged by the use of CRC to verify if someone is allowed to work with children or not. Firstly it implies all people are guilty until proved innocent, and how long before I have to prove my suitability to be a parent?. Plus it only works if someone has already committed an offense. Is it acceptable to this government that a child has to be 'sacrificed' before someone is deemed unfit to work with children? Also it means my children will not be exposed to reformed criminals; I remember, just, as a child being lectured at school by ex-drug addicts about the perils of drug abuse. How are my children going to learn from the mistakes of others if they're cocooned away from reality? The use of CRC checks are nothing but a tax, and a con. They mean nothing. Can you imagine the intelligence services using nothing but CRCs to fight terrorism? If someone doesn't have a conviction for being a suicide bomber, does it mean they won't become one?
  5. Thanks Sybil13... I missed it when I scanned for other posts about the article.
  6. Not seen this posted anywhere on HPC yet...so. An interesting article comparing the current house price crash with the last one in the 90's. It's even more interesting as it seems to be researched from information posted here. It turns out the Bulls arguments are spot on, all the bears were wrong, there isn't going to be a crash! MoneyWeek article Only joking about the Bull bit, but would be interested in who did the charts... good work.
  7. I read somewhere that there's a saying, "Sell in May and go away". Apparently June - Sept is historically a time when shares fall in price. Anyway this week I sold 50% of the shares that I've purchased over the past few months to take some profit (on average 50% profit .. why anyone would want to make a highly risky leveraged investment in a single asset class, i.e. houses, is beyond me??). If stocks continue to rise I'm still invested in the market... if they drop I can buy more shares. TMT I would wait a couple of months, you might get another opportunity to buy in the Autumn. edit: typo
  8. Of course people have a choice; no one here has called for people to be forced to sell houses for less than they want to (not that I'm aware of anyway). I think most people here are berating sellers for chasing the market down by refusing to price their house appropriately, or that they're in denial for not understanding that an asset is not only capable of going up in price, but also down. Open Question: When did the bears start coming back onto the forum? I was really missing them. edit:- I just remembered that banks force people to sell their houses for less than they want.
  9. Dam right: I've some Northern Rock shares I bought in 2007; I want, nay demand, that I get the same price that I paid for them.. I don't care that they've gone bust, I didn't make a mistake by buying them for a ludicrously high price. If I make a mistake then everyone else has to as well. Hmmm.. Sorry Varicos, but I think that there's a flaw in what you're saying.
  10. So people in their 20's, 30's, 60's, etc are better able to understand the concept of falling prices? Other than the ageism bit, it's a good post; you do sum up human nature nicely, e.g. denial rules ok! .
  11. Off course there's increased activity in the housing market... compared to 2007 houses are now a bleeding bargain. Something similar to what we're seeing now happened when shares started falling; I remember a while ago someone bragging on one of the yahoo finance forums about how they had just bought a bunch of bank shares for half the price they were previously selling for. In fact the numpty used his gran's savings to buy the shares, he was totally convinced he would make a quick profit and replace the money before it was missed. There's no need to explain what happened next... This increased activity is just part of the cycle: People stupidly thinking there's a bargain to be had because prices have dropped 10-15%. It'll pass very quickly and then prices will continue to drop like a spent rocket.
  12. I was laughing my way through this thread, when I saw your post... The most intelligent post in over 15 pages.
  13. There's no need to be so hard, these people should never have been conned into taking out loans that they didn't have a hope in hell of ever being to repay. It was like stealing sweets from a baby getting them to sign up for a loan. Whilst most MEW'ers can rot in "the hot place below us", these were people who needed help, and instead got stuffed by people who didn't give a dam whether they could afford to repay the loans or not. Anyone taking out a loan should be forced to sit an IQ test run by an independent organisation (e.g. The DVLA for financial competance), fail the test and no money... stuff worthless affordability calculations that the acne faced commission motivated IFA can fudge.
  14. Yep, I did mean US treasury, thanks for pointing that out. In my defence I did post at 5:15 in the morning; insomnia really sucks. I was toying with the idea of shorting treasury bonds (link), but as it's a dollar ETF I guess getting any gains back into £'s could be a problem, assuming the collapse of US bonds also causes the $ to collapse??? (I still need to do the math on this). Thanks for the tip on Aussie sovereign debt, I'll have a look at that. edit: Grammar
  15. Of all the investment funds I like to lose money with, laughingly called my future pension, the Japanese fund I started 12 months lost only a few quid (<1%). Today I ditched it for bonds, as I figure the Yen will probably collapse shortly. Edit:- Corporate Bonds, not treasury (There's another bubble about to burst).
  16. A trick cyclist at the age of 76.. I'm impressed. Merry Christmas to everyone
  17. I know business, is business (and other dribble), but to go into administration on Christmas Eve? You've got to feel for the poor buggers who work for them.
  18. The issue with land is easily solved; stick a house on top of it and they won't see it, plus it's difficult to take land when it's held down by a few tons of bricks and mortar.
  19. It's only a saving if they're worth 220k, which they're not. The market is going to take time to find the true value of these properties, until then it's anyone's guess what a property is worth. I would rather compare prices now, with those of 8-10 years ago, the prices of the last few years have been madness and have no meaning.
  20. You sound like this is making you angry.. well you've come to the right place to sound off.
  21. I love the English language... since when has it been legal to sell the Welsh, and who would buy them?
  22. I've also noticed this, my hairdresser is now charging £5.50 a time... I'm thinking of getting a wig. Women with inflated [long] hair is sexy, why not try this to cut back on charges (pun's intended)?
  23. You make me laugh, I don't mean to insult you, but you sound like me when I was younger. You'll understand what I mean in about 10 years times. ATM you think working mad hours is your choice, when in reality it isn't. You're being exploited, but you don't know it ATM, you probably think I'm talking out of my ass. Try stopping doing the hours you're doing and see what effect it has on your chances for promotion, advancement, etc.
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