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  1. A beggar on the streets of downtown Mumbai has more money than our Government
  2. They seem to send out this warning quite regularly. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=119562
  3. Who had that picture of the snake eating it's tail? I vaguely remember in between kips in the 'O' Level Physics lessons that this is called a "closed loop feedback circuit"... possibly? houseprices can only go up
  4. Seriously there's a flipping law that says only teachers can teach children? You're joking.. aren't you? I'm a parent; Am I breaking the law when I read to my daughter.. do I need a license? If so how much does it cost? Come to think of it my parents have taught my daugther something... I'll tell her to forget what they taught her. Or if asked, to tell the inspectors it was an accident and she didn't mean to learn it.
  5. From Jan 1999 to Sept 2009 your investment would have 'grown' by -0.81%
  6. It's a heck of a gamble, placing all your faith in a single asset. I wonder how many people who put all their faith in property are now ruined financially? I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong; But buying a property with a mortgage is a leveraged investment, which means you stand to lose far more than you invested. On the flipside you also stand to gain far more than you invested. With the exception of the Great Depression, most people who invest in the stockmarket don't take a loan out to pay for their shares, they only risk losing their initial investment if things go pear-shaped.
  7. Does the 50k for the house include mortgage payments and the other costs associated with maintaining it for the past 15 years?
  8. Your biggest problem is going to be carrying the money, I suggest you use two strong carrier bags (not the cheap one's from Morrisons, but good quality ones from M&S).
  9. The corporate reporting season starts in a few weeks, this might make a dent in the booming stocks markets.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/markets...ebt-market.html At this LTV there's no hope of 95-100% mortgages making a comeback for a long time... allegedly And where the heck is all the money coming from to buy this rubbish, e.g. Gilts, Treasuries and now MBS? edit: It suddenly occured to me.. This time it's different, these are RMBS, it was MBS that caused all the problems.
  11. The CBI proclaim themselves to be the voice of business. So the result of their study can be easily interpreted as they don't need so many graduates with degrees, or else they would be pushing for lower fees, bigger grants. So maybe it's better then that fewer people go to University? At the moment people are pressurised by their parents into getting a good education, followed by a good job. There are plenty of people who didn't study for a degee in History, or some other subject which is of no use to anyone, who didn't start their working careers with a shed load of debt and have done very well for themselves. So why the big fuss about going to University?
  12. You have to love google. Company information ... Owned by Northern Rock An article from the Telegraph on why the company exists... link Quote from article... I wonder if the 'others in the industry' have now stopped 'shying' away from this practice?
  13. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The main thing is not to give up, a small hic-up like destroying the Global economy shouldn't deter them. It happens to all of us.
  14. You're right, it's a criminal offence. If a landlord enters their property without the tenants consent it's a criminal offence and the Police have a duty to record and investigate it.
  15. Unless you emigrated to the UK recently you have received CB, when you were a child. If you're young then it's highly likely you will have children in the future, no matter what you think or say now (I know I've thought and said everything I hear here when I was in my teens/ early twenties). If you're old and will never have children, then I salute you. Either way kids are bloody expensive... seriously, mindblowingly expensive to raise. Anyone who says otherwise is probably on one or more social service watch lists. This maybe overly simplistic: The country is broke, we all know that. This Government thinks we as a population are thick, they may be right, so they like to muck around with the stealth taxes and benefits, which is highly insulting. So I would propose higher taxes, income tax and national insurance, with no new means tested benefits. If anything cut the benefits, but do it openly not hiding behind statistics which make it sound like we're going to be better off.
  16. There's no fraud if the benefit is universal? Means tested benefits are open to fraud. For clarity:- The key word in this thread is 'Benefits'. Loans are not benefits, they're something else.
  17. An interesting post, it never occured to me that I should be spending more time in the boozer spending the families money?? Dam, I always find these things out way too late. I thought CB was about the country investing in the next generation, the one's who are going to pay for and change our diapers when we're in our old age? If you don't have children then you (I mean 'you' as in a generalisation, not 'you' as in huw) have no idea how expensive they are ... holidays cost 4 times as much, nappies are outrageously expensive, children outgrow, destroy, or lose large quantities of school uniforms; revision costs when they 'forget' to revise for exams are bloody expensive, clubs and other activities that stimulate young minds are not free, milk; two kids get through 10 pints in 3 days???? Plus who knows maybe if they see their parents working and being able to provide for them, maybe they'll provide for their children. If CB helps perpetuate the myth that adults should work, then maybe it's not a bad thing.
  18. The thread is about the pro's and con's of means tested and universal benefits. There's no such thing as a universal loan; although I stand to be corrected.
  19. The point I was trying to make in my long winded reply just above your post.. Benefits should be all or nothing. By all means muck around with how much tax we have to pay, but don't make us go cap in hand to the Government to ask for money back that we've already earned.
  20. I/We don't need to, he earns enough. Our family doesn't get help with our housing costs and none of my children get free dinners.. if I didn't work maybe they would? And before you ask I don't play football. Means testing benefits is a waste of time/money, our taxes are already means tested, income tax and national insurance; this means the more you earn, the more you pay. So why do we have to have extra costly bureaucracy to means test benefits for those of us who work? Everytime this Government means tests anything the cost to the nation goes up. Look at the 'raging' success of tax credits; it hit the poor hardest, not the rich. This was because of overpayments and the Draconian measures imposed by HMRC to reclaim the money, and how much does it cost in time and money to annually review all those claims? If you want to help the poor raise the personal allowances for taxation. Here's a weird example of the crazyness of the system:- Both my wife and I work, my wife earns less than the average wage, I earn twice the average wage. Because of redundancies at both our workplaces we did some maths on the impact on the family if either of us lost our jobs. The results... 1. My wife loses her job, I keep mine... we're much worse off, borderline stuffed. 2. I lose my job, she keeps her's... we're worse off by a couple of £k per annum. Why? Because when I lose my job all the benefits kick in, housing, council tax reductions, tax credits, JSA, etc, etc. Morale of the story, I don't give a stuff if I lose my job, but we're panicing about my wife losing hers. GREAT SYSTEM!
  21. A brilliant reply daiking; most people here don't seem to understand that it's not the poor paying for the people who earn more, but the better off paying just a little less in taxes.
  22. This place is called housepricecrash - There are very few threads/posts on knitting, bungee jumping or other non house price related issues. If you're going to get so upset after only a few months maybe this isn't the site for you? edit: Typo
  23. I'm also very interested in any opinions? .. especially since I bought into LON:NGAS this morning. Of the total amount I intend to purchase of this ETF I've put half in now, and now just need to time the second purchase. I figured that if the airlines can hedge their avgas fuel bills, I might as well hedge my home gas bill All I need now is an EFt that tracks Nike trainers, Ballet lessons, and other assorted kids clubs, and 'must haves'.
  24. What's wrong with her answer? .. If an elefant was stood between you and the moon, you wouldn't be able to see the moon anymore.. ergo the elefant must be bigger.
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