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  1. A rather simplistic interpretation of what I wrote; nevermind. In the past bankers have not had to suffer the consequences of their actions, whilst others have. This time they lead the way; when I, my friends, or acquaintances, lose our jobs and/or homes then at least I know the people responsible are in the same boat.
  2. I would describe it more as revenge, than scadenfreude or envy. These people made money by taking money from others, the profits they made weren't magic'd out of thin air. How many of their investments resulted in others walking out of their place of work with their personal belongings in a box, and how may more in the future will through no fault of their own? If you can tell me that the people who worked in Lehmans, or any other sector of the banking sector, gave a second thought to the impact their actions were having on others, then maybe I would feel something other than contempt. When the dot Com bubble burst it wasn't the major banks, and their workers who took the pain, it was the small investor who didn't have access to inside information. This time it's different... I'm happy.
  3. I think that's why the OP, and a lot of people here have little or no sympathy for investment bankers, they don't have a home. By the way, seeing the poor souls walking around with their boxes, funniest thing I've seen in ages.
  4. Good luck, if it's in London traffic will be lighter than normal, as there's a few thousand less commuters. Plus to reassure everyone you might want to mention that it's different this time
  5. Forget about weekdays, all the real action seems to happen at the weekends
  6. I used to watch either Timeteam and/or topgear on a Sunday evening, now it's banks crashing.
  7. I'm with you on this one, they've sorted everything into piles: Cigarette butts on the sink, plastic bags in one place, takeaway wrappers in another. A messy person wouldn't sort it into piles, and neither would someone faking the pictures.
  8. That was my thinking as well, until I read some recent threads on HPC from people asking when was the best time to invest in property. I wouldn't underestimate peoples ability to do really stupid things It appears that people can learn from their own mistakes, but are totally incapable of learning from other people's mistakes.
  9. I could be reading too much into your post, but are you hoping to buy low, HPI to take off, and sell at the top making a massive profit? If so then there will always be a place for HPC to remind everyone what happened 'last time'. If I've misread your post then my apologises.
  10. This sounds like a plan of the desperate. Wouldn't it cripple the banks ability to lend money if their books are full of assets that are generating no money/ depreciating in value for years on end? And what happens to the debt the borrower has? They'll have this hanging over their head until the banks can sell the house, which could be another decade?
  11. Good for you, and him, I'm sure your IFA advised you last year that the credit crunch was coming, that property prices would fall by 12% in 6-9 months from their peak... So why are you posting here if you don't believe most of us? Or are you really saying you don't believe people who don't agree with your views? edit: typo
  12. Blimey another herd of bulls coming into season It's unbelievable that there are still people willing to risk everything on property investment ... crazy.
  13. Yield is only one factor when considering an investment, but what about the risk? The return/yield/interest/whatever on placing a bet on a horserace is great, but would you consider this a wise thing to do with all your savings? Diversify your investment into different asset classes, reduce your risk, get the same level of return, and leave houses for people who want a home.
  14. The sheeple have been scared enough over the past few months, hopefully this programme will throw them a lifeline, reel them in, and then in the last episode scare the proverbial out of them
  15. I've never really understood the argument about a lack of housing supply, the number of people living on the streets hasn't risen, there's plenty of rental stock, investors can buy vast numbers of flats and leave them empty... Yes a lot of people 'here' have savings, but the fact they're 'here' means they have a different outlook on economics than most people. It probably isn't far from the truth to say that there are more people with a damaged credit history and debts, who are going to find it very difficult to get a mortgage in the future, than there are people who have good credit ratings, and savings. The news is being handled no differently to the last crash, any good news is being siezed on and milked by the press, VI's etc for all it's worth. People do learn, the problem is every generation has to learn things for themselves, which is why these events tend to repeat themselves every 18-20 years I guess.
  16. Why? I'm sure there are a lot of landlords who would like to sell to them Shares are going up and down faster, and more frequently, than a lady of the nights underwear.
  17. get a mortgage (min deposit), and invest the rest in anything but property.
  18. Well said. The greed of house owners, BTL'ers, etc. and the resultant HPI (that is so despised on HPC), is a direct result of the policies Thatcher initiated in the 80's.
  19. Granted it's an "interesting" style, but it's a home, so why shouldn't the current owner decorate it to their own taste? Magnolia coloured paint should be banned
  20. Given this Governments past record I would be more worried if they announced a package of measures to force house prices lower, prices would skyrocket. Monty Pythons dead Parrot sketch springs to mind for some reason?
  21. A 100% drop in land values? Did they buy land in Norfolk with a seaview?
  22. I think the reason why he's complaining is because if the valuer down values the house, then he can't get a mortgage, e.g. it changes the LTV calculation But as they're an idiot they should complain and demand the valuer increase their estimate.
  23. Sorry, but without going into details, my experience now extends to more than just one office, or one county, or one district, or city council, but to many, and I see the samething all the time. You do say you've been in the public sector for 17 years, it really is another world from the private sector.
  24. I've worked for the private sector for the vast majority of my working life, 12 months ago my company 'posted' me to a county council (thankfully nowhere near where I live, or else I would now refuse to pay my council tax). Basically I had to forget everything I had learnt over the years in order to maintain what's left of my sanity. The place is bursting at the seams with people who are employed to sit around all day and browse the web. Half of the staff spend their day asking questions of the other half, e.g. are you living a healthy lifestyle?? They even have a trolley service, which brings round drinks and snacks 4 times a day. The only way you can work is at their speed, it's impossible to be productive. If you need a decision, forget it, everything is decided by committee. You could fire half of them and it wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference to the quality of service the public receive. Before going there I had read articles here about waste in the public sector, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. Back in the 80's Thatcher shook up the private sector, it's about time the public sector was seriously overhauled. P.S. I never thought I would say anything positive about Thatcher in my life, that's how bad it is in the public sector.
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