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  1. Not necessarily Serfs! The Portuguese/Albanian tradesmen working on the construction project I am commercially responsible for are typically paid around £13.00 - £13.50 per hour. With overtime opportunities they rack up around 60 - 70 hours per week. £800 - £900 gross per week is a typical wage for one of these guys. The site I am referring to will keep them busy for the next 12 months or so.
  2. Easy. Put your house deposit in the TSB. It's a brand new bank with no skeletons in the cupboard and no dodgy lending book so won't be in need of a bail in.
  3. I am currently working on what is probably the largest construction site in Greater Manchester. I would estimate well over half of the circa 400 workers are foreign. They are mainly made up of Indians, Albanians, Spanish and Portuguese. If you add in those from the Republic of Ireland then around 70% foreign. Without a doubt they are displacing English workers. The Indians are here because they are cheap. The Albanians, because they are grafters and are well thought of.
  4. Hale is hardly classic "oop North". It's quite posh actually. How about this property in Oldham, brimming with kerb appeal. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39897674.html
  5. What council gives 75% discount? South Staffs only give me 25% off for single occupancy.
  6. I work for a company that are specialists in reinforced concrete structures. You'll be relieved to know that in the UK samples of concrete are taken during the course of the days pouring and formed into cubes which have to pass compressive strength tests in a lab. Not much chance of your, bridge, hospital, school, multi-storey apartment block etc. collapsing due to under strength concrete over here.
  7. You are not demonstrating hyperinflation in gold. For one thing hyperinflation destroys currencies permanently. The Weimar notes never recovered their value but gold keeps on coming back. Protecting long term holders and punishing traders.
  8. The poorer nations are getting priced out. It was always going to happen. Just wish the americans would get the mania!
  9. You'd be better off with a Spanish bolthole. The British winter is not worth coming back for in my experience!
  10. Chilli con carne without beans??? That would be like Coq au Vin without any Coq!
  11. I spent most of last year in sub £80.00/night hotels in London. The experience was "interesting". I stayed in around 20 different hotels. The Four Seasons in Leyton isn't too bad for the money. The Corner House Hotel near Kentish Town tube and The St Joseph near Earls Court are worth an honourable mention as well. What you get for your money varies wildly. Some are vile 5hitholes that would disgrace a third world city let alone London.
  12. Both clearly visible on a historical price chart.
  13. You must have had more success than me at it. My experiences are that the first couple of brews are excellent and then subsequent efforts degenerate into something sour and vinegary that is undrinkable.
  14. Beer was a common breakfast drink for the poor at one time: For hundreds of years prior to the early 1800s, the English drank beer for breakfast. In fact, beer was known as the breakfast drink. That was because plain water was usually contaminated, and coffee, tea, and hot cocoa were not widely available. And beer delivered carbs you needed to get through the day. http://www.chow.com/food-news/49816/beer-for-breakfast/ Tinned lager is just rather expensive pop imho.
  15. Hence the the reluctance of the Viagra triallers to return their heart medecine!
  16. Can you name some of these large construction firms working 4 day weeks? I'm in the construction industry myself and hadn't heard of this until now.
  17. If market commentators aren't bullish how can it be a bull market? Who are the bulls?
  18. Why do you think speculating in gold is evil? It doesn't deprive anyone of food, shelter or fuel.
  19. Since Davos 2010 gold has risen 50% so either his timing's atrocious or more likely he trades one way and talks another.
  20. Seeing as the shoes have only gone up by 200% (2 x £10) it is doubtful that the whole basket would go up by 300%! Just saying
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