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  1. You don't have to go for a vaccine to be tracked by your phone.
  2. That is encouraging. But: Sorry, but that makes no sense at all. To quote: "It’s ONLY 60% at 21 days post-second dose follow-up." No. That is wrong. The (controversial) 60% protection relates to the first dose. "At the 11-12 week follow up, one would expect it to be closer to 80-90% range." What? The second dose happens at 11-12 weeks. It does not have an instant effect.
  3. Thanks, but I don't understand those tables. Is there no easily accessible headline figure for this measure?
  4. I did start this on the off topic board, but got no replies. Please can someone tell me what level UK GDP is at in GBP using the expenditure methodology? I'm being a bit thick.
  5. I have wondered if (with enough beds and oxygen), this is what the Indian variant is. Or if they think it is.
  6. Yes - all true. I suppose my point is that the vaccine may not be enough on its own.
  7. It has been said that the new variant may be 50% more infectious, with an Ro of 6. If the 1st jab gives protection of 60%, you'd need 100% take up to get the R down to 1. Of course, this is complicated by the second jab, existing immunity (from infection) and the fact that this is not quite how R works. Has anybody done the maths?
  8. Is the implication that this is the current plan to deal with the Indian variant?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/21/signs-of-rise-in-covid-infections-in-england-amid-variant-warnings "speaking at an online meeting of the Independent Sage group of experts, Prof Ravi Gupta of the University of Cambridge, a co-opted member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, said that despite the UK’s vaccination programme, community spread of the India variant, B.1.617.2, will continue to rise. “We still have people under the age of 30 not vaccinated, we have many people with only one dose, so this virus has plenty of space to expand exponentially and reach very high levels of infection with quite high levels of morbidity overall,” he said." Hmmmm.
  10. In areas that do not have outbreaks of the Indian variant, cases seem to be around 10 per 100,000. in places that do have the variant, they are much much higher - 1200 per 100,000 in parts of Bolton. The variant seems to have a doubling time of 7 or so days and is spreading geographically. But nobody seems to care. Is there something we don’t know? Perhaps that the variant is less deadly?
  11. What a load of shit. If you want to compare AZ vaccine deaths with Flu vaccine deaths, and want to show that AZ is more dangerous, then do it on a month to month or year to year basis. For the record, I think you may be right, but that argument has no weight whatsoever if you don't compare like with like, or show your workings in full.
  12. I actually agree with all of that, but it does not change the oath. (It also begs the question, because I was replying to Arpeggio when he asked why a cure was "worth announcing when blood clots are such are rare effect".) Again, I agree. So far.
  13. Have you heard of something called the Hippocratic Oath? Maybe you should ask nightowl.
  14. What? For medics, every life is precious. Anyway, this (very very) rare risk need no longer be a risk.
  15. The Romans did. And the Saxons. And the Danes. And the Norsemen / Normans. And the Orange protestants.
  16. Haha! No, I only heard parts of the report between site visits, but essentially, it seems that if people present at hospital with severe symptoms early enough, the methodology for dealing with them is well know and widely available. The issue is getting people to turn up to hospital with those severe symptoms quickly enough. The subtext is that informing the public how to protect themselves might scare them away from the vaccine.
  17. That is just one of the reasons that it is unlikely to happen. Which is a pity.
  18. That is not what Degrowth is about, not at all. If you had looked into it at all, you would know that. But your knee-jerk reaction is a common response to the term Degrowth, which is why I said above that it is a shitty [and unhelpful] name.
  19. According to Radio 4 today, there is a cure for blood clot side effects.
  20. It has to happen. I doubt it will though. Shitty name does not help.
  21. As you know, the number of cases reported after the weekend can be volatile. But, nevertheless: Indeed. But it will be interesting to see whether the indian variant is more or less dangerous (to infected persons) in a country that can supply enough beds and oxygen for the hospitalised cases. Not saying that will be the UK obvs.
  22. Thanks. But isn't that a doubling (100%), rather than 6000%?
  23. So, I don't want to jinx anything. And it would be silly to base any conclusions on low levels of laggy and volatile data over a very short time period. So I won't. But I am watching the number of recorded cases that result in a hospital admission, with some interest.
  24. UK inflation more than doubles in April. 0.7% in March, 1.5% in April. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/may/19/uk-inflation-more-than-doubles-in-april-as-energy-prices-increase-coronavirus
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