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  1. Aww, you're no fun! This is HPC. Back in the day, loads of posters Sold To Rent in the hope of the coming crash. Worked for some, not for others. But it was definitely a forum "thing". Now the world's richest man (sometimes) is selling all his houses! Crash ahoy!
  2. How is this going to fit with the alleged wave of resignations and the apparent labour shortage?
  3. https://www.businessinsider.co.za/elon-musk-house-sale-selling-california-mars-colony-spacex-2021-6
  4. Watching this, it's just incredible. Has he got serious dirt on someone?
  5. It does imply that. Why do you think it terrifies them? It's like presenteeism / desk presenteeism, but on zoom. First google: "Presenteeism (...) is the act of showing up for work without being productive"
  6. Well said. But I'm sure you would agree that crony capitalism is not capitalism.
  7. That's what I have been trying to say. Without another prop, reversion to the previously established SD taxation would / will result in a 1988 style collapse in the housing market. You've changed your tune! (again) Why do you think the bankers want house prices to fall?
  8. What was going on with the BBC evening coverage? Why all the passive-aggressive abuse against England by the Scottish correspondents?
  9. Awesome pass, nice conversion. A win is fine.
  10. Bless you. I wish it were so. I wish that the world worked as you say that you think it does.
  11. But tapering is not unwinding? To be honest, I'm out of my depth here, but I suspect that that the base rate is not the inflationary lever / mechanism these days. Market operations are.
  12. What sort of scale are we talking? Are we talking geared whales, or system dispersed derivatives*? *not sure that is actually a thing, but you probably get what I mean!
  13. Yes and no. Unwinding QE would allow / cause market rates to rise. That is my hope too. Good point. But are people borrowing to buy Bitcoin? (Genuine question).
  14. I did wonder that. I even googled it to see if it caught on. It hasn't. It was an awesome post. But flawed in many ways. 14 Years later there is no credit revulsion, no K winter and the magic money token remains the same.
  15. I assume he means Modern Monetary Theory.
  16. Exactly. I used to know some EAs who were in business at the time and they said everything just dropped of a cliff. A frenzy of buying and trying to complete and commissions and then... tumbleweed. Q: Why didn't the EA look out of the window in the morning? A: There would be nothing left for him to do in the afternoon.
  17. If so, I don't think it will work. The demand has now been brought forward. Many people who wanted to buy in the near future have done so. Those who have completed won't be buying again soon. There will be some new buyers, but less than normal. Some chains that miss the first deadline will continue in the hope of a reduced discount, some won't. Some property will come back on the market, but there will be less buyers and their deposits will be smaller (because they need to pay more stamp duty). They won't be able to afford the stamp duty holiday prices. I don't expect much in the way of price falls (yet), but I do expect a lot of very bored estate agents.
  18. That is interesting. It kind of explains why they estimate that 80% of the population have antibodies, but if you add the number of vaccinated to the number of confirmed cases, you get about 90%. I've seen (reputable) estimates that AV only gives 60% protection from infection from the Delta. Hmm. Was I imagining the 60%? I can't find it now...
  19. That has already happened. Art as well, crypto of course, PMs to some extent. There is of course the risk that funds will continue to flood to these places. Sorry, can't get past the paywall.
  20. But does your previous FT thread not indicate that the inflation will be driven by wage inflation? That's got be be OK for people with debt, and a wage.
  21. It's pretty obvious now that the intention is to inflate away the debt. Protect yourselves.
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