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  1. I'm not sure I understand what this means. To be honest, I'm not sure I understand your position. Are you saying that we should keep burning all the hydrocarbons we can get our hands on, because trying to green our energy supply is a "political end"? I'm guessing not, so please explain. You are probably right. So what do you suggest?
  2. I just re-read your post - I had not picked up on this bit, and feel I should address it. Yes, of course renewable energy production is a political agenda. It is also a necessity to avoid ruin.
  3. I agree. It was a late night post and I was wrong in that part. I'm sure the fact that nobody else picked up on it is just because they are all being polite. Having said that, there were sentiments behind my post (both in whole and in part) and I stand by those sentiments. Firstly, I think our monetary framework is harmful and needs reform. I also think we need to be lighting a fire under investment on renewable energy. I think we need to do both of those things if we have any chance of avoiding ruin. Perhaps my suggestions were not workable / sensible, but I think that is the conversation the country should be having, rather than whether to put up the bank rate to 2% or 10%. Edit: Removed square brackets
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jun/29/secret-service-agent-testify-trump-wheel-jan-6 So maybe he didn't grab the wheel, but he still wanted to march on the Capitol with an armed mob? And the claim that he was prevented from doing so by the Secret Service - that does not seem to be disputed?
  5. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but as cases continue to rise, gov.uk are changing the daily snapshot to a weekly snapshot. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ Updates will be weekly after Friday 1st July 2022.
  6. Not at all. I do have mixed feelings about ZH, but my point was if you want to defend Trump against what may be false evidence, why not go with the available mainstream media, rather than a source which is sometimes seen to be, well, a little bit Trumpy?
  7. Indeed. The problem is that the solution(s) are unpalatable. They need to instantly cease to pay interest on reserve balances that are a result of QE. They need to slowly and carefully start to reduce the QE bond holdings of the BOE. They need to massively increase interest rates, the bank rate, but implement (or fail to oppose) a scheme where UltraGreen investment borrowings from HMG be interest free. They need to instantly and without warning adopt a sound money mechanism - my preference would be KWH rather than AU etc. But they won't.
  8. It's funny 'cause it's true. * edited for weak humour / fact. What about pretty young white men?
  9. Sorry, I don't agree with that. I think the problem is that we tried really hard to Leave, and avoid a half way house. But. Northern Ireland. Yeah, sad but true. Easy tiger - that is not nice. Yes - thank you for posting some sensible points.
  10. I agree that it is ironic. But I having read your post several times, I don't understand the bolded part. Are you saying that the (possibly fake) story that Trump wanted to lead / figurehead / join a Capitol insurrection and was only stopped by the brave (and possibly treasonous) actions of his Secret Service detail, will turn out to play in his favour?
  11. The problem with the Guardian is that they are so simplistic. Guardian - Cause of the housing crisis: RTB. Everyone else: Causes of the housing crisis: RTB, S21, Low interest rates, Bank deregulation, UK Building. Societies Act 1986, Immigration, BTL, HMO, QE, Furlough, Mania, Greed, BounceBack fraud, ABNB, holiday homes, Tax incentives, Council tax discounts etc etc etc.
  12. It may be lies. All MSM are now reporting doubts - FT, Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg, WSJ etc. But you led with ZeroHedge - why?
  13. Bailey said he was determined to bring down inflation and was prepared to use the Bank’s power to increase interest rates aggressively in response, though he added that it may not be necessary if he had managed to destroy the UK economy faster than he had managed to destroy the pound. "If I can get everyone out of work and bankrupt, I won't have to raise rates", he added. Edited (in italics) in the interests of weak humour.
  14. Did the Secret Service prevent a coup on the 6th January 2021? https://theweek.com/jan-6-committee/1014731/jan-6-witness-trump-tried-to-grab-steering-wheel-when-told-he-couldnt-go-to Would it have made a difference if Trump had got to the Capitol? Was Bobby Engel right to prevent him from going? How will this play out in public opinion? Does it even matter?
  15. This is the bit that I don't think is properly priced in yet:
  16. You are right Larry. it was James the 6th of Scotland. I stand corrected.
  17. Do you think that the Brexit vote was influenced by Russia? What about the Indie 1 and (potentially Indie 2) votes? Can you see the Russian influence? Funnily enough, it was James the 5th of Scotland that inherited England. Technically, Scotland owns England. This sounds very very much like the Brexit argument. That's true. Nothing to worry about, because there is nothing we can do. Yes. Hopefully they will vote in their own best interests and not in the interests of foreign actors.
  18. I agree. I think you highlighted the wrong part of the quote that you quoted. I don't like taking a position that might be seen as Putin sympathetic, but isn't this just a matter of fact? Oh, of course the whole story could just be lies.
  19. We refuse to be poor anymore. We refuse to be poor anymore. We refuse to be poor anymore. We refuse to be poor anymore. We refuse to be poor anymore.
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