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  1. I think you also need to stop people renting off the council all there lives, they should have 5 year review, I know people still living in council rented accomidation even though they now have better wages than me, worst of all some have right-to-baught and now rent it out and live e;sewhere. Also, I personally think people should be taxed on second/holiday homes and empty properties. With so many people suffering from this housing crises, why are millions of homes left vacant!!! I'm off to PricedOut.....
  2. Was thinking last night of setting up a website (if any administrators are up for it as well). I just wanted an online petition and maybe a forum where people can add there ideas. http://www.cutMPsprivaleges.org.uk Any one up for supporting this I'm not sure exactly what all the priveleges are but some that I do know I think should be taken away and the pigs should be made to live a little bit more like the rest of the anilamls on the farm. Here are some of my examples, please add your own (serious ones would be appreciated, what do you think a job like that deserves, funny ones also appreciated) My suggestions: Pay: 60K MP, 80K Cabinet Minister 120K PrimeMinister. Holidays: 3 Weeks (during school summer holidays, the country doesn't stop running, 1 week xmas & 1 week to take whenever) Benifits: Free public Transport (perhaps it would run right if they had to use it), Cars for Cabininet/Prime Ministers Subsidised Cafe in HOC (no free lunches free wine cellers etc) Pension After 25 Years Service (the same as Civil Service employees (or maybe they have the average british pension) Job Acountability (if you screw up, you don't just hide for 6 monthe and your mate then brings you back when it's died down) Hotel Vouchers for when staying in London, or maybe a dormatory, have to pay for their own house in constituancy (no more us paying thier mortgage)
  3. Sam, I know exactly how you feel pal. House prices have been getting on my nerves for about 5 yrs now, but just annoyed me because I was living at home and then happily renting, putting my £ away every month and having lovely holidays. Got married last year, (Unlike most of our friends we had no debt hangover from that). Having 4 holidays this year (couldn;t do that witha mortgage I keep telling myself). However, the other half has always made it plain that November was my time limit (unfortunately she's a sheeple when it come to house, listens to Dad & Sis and Mortgage broker brother-in-law). So we've been looking around and everything is £20K beyond us despite a large deposit. Viewed the other day, house was nice OO admited to just laying flooring and spending £200 on the garden, he wants £245k for it, looked on Nethouseprices and he bought it for £215 in AUGUST!!! 30K!!! More.... Trouble is there was a couple veiwing as we left, estate agent didn't even bother to ring and find out what I thaught. I'm SO frustrated...........
  4. I'm supprised nobody else has posted this yet (sorry if they have). I thought this very interesting, haven't had the chance to do mine yet. I'm sure the results will be at least be "interesting", but what will the sheeple think? Money Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
  5. I think that this may sustain the bubble a little longer, just long enough for him to get into Number 10 and put an enemy or stool pigeon into his gold plated chariot heading for the cliff!
  6. Can anyone work out what a percentage increase today's .25% is? I worked it out to 5.2% increase? Is that right? If so, that's quite large rise (well above inflation) :-)
  7. What a load of Hypothetical B*LL*CKS!!!! I can't believe this sort of crap makes NEWS these days. I predict that in 3,000 years time every human will be Asexual because men are using womens products and women are playing men's sports and we'll have heads the size of Mini's because we are worrying more than ever and the we will have huge eyes to watch re-runs of rising damp. Guess which one will come true, yep that's right, we'll be watching re-runs of rising damp. Do I make the news now?
  8. A few questions mate. Firstly, what is 24 sq metres, is that the size of a one bed flat?? Or more (or lesss!!) Does brownfield and greenfield land count or doe that have special restrictions?
  9. maybe they are aware that they are going to have to repossess a few homes in the coming years, why send the business down the road?
  10. Wasn't it lovely!!!! I still think they are trotting out the party line, I think NuLab are trying to prepare everyone for the coming rises, very Hawkish from the ex-MPC bird, shame she's not still on the Board!
  11. Yep, I caught it as well, VERY bearish. It was music to my ears, even grabbed the wifee and made her watch the guy go on about how much his morgage has risen.
  12. That's an excellent point, I hadn;t considered the fact that most BTL have purchased 1/2 bed flats instead of 2/3/4 bed houses. However, if a significant number do get into trouble and reposessed, will THEIR house (which IS likely to be a 2/3/4 bed house) not be reposessed as well? Also, if jobs start to go, people struggling with morgages may be able to sell their 2/3/4 bed houses and move into the flats, easing thier debt a little.
  13. Sorry, maybe I should have put "substantiated observations". MARINA Please read again and note the points "If I have the figures wrong please correct" AND Can anyone find fault in this logic. If you think it's a wrong then tell me where. I'm suprised you have a mind for words to leap into. Why not point out the faults rather than just trying to dismiss (you), that stinks more or desperation than someone not trying to make a point but asking people if the conclusion he has come to is valid (me).
  14. May I make an observation? If I have the figures wrong please correct. The price of properties is set by something like a 100,000 transactions. In the last crashes, due to single OO, this would have meant that it would have taken 100,000 households (ish) to be in trouble, sell up & except a lower offer. lowering house prices. With the advent of BTL (people owning two house or more) surely it is logical that it will take a smaller amount of people to be in trouble before 100,000 properties are repossesed or sold at a loss? No? That means that if things do turn bad a crash is MORE likely and EASIER this time due to BTL, not HARDER or LESS likely as people would have you believe. In this situation, FTB will be better of and Experienced BTL will cement there position (assuming they have cash and equity, johnny come lately's that think they'll jump in if prices drop will not have the cash or equity to take advantage) . Can anyone find fault in this logic.
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