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  1. Hard to believe this forum all kicked off 12 years ago!!! TWELVE!!! Hope everyone is safe and well.
  2. NI Section still going? Impressive
  3. Afternoon all. Still loitering about these forums. I dont' post as much though Hope you're all well.
  4. No matter what happens we are an island with a finite amount of housing available. The pressure on people needing a roof over their head will only push prices up given the lack of new builds being done. Any new builds are the usual rubbish rabbit hutch size for the mythical "Young professional couple" BTW anything being heard of Helen from the Bel Tel recently? I haven't looked but I wonder if she has started the ramping up again she was doing back in 2005/06
  5. Wowsers still the usual suspects on here Lo all. Just thought I'd drop in again to see what the latest is. Given the prices seemeingly heading north again and ready for another fall later on again too. Hope you're all doing well.
  6. Hello stranger Fancy seeing you in here
  7. Sit tight until the interest rates increase and reposessions increase. That'll knock the prices in the head. Just keep adding to your "war chest" fund and you'll be better off.
  8. Sale agreed on that flat, wonder what it went for in the end?
  9. Sorry posted a link but Willie has already posted it up...
  10. haha....2/3's of a million for that...mental!
  11. Yeah, been away getting married and other "important" stuff Still come on as a lurker to see things every now and again
  12. Yes she is now the property correspondent for the Newsletter. Still doing her thing...ramping up and overcooking anything property related :/
  13. IMO QE and help to buy have reinflated the bubble a fair whack. I can see things bumping along and when they increase interest rates next year, it'll all end in tears again with another crash.
  14. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/helen-carson-after-boom-and-bust-are-there-at-last-signs-of-market-stability-28446759.html Just for the lulz "So what is going to happen now? There could be a glimmer of hope despite the fact that experts are warning that prices are yet to bottom out, perhaps falling to £200,000 on average." Yeah Helen...you nailed it She is now in the Newsletter ramping up things again.
  15. Margaret are you Helen in disguise? Have we a new pom pom waving estate agent "fwend" in the making?
  16. Dropping by 25%....still needs to drop another 35k+ to be realistic imo
  17. Perhaps splitting this thread into 2 would be of use now Doc? Merely to allow the OP to get question specific advice as opposed to a jumble of advice and a raging debate on Co-Ownership? I for one am enjoying the sparring and would like to continue seeing the debate in a co-op dedicated thread perhaps?
  18. Look at you posting in here again, thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth.
  19. 100% correct. No intention of ever wanting to work either. Just get pregnant at 17 and get money thrown at you. Why bother working when you can almost get as much money from benefits, as working and paying child care costs just to get to work int he first place!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  20. I had to get in the comments section there to have a go. Blatant advertisement.
  21. MANY brownie points from Mrs HM then eh lucky old dog you Enjoy cashing them in
  22. I'm mostly a lurker now but I still give the Bel Tel/Helen Carson what for when she posts up drivel I still pop in here for a nosey though and it's good that we managed to have this board to save people form a lifetimes misery and debt...well done all who stuck to their guns and held back
  23. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/business-news/boom-time-for-buytolet-loans-16112305.html I've had comments removed from this piece 3 times...haha Perhaps using the line "Do I hear a faint whisper of "Buy before you miss the boat" starting H?" I guess Helen has moderating powers and removed it
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