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  1. Could you not join your local LL association and get chatting to people? I think there was mention of them on here a while ago. Possibly Landlordzone and other websites might list one for your local area. I don't know whether you have to prove you are a landlord but you could say you are researching becoming one as a cover for compiling your database. Thorough decontamination needed afterwards
  2. They don't allow character and soul in West Swindon
  3. This was in Devizes. I put in a suitably ridiculous offer and the EA seemed to take it seriously. I think the house will go to an investor as there are quite a number of them here buying up larger family homes.
  4. Greetings, I was out today looking at a repo house and the agent told me she is starting to see more repossessions come on to the market in North Wiltshire after a complete stoppage of them for a year. I was told they are being put on slowly and most planned for next year. I asked about the market generally and was told that they are selling but the vendors are having to take big hits on asking prices to get sold. There is a lot hanging about that is just too expensive. All good news from Wiltshire
  5. Well, would anyone be up for a trip to London? We could all gather somewhere and have a peaceful demonstration/random rant. It would probably do little at all but somebody might take notice that we are doing something and not sat behind keyboards. It would also be good for a bit of exercise
  6. Yes, what was described to me sounds like a drop-lock mortgage. Thanks
  7. It was mentioned to me by the missus...one of the market research questions was "How would you feel about the 'product' if it was offered by Northern Rock?" I am not looking for a mortgage right now...I just wondered about this type as I had not heard of it before and I was worried that our nationalised lender might be trying to tempt more people back into buying with a new type of mortgage. I shall google 'drop lock mortgages'
  8. The grapevine tells me that a certain lender is canvassing market opinion for a type of mortgage that would allow the borrower to switch annually between fixed rates and tracker rates without fees or penalties. I haven't heard of this type of mortgage before. Has anyone?
  9. It's a repo by the look of it with the price set low to generate lots of interest
  10. I bow to your superior knowledge of the situation in Salisbury Spyguy. I certainly would like to see a realistic reduction in the prices there. The housing stock in the areas I can afford to buy is, frankly, rubbish.
  11. It could be to evade Property-Bee but I had a similar thing happen down my way a few weeks ago. I rang the agent to ask about it and he said that they had made some fundamental changes to their own website that required everything to be relisted on Rightmove. I know very little of the internet so he could have been fibbing though
  12. I am in two minds about this. On one hand I am seeing quite nice falls in previously HPC-immune areas like Salisbury, but on the other, a lot more houses seem to be going SSTC this month. Publicised repossessions are coming onto the market more in my areas. Every time I ring an EA about a viewing they assume first of all that I am an investment buyer rather than a homebuyer so perhaps investment buyers are making up much of the market at the moment. I think another six months might reveal which way things are going here. ( I look at Gloucestershire and Wiltshire at under 200K)
  13. All for something with slightly less square footage than a 10K Tesco cabin I wish I could afford that kind of money for any kind of house, let alone a shed on a pebbly beach.
  14. I have seen banners on their website asking for donations to the Wikipedia Foundation. I don't know if that raises enough to pay for the whole thing. Long may they continue
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