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  1. There was an article about this in one of the papers yesterday, Basically get a fixed rate savings now while rates are highish, They were predicting a levelling off over the next 12mth.

    With the amount of interest repayments these banks are getting on mortgages they can probably afford to take small losses on their savings though.

  2. Your first post is a really feeble bit of spin newbie, can't you do better than that?

    You're not Kirsty in disguise are you? I can see how you must be getting desperate :lol:

    Not at all, I like many have been sitting back and not diving in. Taking each article , media report etc on its own merit.

    What I see now is greater exposure to the fact that prices will not/cannot continue to rise, the 10 o 'clock news on friday was the most open and un biased I have seen in the main stream media. (You have to remember many do not buy papers and 1 paper may have bullish news the next bearish, it depends what you pick up that morning) BBC news is a great place for HPC exposure.

    But having done my own bit of research on the side am trying to build a worst/best case scenario for both sides of what the next 5 years will unfold into, FP stated that 4-6 years we will see at least a 25% correction and this falls in line with my figures also, To many it will be a case of i'll take a chance now for some it will still be worth holding out a little longer.

    I think the BBC have been very clever in the way they have handle the data this week, giving some HPC exposure but at the same time continuing to feed the HPI spin at the so called prime time slots

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/dmstandar...id%3D7%26ct%3D5

    Britain's biggest bank has banned poorer customers from one of its branches. HSBC has told those who earn less than £75,000 they will no longer be able to speak to staff there

    A bit off topic but this article does amaze me, the headline HSBC makes a branch rich only, So how do you interpret a rich person, Well HSBC have the answer. Get a £200,000 mortgage!!!


    The branch at Canford Cliffs, near Poole, Dorset, serves the exclusive Sandbanks enclave. And from June, only those who have signed up to the Premier service will be able to receive advice.

    To qualify, you must have savings or investments of at least £50,000, a mortgage of £200,000 or a £75,000 salary and a mortgage of £100,000 with HSBC.

    I always throught someone with a £200,000 mortgage was rather poor and someone with a £50,000 rather rich in todays market.

    Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places in the world to buy property. A dilapidated, three-bedroom bungalow there recently went on the market for £4m. Two years ago, it sold for £2.75m.

    There must still be plenty of money in circulation if HSBC can pull this one off

  4. Its been quite a week on the bbc news, I have followed what I can and now feel really sorry for those just waiting for a HPC.

    Start of the week there was a slot on the 6 o'clock news talking about the way britain has changed over the past 5 years, Many more of us now living alone.

    It had a couple of people saying how they prefered for the time being to live alone, But one day to buy somewhere with someone else. This goes against all whats been said about prices being unaffordable and many having to shack up together just to buy. It also sends out the message that housing demand is going to increase over the next few years if this trend continues.

    Then April 12th a big day on housing for the BBC - The first article "where now for house prices" it was the first indication of things look set to change and that the bubble looks set to burst, Telling homeowners with larger mortgages to get ready and prepare yourselves. So this article I thought was a good bit of news for the HPCers


    Then on the 6 o'clock news slot another housing bit regarding key workers and their chances of buying property. To buy in the area they work is at an all time low.

    Did'nt really know how to take this because it in some ways keeps the HPI wagon rolling, Prices always go up and will continue to and key workers will need affordable housing etc.

    The same piece also went on to say that mortgages were still affordable, 17% of a persons take home pay again more HPI spin, get on the market now while you still can.

    Finally it showed some EX MOD houses being sold and people camping out overnight to buy and the price £150,000 still not cheap.

    http://search.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/search/res...l&link=next Key workers 12/04/2007

    Then at 10pm we had the famous FP and the under pressure investor, I still think they knew what they were doing by putting all the HPI stuff on earlier and the HPC stuff on later, 10pm on a Friday night.

    I think most would of watched the 6pm news and gone out for the evening with that firmly in their heads, HPI to continue.

    Finally a point on the 10pm piece, I thought it was great and FP really put his point over, But for many the 4-6 year wait for a correction to take full effect may be to long and that is if it does ever happen. So I feel many will still take the plunge now while rates are still fairly low.

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