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  1. No, I think that reducing a political process simply to the voting system misses out most of what is important. As an individual, no matter what voting system you use, your vote doesn’t count for much, but that’s not really the point.
  2. Why wouldn’t I? Do you think that the people who voted in Germany today have more influence over the outcome? They won’t know what their new government will look like for weeks or probably months.
  3. Alternatively he could just stop cringing. If other people don't understand us, that's their problem.
  4. Which party do you think will go into the next General Election with a manifesto commitment to applying to join the EU again?
  5. If we have lost credibility, it is because a large part of our loosely-defined elite have not reconciled themselves to the decision to leave the EU and spend their time mocking their own country. If you want us to regain credibility, try understanding and defending our decision.
  6. Have you forgotten that the Tory PM and Chancellor and most of the cabinet campaigned for Remain? Why did the Labour party vote for a referendum without any scrutiny and then ran a half-hearted campaign in which the leader made lukewarm arguments and gave the EU 7 out of 10?
  7. Brexit wasn't that kind of decision. It was an existential constitutional question. There was no right or wrong answer.
  8. You don't have the right to berate anyone for divisiveness if this is your contribution to the discourse.
  9. If you think there is no legitimate argument against being in the EU then you are a zealot.
  10. These are just irrelevant questions. You know the arguments for Brexit and why many people believe it is better to be outside the EU than inside it, so stop playing dumb.
  11. It's very sad to see someone reduced to posting this incoherent, conspiracy-fuelled gibberish. Are you even a big supporter of European integration? How many European languages can you speak? Do you think we should have joined the Euro? Do you want to see fiscal integration and European income taxes?
  12. You think that a speculator engaging in speculation is evidence of a plot? If Rees-Mogg and Odey are in on it then this plot already seems to include a lot of people. You're just not being rational. Brexit is not the end of the world. It's a legitimate democratic decision and you need to move on for your own sanity.
  13. Is it really beyond your imagination that some people might believe that the EU is an ill-conceived project and that leaving it necessary for its own sake? You don't have to agree with them to understand the conviction. Not everything in human affairs happens because of calculations on a spreadsheet.
  14. So let's get your theory straight. If you think Brexit is a heist, then it means you think a large group of people who you consider incompetent collaborated on a complex plan whose details elude you. Furthermore the fact that you can't see any evidence of them having a plan is proof that it exists?
  15. You need to lay off the conspiracy theories. You'd have a more sane view of the world if you saw all governments as being merely buffeted by events.
  16. If we could turn back the clock 40 years and take the alternative path, it would have meant a Eurosceptic Labour government taking us out of the EEC. You seem confused about your own beliefs.
  17. Do you think drivers are paid by the state? What does tax have to do with it?
  18. As a result of current problems we're going to have to invest more in resilience and increase the pay of workers. It was perfectly rational for people to want to create the conditions that would force that to happen.
  19. The biggest number of fruit pickers came from Ukraine, so you appear to be saying that Ukraine = Russia.
  20. Whether you agree with it or not, the aim of making the economy less dependent on importing labour at the bottom end of the market isn't illogical or unclear.
  21. People arguing how good everything was before 2016 are the spiritual heirs of 1990s Russians who wanted communism back.
  22. If political discourse was so elevated before, how did so many structural problems go unaddressed?
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