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  1. Store you bitcoins over at blockchain.info, they do not store your password so they can't be hacked in the same way as has happened to other bitcoin traders. If you forget the password you are screwed and your bitcoins will be gone for all eternity. Let's hope MT Gox has some decent security systems in place, with yesterdays DDOS I wonder how long it will be before the hackers get in and download the entire username and password database.
  2. now that barclays have pulled ping it from blockchain.info then the only reliable way to buy bitcoins in the UK will be an international bank transfer to MT Gox. Here are the details, you will need to create a MT Gox account then transfer the money to MT Gox. Make sure you enter your own Message to identify your account and not XXXXXXXXX. Beneficiary Name (Recipient): MtGox Co Ltd, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (IMPORTANT: if the beneficiary account name is not entered, our bank cannot assign the funds to our account) Branch Number-Account Number: 210-1457705 SWIFT: MHBKJPJT Name Of Bank: Mizuho Bank Ltd. Branch Name (if required): Shibuya Bank address: 1-5, Uchisaiwaicho 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku 100-0011 Tokyo, Japan Recipient Address: Round Cross Shibuya 5F, 11-6 Shibuya 2-Chome, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan Message: XXXXXXXXX (IMPORTANT: this message identifies you and will allow us to credit YOUR account)
  3. Blockchain is very secure. See below. Is it secure? Will another mybitcoin.com situation occur again? Yes, it is, and no, we are protected from such situations as all of your private keys are encrypted with your password before leaving your computer. We do not hold a copy of your password, and thus are unable to view or spend your Bitcoins. You retain full control of your private keys, so your wallets can never be seized or blocked and can be imported into any desktop Bitcoin client.
  4. This is the easiest way to buy bit coins. If you bank with barkclays, download the ping it app. if you don't bank with barclays you can still download the app but you will have to go into branch to confirm your ID. Transfer some money with faster payment into your ping it app. It's instant. Sign up with https://blockchain.info Login to your block chain wallet (don't forget your password it can't be recovered) Click the UK tab on the right, you will now see the ping it deposit. Choose an amount, they will then generate you a code. Within ping it, send them the amount of money you chose earlier and also the code as the message. wait 5 seconds, congratulations you now own bit coins. The bit coins will sit in your block chain wallet until you spend them or cash them in, or you could trade them over at https://mtgox.com/ They are currently trading a £45 a bitcoin. up from £32 last week.. Not bad but I smell a bubble.
  5. Hello Bloo.. Myself and a few friends use bitcoins, I happily accept bitcoins as payment straight to my phone using the block chain app.
  6. more computing power is needed to mine each and every subsequent bitcoin. It will take a couple more years for them to be mined as computer power ramps up and special chips are designed purely to mine bitcoins. Once they are all gone then I think there is some subdivision that will occur. I currently own about 5. Having purchased them for £7, they are currently trading around £30 ish last time I looked. The best site for buying bitcoins is block chain, you can ping the money over using your mobile straight from your bank account. Others sites such as MT Gox make you use international wire transfer and it a ball ache. Block chain is instant and highly recommended.
  7. its bullet proof, the guy who designed it is a genius. Also if you make any transaction while logged into the Tor Network then it's impossible for you to be traced. The Tor network disguises your IP address by bouncing the internet traffic a number of times around the world and then out onto an exit node. The CIA/FBI/MI6 are currently sitting around scratching their heads wondering how they are ever going to crack this network. They can't with current technology.
  8. that's an increase of +30% for 1st class stamps and about 40% for 2nd class.
  9. here is his email address if anyone cares to educate him a little. [email protected]
  10. The ace is a very good phone, along with any other galaxy, Ive got the samsung galaxy S2.. Amazing phone, and reasonably cheap on contract.
  11. I don't work for sky, i just don't like the way they operate with the threat of jail if you don't pay the tv license. I have noticed that the BBC bash sky at ever opportunity. Also they pinched my photo and stuck it on the 6 oclock news. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/11/bbc_flickr_image/ Since stealing my work, I have kept a very close eye on the BBC. I don't disagree with the world service but its the how it's funded that upsets me. I want the option to opt out. Like events in the middle east, change will come eventually. The writing is on the wall.
  12. Before you start knocking sky you need to take a very close look at the BBC. The coverage by the bbc over the past few days has been pathetic. Sky today released subscriber figures of 10million. The bbc knows that the license fee days are numbered. In a attempt to undermine sky they have been covering the sexism row as if it was major news. It was headline news at 8am this morning instead of being a small snippet, they should have been giving in depth coverage to the Egyption revolution that is potentially taking place. The BBC is biased no longer impartial and its fighting for its life. It will loose that fight sooner rather than later and I will rue that day. The BBC is still needed but it needs to be put back into its place. There is a battle going on for the control of the airwaves its Murdock vs the BBC. It's not a public battle but you can see it being played out. Murdock is attempting to take full control of BSKYB and has offered to sell sky news to facilitate that deal. The bbc have had the license fee frozen for two years. The bbc have been told to cut back the bbc website that was costing 200million a year to run.... YES your reading that correct 200 million for a website. They are cuting costs by 34 million. Why do you think the BBC have dragged this phone hacking thing out again? Why do you think sky were so quick to sack andy grey? Why do you think the news of the world assistant editor was sacked yesterday? Why do you think a previous editor of the news of the world resigned as camerons press secretary. Vince cable was getting involved last month saying "he had declared war" on murdock. Battle lines are being drawn, as the bbc attempts to drag murdock, SKY, The News of the Worlds name through the mud in a desperate attempt to show its squeeky clean impartiality. The bbc are not squeeky clean they are parasitic crooks who must be cut down to size.
  13. that water coming out of the paddling pool is creating a dirty brown puddle, and soon enough poisons are going to start hatching out that mud.
  14. It's been a bumpy ride recently and I believe 2011 is going to be a very interesting year. Agreed that you can only follow your convictions to a point. If the evidence is staring you in the face then you have to sometimes hold your hands up and admit your were wrong. I don't think we are anywhere near that point. I believe the headlines will come thick and fast next year. Fundamentals are at stake here. Do you honestly believe that a bunch of clueless politicians from both governments are able to buck the market. Market always wins end of. Record low interest I admit was a trump card I didn't expect. Quantitative Easing.. Yes Very clever, they gave printing money a pretty name however that's all the trump cards in the deck used up now. They can't keep printing money forever without the public getting suspicious as to why petrol is £3 a litre.. Those 20 million people glued to x-factor will twig at some point that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" when it £10 a pint. Don't doubt your convictions for a second RB. If I'm wrong I will eat my hat. just like kirsty alsopp.
  15. that's the spirit RB. You had me worried there for a while. What stands us bears out from the crowd is while everyone else is walking one way the bear we will be marching the other following our noses, us bears don't have the herding instinct, we are not sheep. RB we are witnessing history being made with the global financial crisis and coming housing crash. It is difficult sometimes when you are living through history as it moves at such a slow pace. Picture future economics students opening their texts books and moving a finger down the index of the book, past global economic crisis 2007. Maybe the finger will pause at euro collapse - who knows I don't have a silver ball. One thing is for certain, it won't be pretty. History is being made. I'm not preaching to the converted here realist bear, you know in your heart of heart what is coming. Stand tall RB be proud to be a bear.
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