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  1. I recall an IT contractor, earning 6 figures and with a BTL 'portfolio' approaching a dozen properties at the time, telling me a few years ago that he has never paid more than the basic rate of income tax, I imagine through the use of this scheme.
  2. Further evidence for why we need to be outside the purview of the ECJ. cp190011en.pdf
  3. Irrespective of its outcome, I think Brexit will turn out to be a significant turning point in UK- ROI relations. The demagoguery and hypernationalism being whipped up in Dublin is likely to sour relations for decades and represents by far the greatest threat to peace on the island. One only has to look at the dramatic deterioration in Russian-Ukrainian relations since 2014 to see where this is all heading...
  4. It achieves two immediate objectives of uniting Labour whilst concurrently throwing the Tories into further, potentially fatal, disarray. It also increases the likelihood of a GE later in the year which would suit Jezza if his version of Brexit goes to plan. As for immigration figures, I think students typically account for roughly 50% of non EU migrants and I know, through my own unsuccessful attempts at recruiting highly skilled overseas staff in the past 5 years, that numbers of non students have been significantly restricted through recent caps on work permits etc. There are also well recognised flaws with the ONS methodology which have resulted in an underestimation of EU and overestimation non EU migration over many years.
  5. We constantly rage about being priced out by overseas buyers in this country yet dream of inflicting the same fate on others in less affluent parts of the EU. Oh the irony...
  6. Keeping the UK in the SM and customs union would solve the Irish question, negate any economic benefits of leaving through ongoing regulatory/customs alignment as well as guarantee substantial annual budgetary contributions from the UK on top of the £39 bln. As this is a great deal for the EU, I don't imagine there would be the risk of the backstop being triggered if the UK makes a formal commitment to 'Norway Plus' in the political declaration, hence allaying fears of many crypto remainers queasy about the backstop. In his letter, Jezza appears to offer implicit support to the WA if May accepts his demands, which are largely consistent with EFTA+CU. Whilst it's politically tricky for May to run with 'JC's plan' as it would make her look inept and most likely split her party I suspect she is past caring at this point. In fact I think she is so stubborn and bloody minded she wouldn't think twice before breaking up her party in order to get her sodden deal through.She knows fully well she is finished politically and is only concerned about her legacy as the PM who delivered Brexit. May recognises that neither the EU nor hardliners within her party,DUP are likely to budge from their respective positions and the only way she can get her withdrawal agreement through, which is all she really cares about as she won't be around to negotiate the future trade agreement, is by courting labour votes. If you do the maths, there are enough votes between labour, tory open+crypto remainers+ nats etc to carry this with a comfortable majority. Brexiteers can go hard as they like, try and collapse the government etc but this is what we'll get eventually. As for EE immigration, I agree with point made by crouch earlier that being fully out of the SM would give us discretion to control it if it ever became a problem in the future (over 2 million Ukrainians have moved to Poland and Hungary in the last few years to replace those who came here in the past decade so the flow of migrants from East to West is likely to continue once Brexit uncertainties are lifted). Non EU immigration is a bit of a red herring as it largely consists of international students who make a large net contribution to the economy.
  7. Judging by the gap toothed Belgian *****'s comments after his meeting with TM and JC's conciliatory letter earlier in the day I predict a WA with ' Norway Plus' enshrined in the Political declaration being pushed through with labour support by the end of the month followed in short order by the breakup of the Tory party.
  8. Precisely..so why are statements by the leave campaign being judged against the shambolic handling of the negotiations by May, a reluctant leaver at best? I'm not saying the outcome would have been radically different had it been left to someone more committed to Brexit, but it's unlikely to have been so dire.
  9. Do you accept there is no requirement under Article 50 for negotiations to be sequenced in the way they were and, in accepting this, May committed a monumental tactical error that cost the UK much leverage in the talks? How are leavers to blame for this?
  10. That was before the EU insisted on sequencing negotiations in breach of Article 50, which May daftly agreed to ignoring her Brexit Secretary's advice. A bit disingenuous to blame Brexiteers for the rank incompetence and/or duplicity of the largely remainer establishment.
  11. More posturing from an EU lightweight. A nudge from Merkel and she'll fall in line. Besides she has a vested interest in avoiding no deal as half of her country lives in the UK
  12. The 100k figure consists mainly of students who pay circa 30k per year in fees besides contributing to the economy through spending without access to healthcare or benefits.
  13. So why are you citing this as an argument for remaining in the EU?
  14. And why is it not obvious to you that UK's EU membership has in fact facilitated this process? Brexit will impose additional costs on moving production to cheaper destinations within the EU and whilst companies will do whatever is in their commercial interest, the likes of JLR will certainly have more reasons to keep manufacturing in this country once the UK leaves the SM
  15. A single market for services does not exist in reality because it does not suit the Germans-look it up. Yet another example of misinformation by remainers. The UK will continue to export services to the EU post Brexit just as it does to the rest of the world.

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