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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/dec/30/oxford-astrazeneca-covid-vaccine-approved-by-uk-regulator Pfizer has clarified that there is no evidence the first dose is effective beyond 21 days so MHRA's amended guidance appears even more suspect. Beyond reputational damage to the MHRA, which is assured, and dubious efficacy this will have wide ranging implications, for instance those vaccinated under the MHRA protocol could be excluded from 'CoVID passports' which countries like Israel are already introducing.
  2. The latest MHRA/JVCI presser does not inspire much confidence in the Astra Zeneca vaccine to be honest. Changing the dosing interval based on flaky data smacks of political interference and risks damaging public trust in the whole vaccination programme. I also expect Pfizer to come out strongly against this since their results are based on 2 doses delivered 3 weeks apart so they could legitimately object to findings from a small subset of AZ's data being applied to their vaccine too ( besides the fact that Pfizer has a strong commercial interest in maintaining a dual dose regime)
  3. Not that I known of-asymptomatically perhaps. I don't usually get adverse reactions to vaccinations but was in some discomfort for several days after this one. It wasn't bad enough to put me off vaccinations of course but I'll be very annoyed if it turns out this doesn't work against the new CoVID variant.
  4. I've had a similar experience-the pain in the arm was quite severe for several days, much worse than I've experienced with other vaccines.
  5. This is the 'right sort of immigration' this country badly needs.Continued sterling weakness associated with no deal Brexit next month would likely see an acceleration in the emigration of recent low skilled EE arrivals (this has been happening since 2018) so there will be plenty of room to take this new lot in.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-55016402
  7. How could a house be allowed to fall into such disrepair? Makes you wonder if it was the scene of a murder or some other grizzly crime-I wouldn't go anywhere near it, let alone buy it.
  8. Some of the nurses I know who contracted COVID 2 months ago are still recovering from it- mostly shortness of breath, fatigue and myalgia. Think the term mild is a bit misleading with CoVID
  9. I believe so- it was receiving a lot of interest on Property 118 etc. I only know of my acquaintance's involvement from the fact that one of the screenshots from some company Facebook page promoting this 'product' posted on a thread here contained his endorsement. I subsequently heard that he had recommended a 'clever tax efficiency scheme' to mitigate Sec 24 changes to someone else I know. Both individuals own 20+ BTLs, mostly HMOs. Based on this, I suspect the use of this arrangement is widespread. I agree it looks highly dubious and could soon find itself in HMRC's crosshairs but then
  10. It involved some way of transferring properties into a ltd company without incurring CGT.
  11. It was being promoted by some solicitors in the context of Sec 24- it's on one of the BTL related threads. Can't quite remember the details but I'm sure someone will be along to explain
  12. Over the last few years, several 'portfolio' BTLers I know have transferred their properties into limited companies using a tax dodge that was regularly dismissed as unworkable here. Won't be surprised if these 'company assets' are exempted from any future wealth tax.
  13. Are we referring to the current chancellor? I know he has a background in finance or some such but I don't think he would have a VI in propping up house prices. Whatever he paid for a house would be small beer compared to his wife's riches (she is a billionaire heiress) so his personal pain threshold for any notional drop in asset prices would be far higher. For this reason alone I expect to see a much bigger crash than we had in 2008
  14. My understanding is that many parts of the EU are planning to lift quarantine requirements ahead of the summer. Personally I think UK should maintain quarantine at least through September, if only to prevent discretionary overseas travel and prop up domestic tourism.
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