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  1. My understanding is that many parts of the EU are planning to lift quarantine requirements ahead of the summer. Personally I think UK should maintain quarantine at least through September, if only to prevent discretionary overseas travel and prop up domestic tourism.
  2. It's poorly thought out and unworkable for obvious reasons but quarantine actually makes sense economically- no tourist in their right mind would be planning a visit to the UK this year so by making outbound travel impractical, the government can ensure that some of the furlough money is spent on putting the domestic tourism industry back on its feet, rather than being squandered abroad.
  3. I know a super spreader patient (infected around 50 staff members) whose swabs are positive 5 weeks after initially contracting CoVID. The patient herself is well and does not appear to be spreading it any longer. So it does appear to linger much longer in some than others.
  4. https://www.rlb-law.com/briefings/property-litigation/covid-19-force-majeure/
  5. I suspect the worm is turning thanks to CoVID and I can see at least the red wall tories being in favour of this.
  6. You missed out the crucial bits from an HPC perspective.. It adds that it would be "economically better to break the tax lock to achieve revenue of this scale than attempt to raise this level of revenue" and would also be "important to consider measures that support a growth-friendly composition of tax (consumption/property taxes rather than taxes on income/profits). Personally I'd happily take a hit on IT for the sake of seeing a fair, annual tax based on rateable value, applicable to all homes including BTL, being introduced concurrently
  7. I don't think it's as simple as that- nobody was ordered to go out and sign death warrants for all care home residents and no medic would have done anything that was unethical or incompatible with their conscience. They may however have interfered with the 'natural course of events' and brought forward the deaths of people who probably had a few more years left in them. There were real concerns at that stage around NHS capacity given what was unfolding in Italy and intention would have been to limit hospital admissions to those most likely to benefit from it (as indeed should be the case in any prudent healthcare system) I don't think this invalidates the reasoning behind the lockdown in anyway as a lot of young people would have also died if CoVID was allowed to 'let rip'.
  8. There was a similar discussion here a few weeks ago. I don't work in COTE but my sister does and when this all started, all OP work was stood down in her department and most doctors were dispatched into local care homes where all residents were placed on individual CoVID plans- bar a handful, most will not be transferred but receive end of life care if they catch it.
  9. This table explains the various vaccine platforms being researched currently. The one from Oxford that recently commenced human trials is viral vector based.
  10. Didn't realise she had a history of crying wolf but hopefully her relentless pursuit of bankruptcy would finally bear fruit thanks to CoVID.
  11. Excerpt from the article Some landlords are also having problems collecting rent from tenants who still have their jobs or have been furloughed, says Dr Ros Beck, 55, a portfolio landlord in Wales. Many tenants have misinterpreted the announcement of the three-month ban on evictions, alongside the fact that landlords can access buy-to-let mortgage holidays, as a right to a rental holiday, she says. “Landlords are often completely dependent on rental income,” says Beck. “Some are going to go bankrupt.” The penny finally dropping for Dr Beck 🙄
  12. This is simply not true. Final salary pensions were scrapped for doctors 5 years ago and senior medics have suffered a 20% real cut in wages over the past decade (hence the massive exodus of medics to the rest of Anglosphere in recent years). All this talk of gold plated pensions etc may have been true 20 years ago but not anymore.
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