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  1. Always difficult to predict the future but......... they may be a slight drawback of up to 5% in a couple of years but then i see prices rising again. I think prices will double over the next 10 years because of a lack of supply of housing coming to the market
  2. Who is Kate Barker? To put this supply and demand issue into context i think its time to use an example. I have previously made reference to the Kate Barker Report - the report which took over 2 years to produce by a then member of the board which sets the UK's interest rates. Its fare to say that Kate knowns her economics because she had such an important role in the UK's economy at the time. and what did she say? In nut shell she said that there has been a massive under supply of housing and that we need to produce an extra (extra means in addition to what we are already producing) 70
  3. No my point is this. There is a clear misunderstand about how the property market works. Kate Barker understands economics more than anyone on this board - including yourself, me and bandwagon. She clearly states that the undersupply of housing to the market is having a detrimental affect and yet the last majority dismiss under supply as an issue. Why is this?
  4. Bandwagon I can tell you have a good grasp of economics - you've only been predicting a crash for the last 2 years.
  5. The point i am making is that it is recognised that we need to build more and more housing. The lack of supply is fueling hpi. If you would have read earlier posts then you would have seen the Barker Report understands all of the macro/ micro issues you mention including the need to curb spending. Im not an economist - but Kate Barker is and she has considered all such issues.
  6. 1) just clever friends 2) Believe it or not (and you may be surprised at this) yields are of little interest to buy to let landlords. they are only really interested in capital growth. its a bonus if the rent pays for all costs - in fact - the higher your yields the more tax you have to pay - which is not a good thing. I have never ever met a landlord who bragged about their 9% yield. I have met plenty who have bragged about the 50k equity they have
  7. Well it maybe a money issue for you but it isn't me for me. or my parents, or several friends i know so your saying that if the market falls 20% - all of the btl'ers will sell up?
  8. Good point - i understand where you are coming from but homes are not the same tradable commodities such as stocks and shares. My next door neighbours have lived in their property for the last 11 years - its not a traderable asset for everyone
  9. answers 1) i can't comment on individual cases but is shortage of money the issue here? 2) is this a financial bubble - i view it as a housing shortage
  10. And this is the problem isn't it. Because you know there is huge demand for housing you simply dismiss it as not relevant. The people who are going to get must from the housing market are the ones who consider all of the facts - including the supply of housing. Barker is telling us that we need to build an additional 70,000 homes per annum but you just don't want to accept it.
  11. Interesting posts I'm still not sure where this population greater than Oxford are going to be housed each year. Household formation is very real but few of you are prepared to accept that such people need housing. You can pick away at the Barker Report but it is clear when shes says we need to build an additional 70,000 homes pa. BTL'ers seem to be quite predominate in your posts as being a main cause of this 'boom'. I know landlords who have properties filled with East Europeans - which the Barker Report figures do not account for. So, where are these additional people going to be hous
  12. Hes talking about the wider economy with only a reference to the housing market. How is this specific to housing supply? Over to you
  13. I have no connection whatsoever with Kate Barker. Im making reference to her work as because it has be key to changing government policy to build more houses. She is also an economist and through her 2 year report understands every aspect of the housing market
  14. I note your point about world wide HPI. Its not something i have the answer to as i do not know anything about it. On the other hand i do understand the supply issues in the uk. Agree with you that speculators and and perhaps immigaretion is not helping the problem
  15. Its a clever tactic which people are using to discredit the supply and demand argument. Essentially your focusing on a minor aspect of demand and then blowing it out proportion to convince yourself and others, that the supply of housing is not the issue here. The people who are best at this are the ones who have been on this forum for several years. What i would say is that these people have been predicting a crash for a long long time and guess what.......its not here yet. Who is Kate Barker? To put this supply and demand issue into context i think its time to use an example. Im my ori
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