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  1. Teddy bear if you looked at the July figures today then you have the august and September updates included in you figures. This means that, roughly, 30 properties were registered as sold in July as documented in the august release and then the remainder to take the figure to 90 is documented in the September release just made. You will find the the October release will take the July figure to a about 100. ( the last 10 are those houses sold at the end July - the solicitor has 30 or so days to notify land resistry and pay stamp duty, so some house cometed miss the sept release ( which has data ending the end august - sothose tardy solicitors hold theoney and give notice to land registry start sept not end august thus missing the sept release) I have been plotting sw18 - the origin nappy valley - sales for years... Peak sales were about 2000 a year ! Literally free money for agents dropping to 800 in 2008, 2009 had 1050 sales We are on course for about 1100 this year - depending on last few months. Dint forget august numbers represent June offers agreed!
  2. Down. Recently some 50 - 60 % of new listings in Sw18 (Hot hot are of london - original nappy valley) have been reductions (visible through property bee)
  3. Can someone attach the results for SW18 a for those that don't know this is 'Nappy Valley' in London. Vast numbers of city owrkers. More 4x4 cars than any other area of the uk. Was about 300 all properties now over 1200. Is this the champion?
  4. Sw18 area (bwandsworth clapham) totals for sale on rightmove from march 09 - dec 09 Jan 10 total number for sale on rightmove (not under offer) was between 380 and 430 - mostly around the 410 mark. Stock increased jan onwards and was 640 -660 to march then upwards and now stabilsed at about 870.
  5. Well done Tim, Now it does make a difference. IThis means that anyone with half a decent job and selling a property will be in the 28% CGT bracket after their 10,000 or so allowance. Presume the folliwing is correct -ROUGHLY 45,000 income (job plus interest, dividends etc) . CGain in year 30000 minus allowance. = 20000 CGT = 20000 x 28% = 5600 CGT instead of 3600 (at 18%)
  6. Cash with nowhere to go That is exactly the question. Whether your Capital Gain is counted towards your threshold limits. If not of course then anyone with a potential CGT liability has to wait till they have a year when income is below the threshold before selling. Just wondering how the rules are interpreted by any accountants here...?? Perhapsa bit early to say before the rules come out?
  7. bit of a disappointment about CGT rate rises BUT Does anyone know answer to the following:- If someone is a lower rate tax payer and the Capital Gain made during the year takes them over the tax threshold to 40% will that amount of Capital Gain above the threshold be taxed at 28% CGT. . or still taxed at 18% If it is taxed at higher rate of 28% then most property sold will now be subject to 28% CGT. (Assuming the owner has any sort of job)
  8. Is there not a difference between funding the national deficit - bond buying etc and 'investing' in the national hosing stock?
  9. I am amazed to learn that non residents who dabble in the UK Housing Stock do not pay any CGT at all!? Can this be true? Write to your MP, or better still Dr Vince Cable, or the new Treasury Secretary (Laws) whilst there is still time to get this changed??
  10. http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/rates/index.html I think
  11. Agree, I think that only 4/5 years ago the houses on the southfields grid were at 500 ish mark. So if we are really dwon to 2004 levels then ........ A 3 bed On W park road at 500 is a hansom price indeed.
  12. Interesting da response to the 3 /4 bed situation. Where is it? Link?
  13. Does an estate agent have to pass on the the landlord any offer to rent a property. Was just told that an offer of 430 a week could not be passed to owner as it's too insulting?!
  14. That is a great reduction on the Wimbledon 5 bed house, but it depends on where it is.... ie further down the hill the further down market they are...... also have to be carefull not to go too close to Haydons road end nor the real bottom of town where the swimming pool is....... Is there a link?
  15. Does anyone have some data on the length of time, on average, someone stays in a house? If in the past it was say once every 10 years. whatis it forcast to be now with hosue sales plumeting. Getting, on your bike - Norman Tebbit - could be rather harder now
  16. FP was good but, could do better,,,,,,,,,,, Spinning must be watched for and used a a super counter. An example:- Savills - We see the market to continue to soft land. Counter with "CONTINUE to soft land! Over the last 6 months the prices have fallen annuallised 15% ; so that 15 % fall is now a soft land ! At the start of the year Savills forcast a soft land at low single figures percent falls! What on earth do Savills regarda s a crash! Middle of last year we predicted a 15% fall and were told that the market is strong and falls would be soft, am I now main stream and 15% falls are soft landing!" Though it is hard on live TV.... but he is good......... getting better.........
  17. Bob. This is the real wonders of percentages and why Brown trotts out the line that "Houseprices have risen by so 179% (or whatever) and the small decrease 10% (or whatever) must be looked at in that context." House price £50 100% increase = House price £100 Then 95% decrease and House Price = £5 BDEV Price £50 100% Increase = BDEV Price £100 Then 95% decrease and BDVEV Price = £5 = a big fall from oiriginal £50 price not a "still 5% profit" but a 90% fall from original price!
  18. Can someone post the link of the LIBOR rate graph please. I hear its been increasing lately.
  19. This could show the real power of the internet and result in a sharp correction in HP. In the good old days no one would realise that a flat was recently purchased in Oyster Wharf for £287,000 (reposession or not). The auctioned properties complete in days not months and soon will be on the Land Registry statistics. I think the auction was mid may, it's bought as soon as its 'gone' with survey etc all done, funds will be with solitictors early June and the information will be in the July Statistics. Every purchaser finds a property, looks round etc etc and, if they want to make an offer, consult the internet to find the latest sold prices. What chances of anywhere near the asking price for the latest flat for sale in Oyster Wharf (over £400,000) when the last one sold is £287,000. (even if the more expensive one looks over the river etc etc) Everyone will scroll through the house prices sold and realise they are at 2004 levels and offer accordingly!!!
  20. Was from Uppingham so I know the area. Its an average house. Find out what the average wage is for the area and times by 3 or 3.5!
  21. FP:- Please remember to conclude the split position Brown takes depending on who he talks to. ON the one hand he said in 1997 that he will no let house prices become unaffordable putting at risk the staibility of thge economy, and now talks about the need for affordable housing (whatever that means) but essentially lower house prices Then on the other hand whilst talking about the economy insists that he is doing everything possible to restart the mortgage market ie cheaper and more money and continue the boom in house prices. He cannot have it both ways and people must decide which way the wind is blowing
  22. Where is the Halifax data split out into the regions?
  23. Does anyone know whether Nationwide splits the results into regions? HOw is the fall split between the regions?
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