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  1. Well the point about gays is that it reinforces the power of RT and media propaganda in Russia taking the population to hold ridiculous views as fact. And some in west listen to RT without realising its goebbels.
  2. Yes the Americans and us made a huge **** up in wanting to support, effectively, ISiS against Syria and Putin was right. But he has his own agenda there as well. Russia is close to Iran and Syria, Shia. America and west Saudi , Sunni and the alternative oil supplier. But Putin is on a whole new level.
  3. Look. The east has been living for years with no discrimination. Putin invaded. (Friends saw it) Putin supplied arms, friends saw it, and look at the missiles used on towns. Remember Malaysian airways shoot down! Putin sent a huge propaganda aid mission, mostly to help feed his covert army! Of course Poroshemko wants to kick out the Russian army. Stop listening to RT. And some joker on here tried to liken the BBC to RT... Look the BBC have their own agenda, all news agencies do, but at least it has some semblance of impatiality. I say again; RT is owned by the Russian Government and is merely a Goebbels like propaganda tool for Putin. Watch it by all means but realise what you are watching. Example. Anti gay legislation in Russia. Massive propaganda through all media in Russia. ....... Now....and you won't believe this. A Jewish Russian friend came over. He was spitting blood at how we allow the gays in London to be like that!? He claimed, I will translate for you, "it's Obama sending all his gays to infect us in Russia". I asked hw he know that. Answer "everyone in Russia knows. It's all over tv and radio" I did point out the contradiction in a Jew being discrimatory in any way!!!! Especially in Russia where ant semitism runs deep.
  4. No one can believe that the "Russians have only declared and interest in protecting ethnic Russian living in East Ukraine" In fact the Russians bussed in "agitators" at best or "army" at worst. Locals living I the area saw them arriving in Donetsk. Friends in Donetsk skyped them arriving......
  5. And can those who watch RT remind themselves that this is a Russian Government controlled company. Of course there are some facts but in general you must remind yourselves that you are watching goebbels like machine in action!!
  6. Simply because he wanted as few cultural and family ties between those living, just across the border, as possible. Putin cannot have an eu in Ukraine, not because he is scared of NATO weapons ( they are nt going there) but because of the anti corruption, free trade, democratic nature of the eu. (I know eu has problems as well but can no one be stupid enough to compare them to those in Russia)
  7. I'm sorry but I have to reply to some complete drivel on here. "The Russians have only ever declared and interest in protecting ethnic Russians living in East Ukraine" Ukraine is split between Ukrainians speaking Ukrainian and Russian and Ukrainians who speak crap Ukrainain and Russian ( the east). All Ukrainians have close cultural family ties to Russia. Since independence there has been no persecution at all of Russian speakers. Donetsk supplied the immediate past president, Western Ukraine the one before. Donetsk was a modern, cosmopolitan, pavement cafe society prior to this stuff going on. Yanukovich , past president, said he needed more powers to allow successful negotiation to join eu. These were granted. He then, at the last minute said no ( through various reasons) said no to eu, refused to relinquish the prior granted powers. The majority wanted to join eu. Google Polish GDP growth since they joined eu and that of Ukraine - it's obvious why most wanted to join. Chaos ensued in Kiev resulting in new government. The last thing Putin wants is a free democractic country with close cultural family ties on the doorstep. Why did Stalin move Germans from the East/west German border who had family in the west....
  8. Our deficit is only 70 percent, about, if you calculate the debt to GDP in the 'uk' way. If we calculate the same as in eu, so we can actually compare like with like, you fin that our debt was 83 percent at the end of 2011. Another 8 percent this year takes us to 90 ish. This is in as a small writing note at the bottom of the monthly ons release on the public sector debt.
  9. There is also the question of all those who bought through 'offshore' companies avoiding inheritance tax. Which is another main driver ofthe company route. OK Stamp duty is at 7%; Inheritance is 40%. Also the question of CGT coming on stream in April 2013 for those non residents. It has been s scandal that good old uk property investers get charged CGt and foreigners do not They also bought through a company at 0.5% SDLT - not any more. Inheritance tax was no problem in case of sudden toe curling upwards. Offset mortgage against rental income to lower Tax, still to be addressed. OR treat as a business and have to pay employer and employer NI on income.
  10. Osborne said a large annual tax was going to be levied which will,presumably, make Tue second owner think twice about buying the company rather than the house. There may be retrospective measures taken if it continues. So he may be subject to a 15% or 7% sdlt retrospectively as well as the snnal charge so may think three times about buyin the company. New purchases are subjectt to 15%. Also non residents will be subject to CGT same basis as residents. When he said this I did not link it to over 2 million purchasers but to all properties. Nor did I link the 15% rltax on company purchases to properties over 2 million rather to all company purchases. Has anyone actually read Yeh actual budget section, the agents are talking about the to points above being for over 2 million purchases only. This does not make sense as there are are many company purchases under 2 mill getting sdlt at 0.5% rather than the usual 4 or 5 etc percent...
  11. as locals,,,,,,,, in fact I think that I read somethwere that there is a tax based on the goevernment standard rental income in in france
  12. It would be a start if they were taxed on a level playing field as those in the Uk rather than having tax advantages!?!?!??! In France / Spain foreigners are taxed the same,,
  13. Foreigners buying in the UK:- Approx 50% of new build flats in London are sold to foreigners. (Russian, MIddle East, Asian mostly) They buy using offshore trusts and companies - no inheritance tax, Stamp duty avoidance etc Unlike 'domestic' 'invetsors' they pay no CGT upon sale!!! Even though this is not their Primary Residence, in fact tthe Uk is not even their Principal Country of Residence,,,,,,,, (so can claim non dom status) Many are BTL so can write off mortgage interest against rental income, its a business afterall.... but may no Employee / employer Ni like a business Often the mortgage interest is in fact repayment of a loan the purchasing entity has received not from a bank but from the company owner themselves! The BTL income they receive after tax flees the country.
  14. If btlv a business then interest should be deductible BUT then the business should pay employer and employee NIC. If its private then ok no NIC but interest NOT deductible. At the Monet its the best of both.
  15. When comparing countries it is important to compare like with like. Attached link to ONS showing UK Debt to GDP calculated on Maastricht criteria - as used by the rest of Europe. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=277 We have had a further 30 Billion added since 31.12.2010 taking Debt to GDP to about 78/79%
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