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  1. Thatcher did the necessary IMHO I remember the 70's the power cuts and no toilet rolls, bread or sugar in the shops. There was real fear the union leaders would take real power from the elected government. It needed a strong person unafraid of being disliked to sort it, she did it. It's amusing how the feminist lefty lot don't see Britain's first woman PM as a trailblazer , she got nothing from them but abuse. They hated her but the people voted for her.
  2. If wind power was any good it would be taxed not subsidised.
  3. Royalty has lasted so long because there are no good alternatives. It's a sad reality politicians must lie to get elected, dictators go mad and republics are always subverted by the very rich. Government here is possibly as good as it ever gets.
  4. http://etfdailynews.com/2013/12/10/the-correction-isnt-over-but-golds-headed-to-20000/ Petrov Mid cycle correction that's all it is, it will take up to 9 months more to run. Fundamentals, charts everything say bull market is still on and the mania will come the peak is years away.
  5. The Main Stream Media dont report it hence only a very few informed people are aware of it. I suspect it's a brewing disaster of biblical proportions, I fear that the sea food in the pacific if eaten in much quantity will increase the risk of cancers significantly.
  6. Seems to me a successful business would eliminate debt and be able to sustain investment from profits. Eternally in debt as this chap seems to be is like paying a never ending tax to the banks in the form of interest which has got to drag you down. Am I old fashioned, silly or sensible?
  7. It's a better bet than money in the bank. The shame is there is no sure way to preserve purchasing power.
  8. Me too though mine was £365. I had a bit of trouble later and only used goldmoney and coininvestdirect after that.
  9. The arguments haven't changed if you think the paper money is rubbish, the debts can't be repaid and the financial system is at serious risk then acquiring gold makes sense but gold then was cheap it isn't now.
  10. The really good stuffs at the beginning. Good posters and gold and was desperately undervalued.
  11. A mates mother has just gone into a care home. There's been a complete lock down of her financial assets to pay the fees (shes in care in England) I think it would have been nice for my mate if she had some of her money in gold coin that nobody knew about.
  12. The last time I was on a Sheffield bus was in the 70's, it was incredibly cheap then, 6 or 3 pence to get to the medical school from the train station for an interview if i don't really remember other than it was incredibly good value. Very friendly old ladies told me when to get off that bus, I have still got a warm feeling for the place, thanks to those ladies and the bus fare.
  13. "Gordon Brown has systematically undermined Britain's savings culture over 10 years" - George Osborne Dec 2008 "Printing money is the last resort of desperate governments when all other policies have failed" - George Osborne Jan 2009 - So what do Cameron & Osborne do? Print money and leave interest rates at 0.5% when inflation is over 5% The gold strategy is simple. It is a low risk saving medium if you need long term savings ie for retirement. Paper money has been rendered unsuitable as a saving medium as it attracts .5% interest in a 5% inflation environment and is therefore current
  14. Agree totally, some businesses by their nature have few large customers, these are vulnerable to customers not paying. The exit plan bit is something i have been thinking about a lot as I near retirement. The idea that more easy debt is the way for the central planners to expand business seems madness to me. It's a measure of the exuberant excesses of the current credit bubble that a central planner should think increased indebtedness could ever make struggling businesses successful.
  15. When to Exit Gold these are my suggestions. 1. Positive real interest rates these should account for CPI manipulation, interest rates were raised aggressively around the time the gold Bull Run in the 1970’s ended. 2. DOW/Gold ratio below 2, it may go lower than 1 as this crisis is worse than the 1970’s 3. Average UK house price around 75oz 4. Share dividend yield above 6% 5. Signs of mania, TV, adverts selling gold as a sure fire investment, queues at coin shops. 6. A parabolic price move – in late 1979 into 1980 the gold price nearly doubled in 6 weeks to what seemed at the time a ludi
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