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  1. I'm with Dogbox on this one - Germany is a far safer, long term investment than any other area I've researched.
  2. gmb - I'd like to talk to you. See your private messages. Thanks Lewis
  3. Lewis

    GMB - my e-mail is wideload11@hotmail.co.uk

    Please contact me - I would like to talk to you about Brazil.

    Thanks - Lewis

  4. Been doing a bit of work on Argentina and we are hoping to have an agent on board before Christmas. There are the usual t's needing crossed and i's dotted. Seems a beautiful but difficult place to do honest business in. You're right prices are attractive. Uruguay is one we would like to look at perhaps next year - know very little about it all at present. Do you have any contacts there?
  5. Sent a client of mine down to view a couple of places and have an extended hol before making her mind up to move permanently. She had always dreamed of living there. I have a SA guy who works with me from time to time and he had tried to explain the perils of every day life there to her but to no avail. Well, she found out he was not exagerating a bit. Each prop was in a compound, electronic gates and most with armed security and warnings never to go out at night alone and without your gun. Sounds almost as violent as Manchester! Now I have never been to SA and have never had any overwhelming urge to visit so I cannot relate to this as a way of life. My client is coming back next week having had a wonderful holiday but her mind made up not to move out there. Can't say I blame her. Now don't come back slagging me off - I am merely passing on the views of a South African whose home is now in the New Forest and had no desire to return to his homeland and a visitor who has had her dream cruelly shattered. l
  6. Do a google search for "The CERES group" They are a large outfit with the Czech republic as their HQ. They have Brits in their accounts section ask for James Key. They are efficient and straight - used them myself.
  7. I refer you back to my earlier post sir. If you're not going to take heed of any of the good advice given, why bother asking for it in the first place? Your money, your future, do with it as you wish. I've had my say and quite frankly regretting replying to a time waster in the first place. You're not looking for a balanced view at all what you want is for someone to come along and tell what a clever boy you've been and it's great that you wish to proceed as you are and you'll make a million pounds by lunch time tomorrow. Well some of us have made that million but over a long period having made many mistakes along the way and give of our spare time here to assist others in avoiding the pitfalls along the way. You want to learn the hard way - your choice, enjoy it.
  8. You're obviously not taking any notice of the advice given you so why bother asking the same question again. What do you reckon you should do? I know - play eenie meanie minie mo and see what that tells you to do. Before you talk to a legal advisor talk to a shrink, maybe that's the sort of advice you need.
  9. Please get back to us on this site and let us know what you eventually decide to do. Hope it all ends happily for you and your family. At least you have sidestepped potential disaster by having the sense to ask questions. Good luck.
  10. In direct answer to the title of the thread YES. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU - there are hundreds of posts (all you have to do is find them and read them) warning you against this sort of folly. OKAY, I GIVE IN. NONE OF MY BUSINESS. LOOK FORWARD TO READING A POST FROM YOU TWELVE MONTHS FROM NOW.
  11. Whether Germany is on the up is a matter of from who's perspective. It is the largest exporter in the world, the third largest economy in the world, richest nation in Europe, unemployment falling, finest infrastructure in Europe, beautiful country, educated motivated workforce, cheaper cost of living than UK. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Yet even given this info there are doomsayers and I won't argue with them. What the future holds is not clear. There are areas which offer stagnation and high prices. There are areas which have hit rock bottom and show signs of improvement. My money is going into Dresden/Leipzig and the satellite cities around Berlin If you were looking for a holiday/retirement place for yourself it would be easy I would just tell you to find your favourite spot and buy - you would not be disappointed. Out and out investment, BTL is not so clear. In the areas outlined above the prices are so low they can logically only go one way - the milllion dollar question is, How long will that take? I suggest ten years and it will appear to be a sound, safe investment. No get rich quick in Germany I'm afraid. But - it will be difficult to lose your shirt in Germany providing you have local guidance. I spend at least half the year near Dresden and there really is nowhere I'd rather be or have my pot invested. Hope this helps
  12. Third time lucky? Christine, There are numrous threads on this forum which may help you to make a more informed decision about your destinations. There are problems to be considered before you part with any money in these countries. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REPS - thank God you posted here first. Renting out while you are not using it is everyone's initial dream. You may re-coup some money but there is a huge oversupply of rentals in these areas and there is a possibilitly you may never see a penny - so beware. Further in three of these areas the chance of re-sales is diminished by the over development blighting the areas. Egypt may well eventually catch the others up. There are areas in Italy which may still be within your budget Puglia, Abruzzo, Calabria, Piedmonte. Northern Spain and Portugal may still have something to offer you. Germany will supply you with a nice little property for that amount as will most of the Eastern states. France also may have something to offer at that price. Not too sure you will find shared facilities in some of the areas I have outlined however. Northern Cyprus is beautiful but you must be extremely cautious here - firstly check and double check through your own legal reps not the company's that the developer/agent offeringh the property actually has the legal rights to it. See if you can find a surveyor of your own to go over the construction - some of the quality is awful. You must also take into account capital gains taxes - each country has a different set of rules - make sure you are aware of what it means for you. You mention children - be aware there are some pretty strange rules on inheritance throughout Europe. Try this site - www.someplaceelse.com - they deal in emerging markets and may have something to suit your budget. Also they deal with about as straight a hand as you are likely to find in this racket. Get back to us here and I'm sure you'll get more helpful advice from others also.
  13. See my reply to your post on Leipzig portfolios - hope it's of some help - keep me informed - Old romantic that I am I do like a happy ending.

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