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  1. Ugly house with horrid grey render. The planning departments push for these 'traditional' style houses with wallhead dormers , 45 degree pitched roofs etc because they think it fits in with the character of the area. Unfortunately, like this house, they just look like a redrow kit build with some tacky pastiche features added. How much of this supposed £500k is the value of the land? Quite a bit of it i would say. Some of these plots can go for £200,000 plus. They still have that at least.
  2. I think i might have misinterpreted his post maybe. I thought he was suggesting that one group owned the majority of the wealth producing machines and land. Thus people could not get access to the means to survive leaving them as nothing more than slaves to the owners.
  3. Thanks for the comprehensive reply. We have probably had a slight terminology conflict with this one. As i understood it, Anarcho-capitalism included all forms of private property, what you are describing is probably more like anarcho-mutualism. Irrespective of the terminology, which isnt really that important anyway, i agree that only personal property and not private property reduces the chance of monopolism which i think is pretty much in line with marxist thinking. Im still not 100% convinced this could be achieved without a state to define the limits of the personal property but i thi
  4. Ive heard both sides of argument on this issue and i cant make my mind up whether a free® market could eliminate this problem. The problem i see is that a situation could occur where a small group own the automated means of production and thus the products of this production. I think this is a possiblity as i believe that private property rights are intrinsically monopolstic. The counter argument is that this monopolistic situation could never occur because if people could get access to wealth then they would have nothing to trade meaning the producers couldnt turn a profit etc etc. The way i
  5. Then surely any system that has private property rights cannot be anarchistic because it is not free from coercion. IMO i can accept that one owns their self because nobody else can (unless of course someone or something took control of your mind and body but thats probably a debate for elsewhere). I also believe you own your labour because only you can do it. I also believe you could say you own the space you you occupy because, once again, noone else can occupy that space at a single time. These are basically unchangable through nature. However, i dont believe this can be extended further.
  6. But they do. All the time anarchistic interactions between small groups of people. E.g. friends are invited round for a buffet dinner. They choose to attend without violent coercion they then share the food out without any claim over property rights. Its just a small example but you get the idea. The question is whether this could be applied on a global scale.
  7. This is an interesting thread. Just to add my tuppence worth in. I was under the impression that anarchy had no property rights. Anarcho-capitalism (or anarchy with private property rights) is just minarchism masquerading under a different name because you need a state to define and enforce the property rights. I think it was Rothbard that added the provisio that a state had to tax, which IMO, is just nonsense which he added so he could classify his theories as anarachistic. Anyhow, as i understand it true anarchy is a stateless, classless, nationless and IIRC moneyless society, which is th
  8. I have found that it can take some time for people to see it but when they do it is often a major impact and often not what they really want see or know. For me personally, i kinda worked it out for myself. I used to work for the govt in a regulatory role. For years i had these altruistic notions but as time went on i realised something wasnt right. Going into work just to threaten people to comply with regulations started to sit more uncomfortably with me as time went on, especially as i felt many of the regulations were nonsensical. Thats when i started reading different political theories
  9. Having spoken to a lot of people about this I dont think that people see it as abuse or even see the violence. Battered wives know fine well what has just happened however many people just dont see the state as violent. I suppose it stems from years of brainwashing from when people are young and i believe that many people almost see the state as some omnipresent force like nature. For example, when an earthquake hits, people dont turn around and say nature has been abusive and violent towards to them. Of course not, it is just an unchangeable force (if you want to call it that) present throug
  10. Its only lately people have started taking such a belligerent negative attitude towards dole payments. 20+ years ago nobody really cared about people getting dole money, eventhough in those days someone could happily claim it for their entire life. Crikey it was only 50 quid a week or something which was barely enough to keep a person alive. People back then felt sorry for people on the dole because they knew it was a tough life and just accepted that some people were happy to live such a life if they chose. Dole money did what it set out to achieve, which was keep people fed, clothed and warm
  11. When i was younger, about 15 years ago, I was able to get a job in a supermarket no probs. Just went in, got an application form, had a 5 min interview and got the job. They were always looking for new staff and getting a job there was easy. Fast forward to now and these jobs are gold plated with hundreds applying for the posts.
  12. Noticed this article written yesterday. Tesco feeling the heat a bit from all the complaints. Linky
  13. Im not 100% sure but i dont think Tesco pay them anything. The govt pays the £60 a week to the employee (if you can call them that) Moreover, i believe the govt also pays Tesco a similar amount to take these people on, as well as paying some private employment agency also a similar amount. So its not that Tesco are getting free labour, they are actually getting a nice wad of tax payers cash as well.
  14. Oops! Sorry about the multiple post. Kept coming up with server error when i tried posting.
  15. Old furniture is great for hacking up and making guitar bodies. Perfectly flat treated surfaces which dont require huge amounts of work. I cant ever seem to get hold of this old, unwanted furniture. Most of it either seems to sell for a high price or goes to the dump, where you can now no longer just help yourself.
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