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  1. Forget it for that amount. Wait for oil to drop then buy red diesel It will keep a long time.
  2. The melt down currency will be: Bullets/bitches/fuel/maybe some steadfast currency/ all precarious useless your a gangbanger or a sh*t-together-political. The political option everyone will vote for Strongman/woman step into the vacuum. Forget about economic melt down, with a standing army/excellent infrastructure/civil service, abundant organizational skills+a few public executions Im sure wonder can be performed. If Ivan can do it Im sure we can.hic Did I mention booze.......
  3. Really puzzling, makes me ashamed.
  4. ******in suspicion and insecurity snowballing in this rabid captilsts/desparadoe/wannabee Yankee inspired society lookin for enhough 'FU money'..'that they will never need to deal a anothyer hand of cards again' lenny cohen (who I bought a ticket to see then forgot ).
  5. What really freaks me out is the numbers of able bodied people shopping at all times of the day. Nicely suited, booted and wheeled. Its Sunday every day now. Who or what is supporting all these people.
  6. Inventory of your and your friends assets, skills and weakness. Start Building a closed mini territorial based economy. Check out what the anarchists were about.
  7. Well you see theres this spiteful and evil liquid called water and a process called dilution.. f**ed if I can remember the rest
  8. Well I miss the gold thread having taken a punt. Now I find my pace maker depends on the charge.
  9. Metal Exchange Closes Website Due to Overwhelming Demand Link VI?
  10. The above concerns me 'savings and investments' If they went life would be a bit more basic but If very many are in the same position as in 'armageddon' melt down I can imagine forced collectivization as being a sensible option. In which case I would be shot along with a few other modest souls on this web site. Are YOU down with the Kolkhoz .
  11. Errr theres branches everywhere. Go in and do the biz. Personally depending on your fundz if your a str and on the net.. Id just go with NR THe lot. Idiots like me cant keep tracjk of all the poxy banks and tbh there just aint enough of em if you belive the 35k mantra. Bite the bullet and forex the lot into euro and slink it into singaapore.
  12. Yea I remember saying it in 82 Then it seemed a one nought too many.
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