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  1. I have lived in the area most of my life. I agree with North and West Croydon, Addington etc being the no go areas and the basis of alot of Croydons reputation. Many parts of Shirley are nice. I would say Addiscombe is not as nice. To the South of Croydon Coulsdon some parts of Purley are probably nicer. For me town centre is full of Chavs and a few gangs but nothing more than the average shopping centre in London and it depends what your used to. If you are from the countryside you may be intimidated but if you from a city it going to be not alot difference to what anyone is used. The rail links are very good to London Bridge and Victoria.
  2. Who knows? Lets face it if one of these two went on to kill again I suspect the publice would never get to know. These two also were no ordinary child killers. These two set out on th day in question to find a child to kill. They stole items to use to shove in any and every part of the childs body. They managed to convince a number of adults who saw them with the child that they were either related or were doing the right thing by the child even though the child was in clear distress. They then even tried to cover their tracks by placing the child on a railway line in an attempt to make it look like an accident proving that they knew right from wrong. its also been suggested that at least one of the two showed no remorse for his actions. I suspect few if any other child killer or killers could match what these 2 did. The chances I suspect of them ever being rehabilitated is remote and the fact they were both let out at the same time and only let out because no one really knew what to do with them shows that its highly unlikely these 2 were really safe to be in general public.
  3. Theres hardly anything about houseprices these days and to be honest when there is and people do not follow the prices are going to fall or are falling in my area line people like you always show up. I notice most of the troll police have disappeared but you are still here. People do not need you to decide whether a poster is genuine or not they can make up their own mind. You hae added nothing to the thread other than to try and get the OP to stop posting in my opinion. Thankfully the thread has been moved and therefore we can get back to what it is really about.
  4. The OP should have just posted his thread in the buying sub forum. To be honest the main forum on here is a waste of time these days. There is hardly any threads about buying houses these days. I'm not surprised the traffic on the forum has gone down so much. It maybe worth getting the thread moved as its always going to attract the likes of Bloo and others
  5. Good now the thread can stay on topic
  6. 40% of buyers currently are FTB. Question is what is classed as a FTB? DO people who have STR'd get classed as FTB? Also how many people buy back in at the top at from overseas or using an STR fund? The market has not crashed as few need to or are forced to sell due to low interest rates etc. Therefore the bottom is still there. Also with few properties at the top it seems that it can rely of foreign investors, STR money and a few who are trading up as we know that some properties at the bottom are still selling.
  7. Thanks I agree these sort of threads are great as it really gives an idea of whats going on especially as the property is not far from the area I am looking in.
  8. Funny really as I remember a couple of months ago when I was saying everything in my area was selling in a week you were saying hardly anything in you area was selling. Its now gone the other way for both of us. I don't know if its the run up to christmas but PB seems to be showing drops pretty much everyday for my search criteria. There were another 4 today and a flat in my old block which I sold for £180K in 2004 has just had drop from 189K to 180K so flats are back to 2004 level again. Stock is very low though so the best of the best is still selling quickly. I'm going to wait for the new year but if things carry on like this then I suspect 25-30% of peak will not be unrealistic again by spring where I am.
  9. Where I am in south London zone 5 things are slow now. Properties were mainly going under offer in a week up until the middle of October since then PB has been showing price drops and things are sticking. The probelm is hardly anything new is coming to the market.
  10. Where I am you tend to get offers in excess of when a property is struggling to sell and it therefore goes on at a low price to drum up interest
  11. Property is only a few miles outside the area I am looking. I do not know the area too well but I 'd be surprised if the OP does not get somewhere between 325K and the asking price thats assuming the room sizes are reasonable. . Things have slowed down alot over the last month in my area but decent properties are still selling. It will be interesting to see how the OP gets on.
  12. What do people who have STR'd get classed as when they buy do they get classed as FTB's? I find it amazing that even with the bank of Mum and Dad FTB's can find on average a 25% deposit.
  13. These figures remind me of Summer 2007 when I sold. It was pretty clear that the bottom of the market was falling out but NW and Halfifax still showed rises for at least another 4-6 months. We are seeing this again now in my area. Top of the market still pretty healthy but nothing at the bottom ie flats and terrace houses are selling. I suspect by Dec-Jan both indexs will be down
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