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  1. God this is funny, I looked at your post history and you did not mention you are an agent until your 7th post, so please love dont speak to us about honesty. If you are such a good agent maybe you would not be sending us all personal messages on all the other forums trying to get us to buy a property from you, it seems you are not making many sales? I suggest you try paid advertising. Changing the subject the villas are ok but I understand that there will be a hotel infront of them is this true Freeman?
  2. Yes I hear there will be a bridge linking Larache with Port Lixus this will be great if it happens for tours of the local Medina
  3. Yes I have we fly on the 31st may looking forward to some Moroccan sun, yes Beverley from PB said Morocco is great in May before as you say the crowds come. Talking of other investments I understand the Bank Guarantees on the Paradise Golf & Beach Resort have started to arrive a close friend of mine has just got his, I looked into buying on here before but looks like I have lost out as Property Borders told me there is only a few units left for sale. Anyhow Port Lixus is much nicer then Paradise and more exclusive so I am told, I will keep my investment eyes open for you Morocshock
  4. We are going over to Morocco at the end of May to view properties around Tangier and maybe Larache. Property Borders have advised us to look at as many properties as we can in the time we are there so we have a better picture of what is on offer at what location
  5. Thanks Morocshock, I like the fact it will be beachfront and 5 star and that the whole resort is a lot smaller then saidia making it more exclusive.
  6. Some resorts in Morocco are safer to buy in then others I understand, I would make checks first and ask for the paperwork.
  7. Dar1 when is the best time of the yeart to visit? the images of the beach I have seen look really good. Did you look at other resorts while you were there.
  8. Its quite simple all you have to do is check to see if the agency are a member of a recognised organisation who will have already checked them out. These organisations are the likes of AIPP or FODAC Federation of Overseas Property Developers Agents and Consultants. Secondly I would if I was you check with companies house to see how long the agency has been trading. These basic checks could be the making or breaking of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds. More ideas on how we can safeguard our investments from hungry agents are most welcome. Invest only when you are content with
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