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  1. Is this about fairness to renters, or is it just part two of the answer to the BoE's "systemic risk" of BTL? We though removal of mortgage interest relief was the answer to that, but nothing really changed, so its time to double down. Goodbye amateur landlords, hello massive property companies.
  2. Its a huge business, I remember a planet money episode covering it. They have good software to spot best selling products and just list them elsewhere at higher prices, most people really dont shop around, they just see its lower than the high street and go ahead. The software automates the whole thing and they make millions while watching daytime TV.
  3. LOL, like the builders give a dam (sic). They applied for planning in my town to build on the flood plain, and this isnt a in theory flood plain, it floods 3-4 times a year, some years stays under water for months at a time. The council threw it out.
  4. > So how can house prices be where they are? because people dont start by buying a huge or even average house.
  5. For added fun use the Norwegian native site and pay in krone, even playing on the native site then going back to the UK site seems to affect the price! eg GBP £217 KRO 1938(£120) Back to UK Site £179
  6. Did we already have the Chinese rush for new housing video? Mad Rush How does china not appear on this list?
  7. I like reading the nearly legal blog, housing law is insanely complex. Every so often they post job adverts: "Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre Solicitor £30,000 – £32,000 (depending on experience) " ​This is typical for a few years experience, you would be better of on the other side of the desk.
  8. I hear noises from within a very large national estate agent group that booking for surveys have dropped off a cliff, has something changed very recently or was the BTL tax year spurge hiding a general drop in the market?
  9. I had two completely missing years when I was in work, 2004 where HMRC had all the details and "have no idea" why the NI contributions didnt show, and 1998. I've been all Inspector Clouseau for the past couple of days finding what I can from 20 years ago, oh the joy of it. HMRC is going to be mullered by everyone finding out their records are broken following the launch of this new site. https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/checkmystatepension Knock yourself out.
  10. Was this already added? "London Battersea Developer to Cut Home Sizes as Demand Falls" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-16/london-battersea-developer-to-cut-home-sizes-as-demand-falls
  11. They seemed to have forgotten about the missing taxes from the aliens and the lizardmen.
  12. Apparently they don't, its a select group of old employees. They are just adjusting them to them same rate everyone else gets.
  13. Not sure I've seen this before.. "Birmingham had been obtaining permission to enforce in the High Court by without notice applications to the County Court (as they can). But Birmingham then outsourced the obtaining of a writ to an external High Court Enforcement agent and their external solicitors. These external firms then applied for a writ using form N293A and writ form 66. The N293A has at the bottom the words “This judgment or order has been sent to the High Court for enforcement by (Writ of Possession against trespassers) only”. Permission of the High Court is not required for the issue of a Writ against trespassers (CPR 83.13(3)). But of course, even after a possession order, a secure tenant (or an assured, or assured shorthold tenant) is not a trespasser. Form N293A should not have been used. It seems that the High Court office, in reliance on the N293A, had simply been issuing Writs. This should not have happened, because permission from a Judge was required – 83.13(2) – and the judge must be satisfied that notice has been given to the occupant(s) in actual possession – 83.13(8)." http://nearlylegal.co.uk/2015/11/eviction-and-high-court-enforcement/ http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2015/11/17/new-nightmares-for-landlords-using-high-court-sheriffs-to-evict-tenants/ Oh well, no more same day evictions, back to a 10 week wait for landlords!
  14. Ouch, nothing like sticking the boot in when they are already down
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