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  1. Understood, fair point, but my point is that the next step up is becoming out of reach. Don't get me wrong, I want a correction and was one of the early browsers of this great website.
  2. Hello there. I still lurk on this forum now and again and here are my thoughts 3 years on since my last post. I bought my house and exchanged contracts in Mar 2012 (the recent bottom as it turns out to be) after waiting over 8 years for prices to drop. The same type of house are easily selling in my street for between £220-£230K now, so that is a roughly £50K more in just 4 years. With the benefit of hindsight I think I have should have gone for a bigger house and overpaid the mortgage with these ultra low interest rates. However...... I still want a price re-adjustment so I can buy up the n
  3. Thanks. I really wanted the property at £172.5K, but when you have family and it was in the nice location you have to make a compromise. It's a bit scary to see the Halifax 3 month annualised rate at 5.4% this morning. I don't want the price to rise as the bigger properties will become far too expensive for me to jump to the 2nd rung. The capitalist society that we live in I suppose......
  4. No worries, house were exchanging in my street in 2006 and early 2007 for around £189 - £240K, the £240 K one must have been in very good nick or the buyer was really desperate!!! The house I purchased sold for £189K in Oct 2006. I paid £174.5K in 2012, so over a £15K nominal house price drop. With the benefit of hindsight, I could have stretched myself further but I am not a risk taker. I waited out for roughly 8 years or so, I personally think we have reached another trough/levelling out period, but what do I know???? Cheers
  5. Good shout. I see we joined in the early days! So much informative stuff on here, some a bit dodgy mind....
  6. I still lurk on this website on a regular basis. Anyway 18 months on since I took the plunge to buy a house, things seem ok. Interest rates continue to stay at a record low, nominal house prices appear to have levelled off and who knows what the future holds. I hope I made the right decision by not overstretching myself on my first home, although it appears that the establishment will literally do anything to keep prices stable and thus it begs the question... should I have bought bigger in 2011?? Ta da for now.
  7. Hello there, Does anybody know whether I can pull out of my HSBC mortgage without them chasing for the booking fee? i.e the £900? Bottom line is that they have already had £173 valuation fee, £99 booking fee (with £900 added to loan), £30 completion fee added to loan. I have not signed the agreement yet but I am a little gutted that the offer letter was 23 Dec and on the same day HSBC are now offering the same 1.89% above base rate but with no fees. Tried calling today and spoke to HSBC reps and they will get back to me. Perhaps I should jump back off the bus and keep on waiting (I've
  8. Well, after 7 years of waiting and lurking on this very informative website, I have put in an offer of £175K which has been accepted. Early days yet but hopefully I have made the right decision. Only time will tell if the the timing was right..... Cheers
  9. Well here is an update on my property searches. House came on the market a month ago for £185K, I viewed it twice and put in an offer for £165K which was rejected instantly. Waited a couple of weeks and put in an offer for £168K, which was rejected. EA said Vendor was looking for around £180K. The thing is that there is another 2 properties in the same street that are on for £175K (originally £190K) and have not sold for over 9 months albeit not quite as nice (i.e NE rear garden, garage in block) I was thinking of putting in a 3rd and final offer of £170K / £172.5K, thoughts?? My hpc da
  10. Game over on that front. I beleive some can still take it at 50 but massively reduced, 5% per year for every year under 60.
  11. yeh, 4.5 years aint bad, is that some sort of HPC record? It just shows I have really been waiting all that time, and I was one of the first to join the forum. The amount of time I spend looking through stuff on here is crazy.
  12. When you put it that way..... So, what about a £220K offer on a house on at £249K (originally £265K) and then go on a 1.89% above base rate term tracker. I don't think any of us can predict the bottom of the market but I want to know whether the above stats suggest a good deal (ish)
  13. Well here we go. 8 months on and I have looked at 4 properties in the area (one of them 3 times). It was first on for £265K and stayed at that level for 4 months and now has dropped to £249K. I would have never have paid above £250K because I am a first time buyer and will benefit from the 2 year stamp duty freeze. I feel the time is right to buy our first home (I have waited nearly 8 years) and the market in my opinion has reached the point of stagnation. I could take out a a 5 year fix at 3.39% (£1495 fee) or a lifetime tracker at 1.89% above base rate and to be honest, I don't know wh
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