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    Just turned bear on 16/09. I think it is clear to us all now.
  1. Nolan is a fat obnoxious asshole. I hope he losses everything. People in N.I. are deluded to think that their shitty little backwater is anything more than a shitty little backwater.
  2. In all seriousness, where in the world can we go to get away from these mad men that run our country? They just slowly take take take until you will have no freedom to do anything and might as well be a robot. I kid you not. Are there any countries where the government aren't inclined to crawl up your ass in the manner that ours is?
  3. All the men in Belfast have come out since the end of 'the troubles'. It would certainly explain the 30 years of the UDA mustache. Also, Smyth, I mean for f*ck sake, what sort of name is Smyth?
  4. Foxtons are building a massive new branch at the top of Parkway in Camden. Dear god I hope it never opens, but it looks nearly complete.
  5. Channel 4 are a bunch of A-holes. It is as simple as that. Channel 4 is nothing but utter sh1te, including but not limited to 'documentaries' which merely seem to document the rants of some biased buttmonkey. I hate them with a passion and won't watch their channel anymore.
  6. Argh. Mentioned this to the lady facing me (property management) and she said that one of them is about to annouce major troubles. Information which she recieved from a friend who is a land broker for a major building company. She wouldn't tell me which one. She did see they were looking a bank bailout. Sorry for adding to the unsubstantiated rumours. I have a feeling it's Persimmon as when I mentioned Barrats is in trouble she said "so is Persimmon."
  7. Not likely. He won't survive 2 years :-)
  8. It was indeed a one man show. The others just seemed so surprised by quite how crazy Brian is. Gordon's ALIVE!
  9. I'm guessing Ken on the 2nd pref votes. Before anyone jumps on me, I didn't vote for him, but I'm still convinced that he will get through.
  10. It is astounding. Left, Right or Middle of the Road everyone seems able to agree that you deserve citizenship if you have fought for the country.
  11. Hahahha, another happy Virginmedia customer suffering from STM :-)
  12. You aren't the sharpest tack in the box are you? Supernarkets (sic) have helped to kill this country's ability to fend for itself. They destroy competition and they destroy suppliers. They are the biggest pack of assholes after bankers and estate agent
  13. How long is not too long? 6 months, 12 months, 18 months? Y.
  14. How much is each of those coins worth?
  15. Hahaha, like f3ck they will! The bigger banks will look after themselves. Gordon Brown is a nob!
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