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  1. cleao I sent you a private message. I'm not long using this forum myself as you can tell by my number of posts so I hope you are able to receive private messages
  2. We have re-read the document Dr Ochel wanted us to sign and realised that the reason we haven't received any rent for June was because they intended the full June payment to be paid out of the Bank guarantee and then from 1st July we would receive part payment from Dr Ochel and the rest from the bank guarantee. Since we haven't signed and returned the document they have obviously decided not to pay us anything. We also found an email from O*** S dated 23rd June and it mentions the same thing.
  3. The King's Head 829 Lisburn Road Belfast TEL: +44 (0)28 9050 9950
  4. Yes the same firm but a different member of the firm, a P Sol**, is the one we were in contact with.
  5. €800 which is a lot of money but we don't live there and need someone looking out for our interests.
  6. Thank goodness for this site We too have a 10 year deal with Dr Ochel which we finanaced at home rather than through CFP. We are currently missing both June and Julys rent. We have been asked to give permission for the guarantee to be released to help make up the shortfall initially between the actual rent and what we have been receiving. We were about to do that but could not find any documentation to do with this. We sent an email to Dr Ochel and cc'd in the solicitor who handled our conveyancing and the Notar. This was 2 weeks ago and we only got a reply from the solicitor asking us to give him POA to act on our behalf. We emailed him today to say that we didn't need advice or representation. He must have been at his PC because we got an immediate reply asking us to contact him immediately. We rang him and he explained that he could only give limited advice as we have not officially retained him but he did explain that he was already acting for other clients in the same position. He also told us we didn't have the guarantee certificate because this is held by the Notar and that if we allow Dr Ochel to cash in the guarantee it will be lost to us should Dr Ochel go belly up at a later date. It would be better for us to cash it in ourselves and put it towards our mortgage and then retain another management company. We have now decided to give the POA to the solicitor. I hope you don't mind if we attend your meeting in the Kings Head also.
  7. I'm from N Ireland, where property prices are becoming rediculous, and was directed to this site by a member of another forum as we are thinking of buying property overseas. This was mainly in the hope of generating a return which would help our 2 girls (18 & 21) get on the property market themselves in a few years time. My OH is due to retire in a couple of years with a considerable payoff but we would have to withdraw equity initially to fund this foreign property and from what I've read so far on this site that might not necessarily be the best thing to do. So if you don't mind I'm going to avidly read the info on this forum and try to make sense of what our options are. Thanks for all the invaluable information I've seen so far even if I don't understand all of it. I'll ask loads of questions
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