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  1. I can hardly contain my delight at recent reports that private landlords are in for a rough ride. All I can say is the rougher the better. I hope their hearts bleed. It is about time these lazy useless parasites were brought down to earth with a bump. The buy-to-let scroungers are the worst of the lot. Housing if a right and no person should be dependent on a greedy, stone-hearted dog for somewhere to live. I thought my landlord was one of the better ones but he turned out to be a nasty, uncaring swine just like the majority. He lives a life of luxury as his tenants flog their guts out to earn more to pay exhorbitent rent. Why the government cannot step in and nationalise all private rented property is beyond my understanding. The landlords could then be put to work sweeping the streets or some other activity in keeping with their abilities.
  2. Always remember that private landswines are the scum of the earth. They are beneath contempt. I have just been served with a S.21 notice. I have looked after the property and paid my rent on time every month. The ignorant pig delivered the notice while I was out. He did not even have the decency to face me. Par for the course I would suggest. My next rent payment is due today (18th October) but I instucted the bank to cancel the standing order. The greedy, useless parasite has been holding £475 of my money as deposit and that will cover the coming month's rent of £465 with £10 left over. I will send £455 for the following month. I do not intend to vacate the property after the two months are up and shall force the landswine to spend some of his ill gotten gains by going to court to obtain an order to evict me. That will also cost him some of his potential rental income. I hope predictions of a house price crash come true and that all the greedy leeches get their justs deserts. Especially the Buy-to-let parasites. They deserve all that I hope is coming to them and much more besides. The private property letting business has destroyed the hopes of thousands of people to own a home. If we had a true Labour government, instead of one that is trying to be even more wicked that the fascist goverment of Margaret Thatcher, action would be taken to correct the injustices.
  3. There is nothing wrong with people owning their own home. The ownership of homes for the exploitation of others is wrong. There can be no doubt that BTL has caused many thousands of people to suffer. What makes BTL especially bad is that amateur landlords with insufficient funds are, in effect, investing someone else's money for their own benefit - i.e. the money they receive in rent. Fortunately the situation now is that rent revenue will in many cases be insufficient to pay the mortgage and lots of BTL people will suffer. I can hardly contain my feelings of delight.
  4. It was a delight to read the post "Looking for Exits" this morning. I have been hoping for years that one day the buy-to-let parasites would get their just deserts. These useless non entities have gained over the past few years mainly through house price inflation. At the same time hardworking people first struggled and then found it impossible to get onto the housing ladder. I regard all private landlords as useless parasites but the buy-to-let ones, who seek to prosper by investing other people's money, are by far the worst. I hope they suffer and suffer badly as interest rate rises (the more, the better) make their situations untenable.
  5. Where there is a private landlord there is very likely to be something dodgy. Most of them are beneath contempt and cannot be trusted. The problem is that tenants have little choice but to go along with what the landlord wants or face eviction. Until we have a government that introduces legislation to provide tenants with rights and security, landlords will continue to get away with despicable practices. My inclination, in your situation, would be to tell the landlord to go to hell. However the reality is you need somewhere to live and cannot put your tenancy in jeopardy. If you do pay cash insist of being given a receipt. If he refuses to give you one after you have handed over the cash, give him a smack in the mouth.
  6. I sincerely hope you are wrong. BTL investers are parasites who contribute nothing to the economy. They are simply out to invest someone else's money in the hope of making a windfall. It is an outrage that the Labour government has done nothing to stop this scandal.
  7. At least you are not owed anything. I suspect quite a few landlords (especially the BTL variety) will go missing when the inevitable house price crash arrives. The more the better, I say. I shall not be volunteering to go out and look for them. The greedy swines fully deserve what is coming to them. I hope they remember their vile "No Dss" adverts when they go begging to the government for help. I can think of a parody of the old 1960s song: "Where have all the flowers gone?" The following words could be put to the same music: "Where have all the landlords gone?" "In the river every one" If only!
  8. You may not have to wait too long for a downturn. When it happens the BTL parasites will be s***ing themselves. They will be falling over each other as they rush to the estate agents to put "their" properties (part paid for with other people's money) on the market. Just be patient. It WILL happen.
  9. I joined Newnet last October. No minimum contract. For under £12 per month I get very fast connection (as fast as local exchnage supports) and 3 gb monthly download limit. Even if you exceed the limit the charges are reasonable. The service has been very reliable. www.newnet.co.uk
  10. The higher the better. It would be nice if the cost of BTL mortgages were increased more than the mortgages of home owners. The BTL boom has caused house price inflation to get out of control. Therefore it is fair that the BTL sector should be hit the hardest.
  11. If you are looking for a good private landlord (landswine) look for one born before 1890. Hopefully that date goes back far enough.
  12. Gordon Brown has been a disaster. The consequences of his mismanagement of the economy will start to kick in just as he becomes party leader. I hated the Conservatives when they were in office but this New Labour government is even worse. We can at least be grateful the Maragaret beckett is not going to be a leadership candidate. Just imagine having a prime minister that looks like Muffin the Mule!
  13. What a despicable state of affairs but hardly surprising. Your comments vindicate my long-standing views on private landlords. They are a bunch of greedy parasites. Finding a good one is about as easy as knitting fog! Unfortunately the law is heavily weighted in favour of landlords so any legal action is going to be difficult. The landlord in question is not charging relatively low rents out of kindness. It is because the properties are bog standard. The only long-term answer is for a tenants union to be formed. A union led by someone like Arthur Scargill. Mass action could be then be taken. If tenants united they would be strong and could withhold rent payments or even set the rent levels themselves. Unity is strength. Unless tenants get up off their knees and fight, the criminal exploitation by landlords will continue.
  14. The property price crash cannot come soon enough for me. It is already underway in Ireland and Spain and hopefully it will not be too long before the UK is affected. For those greedy speculators who have up to now benefitted from the misery of others - private landlords and other parasites of similar ilk - I can only say this: Good! It could not have happened to a better bunch of blood suckers. Your just deserts are long overdue.
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