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  1. Think this is spot on...the people talking about crash at work, its all 'there'll be a crash next summer'...subtext of 'ooh then i can buy ready for the next boom'
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    "..rents have shot up in the last few months..people have been dropping their buy-to-lets" now ok i was ringing about somewhere to rent, and she wants to hold the upper hand, and i guess i did kind of lead her a bit to say that shall i go ring the sales department of the same company see what they say?
  3. i haven't used a police car myself, i tend to walk the last 90 seconds past the phonecard shops and the litter that is dotted about an incredibly busy tube station. sometimes i cry a little on the inside at such horrors and wished i lived in malibu, but the tears soon pass
  4. i still disagree about finsbury park being a dump...up stroud green road, down st thomas rd, or blackstock, more than 3 or 4 mins and its really nice. its basically just the immediate station area that gives people a bad impression. its certainly way better than bethnal green its funny how partisan london dwellers get about their areas!
  5. ok this doesnt make sense to me. i dont know streatham at all, but why would you spend 330 on a one bed there, if you could get this 2 bed for 200? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-724...=7&tr_t=buy ok, edit: i just noticed it needs 'modernisation', but still there are lots of one beds for 200 in streatham on rightmove, so why would you spend 330, or even 280 etc
  6. ok so that doesnt seem to be that representative, most victorian terraced houses around catford seem to be more like 225-235, which is quite a jump up from 180
  7. i know this place is small, and im sure you will all tell me catford is the worst place in the world, but, and yes prices are coming down etc etc, but, a victorian terraced house a few minutes walk away from a zone3 station for 180k? is catford really THAT bad? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-133..._showcase=false if you are all correct that southeast london (with the most recent rises) will suffer the largest falls, well, there could be some real interesting prices here in 2 years time
  8. dont know this area well enough to say, but it is right on the river, and 0.1 miles from the tube station. also se16 is kind of strange because there are hardly any...normal houses, everything is developments/apartments
  9. the problem with getting somewhere very cheap and totally slumming it is that its a bit depressing! honestly, if youre going to be having a good income, then a good base (nothing extravagant) means you will be better at your job and earn more.
  10. in differing ways stratford, clapton, hackney, peckham and lewisham are all going to be interesting to watch. stratford is probably the one im least familiar with, but the transport links are excellent, but yes i get the impression newbuild oversupply. however the normal housing stock seems pretty good? increasingly i think the newbuild crash is something separate from the normal hpc. this isnt to say that there isnt going to be a normal hpc, or that the two aren't intertwined. but these newbuilds are going to fall in value, regardless of other conditions, and they are going to fall disproportionately. some of them have been falling in a rising market (which must really suck!) of the above places, i keep coming back to lewisham being a better bet than stratford though, much improved transport links, and quickly becomes ladywell, blackheath, brockley, very good housing areas, proper houses. newbuilds in the centre of course, but thats to be expected.
  11. this makes sense. finsbury parks rises already took place a while ago, that one i linked isnt that representative of finsbury park really, most others were a bit cheaper .. im finding peckham quite difficult to judge. brockley i dont quite understand, how can that place be more expensive than similar in stamford hill. brockley isnt quite the 'hidden jewel' it likes to think it is...perhaps ladywell is though! im pretty much going to use this thread as my barometer for hpc situation. im not really finding the threads showing number of properties for sale, or reductions, or silly places that useful really (that propertysnake one i dont really like. it just shows either a) rubbish newbuilds, b ) speculatively overpriced in first place). the places in this thread are either the type of things i would be considering, or the kind of things id be considering 'later on'. might go add a ladywell flat/house to thread as well actually. then in 6/12/18/24 months time, this can be the specific thread i can look to guage hpc
  12. So basically you're thinking north london prices still have places to go, but are more suspicious about southeast london? the finsbury park one i threw in as a bit of a red herring, that v overpriced yes surprised you think there will be just a 10k difference between the 3bed terraced house in peckham and the 1 bed flat in brockley! - purposely chose the eastern edge of peckham, south of queens rd, where its closer to nunhead/brockley/telegraphhill, for that one! i also wanted to choose, well, places that look nice! its very easy to pick some newbuild tat, or something on an estate, and laugh at how it will fall, but im more interested in actual nice places, which i think is a better indicator/barometer - to me anyway. also, with the exception of the finsbury park one (and possibly the brockley one), these prices dont seem incredibly that different from some prices outside of london, which interested me. im also intrigued because the places ive picked here, are the places i know quite well. im aware that they're not thought of that well on this website. i think people are wrong about stamford hill and clapton, jury is out on nunhead and brockley, not sure about peckham - depends where maybe i thought about adding ladywell also, but i dont know there very well thread might have got more answers on the main forum if id put it there..
  13. these online mortgage calculators only ever came back with these kind of figures
  14. with current prices next to them right now http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-542...=1&tr_t=buy 1bed flat, stamford hill, £200k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-148...=2&tr_t=buy 3bed victorian terrace, clapton, £385k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-704...=9&tr_t=buy 3bed victorian terrace, peckham £320k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-145...=3&tr_t=buy 1bed flat, nunhead, £195k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-796...=1&tr_t=buy 1bed flat, finsbury park, £325k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-154...11&tr_t=buy 1bed flat, brockley, £235k all either victorian terraces, or conversions just curious how far you think these kinds of places will fall over the next two years
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