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  1. Exactly. And looking at the top comments on the Telegraph website, it is clear their readers don't believe it either: "We were previously told that Frankfurt would take over from London because Britain was outside the Euro zone and the ECb is based in Frankfurt - but it didn't happen" If the UK completely leaves the EU, there is no reason to think banks will move to Frankfurt. If anything the opposite will happen.
  2. I went to Cambridge and was born in August. Fitzwilliam College (one of the newer ones public schoolboys wouldn't want to be see dead in). Just thought I'd say that
  3. But it's a dangerous game. Let a wing drop and you'll roll over into a full-blown spin, and hit the ground like a fiery twisted mass of moltern metal..
  4. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Out of interest, I wonder whether the leaseholders will still have to pay ground rent on the flats. There's no ground anymore!
  5. It is a general principle in life that if you want something you have to pay for it. And these conservative MP's are well acquainted with this principle. So if any landowner should wish to sell his green-belt land for any reason I see no distinction between the buyer being a house-building firm wanting to build homes for occupation, or an organisation wishing to keep that land free of building for the purpose of people being able to walk through it and "enjoy the countryside". You pay's your money and you takes your choice. Government should abolish all requirements for planning consent.
  6. Barclays and the Nationwide have apparently launched a price war by slashing interest rates on new mortgages, the Daily Mail reports. Is this a genuine new spurt in the market, or more government/bank ramping to try to stop their pecker (house prices) going down? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2179115/Mortgage-lenders-Barclays-Nationwide-slash-rates-fight-win-new-customers.html
  7. According to the ONS - Office of National Statistics (a government quango) and reported by the BBC, the key to happiness is apparently to own a house and have a job. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18966729 Talking about a desparate attempt to talk up the market. Now if you don't buy a house you'll be a miserable s*d!
  8. It is interesting that the government cannot directly gain access to the assets as they are overseas. Does anyone know whether there are any countries where the UK (or Irish) governments CAN get tax money or similar directly? For example if I was to send my money over to France, refused to pay tax on it. Yes I would ultimately be jailed, but could they get the money out of France? What about countries outside the EU such as Mexico?
  9. I think you have to be parked in a public place, or a place to which the public have access to be prosecuted for this.
  10. Split the euro in two - into two currencies. Not a bad idea actually. It would help resolve the current problems, while at the same time giving the pro-euro brigade the impression that there is still some aspect of the euro vision in place. Albeit in two halves.
  11. Haven't this couple by doing this simply become gypsies/travellers? Who have well known problems finding sites, and often resort to aggro with council officials and the public etc..
  12. I'm going to send them a "Sorry you've gone into administration" card..
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