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  1. I have the inventory report, will look at other threads, many thanks
  2. Rented a house for a year, the bathroom was average size and no extractor fan; because of condensation the very thin layer of paint on the ceiling started to peel and curl in three or four parts, no more than 4 inches each in lenght and half in width. When the inventory check girl came she told the landord that it was wear and tear and she should have an extractor put in place. The landlord is now contesting that and wants 75 quid for it. When it came to the cleaning the inventory lady said the house needed no cleaning and wrote so on her papers, the landlord wants now 30 quid for some sort of cleaning. Where do I stand? Where can I go to get some info and shut his greedy mouth? He also wants 100 quid for revarnishing a drawer, can I ask him to see the quote? He also want 35 quid for a shower curtain.....can I offer the original? The original costs 5 pounds If I go and kick his head in, will he come to compromise? Many thanks for your time.
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