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  1. Hi Laurejon, But the property is actually offered vacant. So there's no guarantee that the purchaser will be able to find a tenant willing to pay £380 per month (which is a £50 per month rise.) I also think that the yield would be a bit lower because of maintenance (including maintenance charge), vacancies. Thanks for giving us your thoughts though...you add much needed balance to this site! Mrs Mole
  2. A small ex rental flat for sale. There's nothing wrong with the flat, but I thought that the "Agents note" was very amusing: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-530...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy "Agents Note The property is offered as an ex-rental apartment and will be vacant from 31st December 2005. It generates an income of approximately £330.00 per month increasing to £380.00 per month from December 2005."
  3. That's fun! My best score was 30 years. Average, more like 42. I suppose the houses symbolise local rising markets, that you have to spot and buy into. Otherwise, it would be odd that the houses always are rising in price when they first appear.
  4. I've been using my electric bike for nearly a year, almost every day. It costs less than 5p a day to run (for 8 miles a day) I don't have the strength to bike that distance to work, the electric bike makes it possible. Totally recommended! But make sure you get a nice simple one based on a regular bike that you can service cheaply. For legality, best to go for a "Pedelec" which will only go when it is being pedalled.
  5. Gold is an ELEMENT I'm sure you knew that already It would take more than chemistry to synthesize it...it would take nuclear physics. It happens in the stars!!!
  6. The 40k property looked quite cute and appealing to a desperate ftb like me, until I realised from the description that there must be TWO separate properties inside that tiny shell... "COMMUNAL AREA: Raised balcony area at top of stairway" What a joke!
  7. Wow, I think that's lovely...better built than a new build flat anyway.
  8. Isn't it worrying that such a fool is running the country! Mind you, he hasn't lost as much as some of his poor victims in Iraq.
  9. Hertfordshire is prime stockbroker belt. A lot of city workers have their family homes here. There is also high employment generally throughout the county. As such, it is not representative of the whole country. There are stable, wealthy middle class people here who are perhaps a little savvier and certainly a lot luckier than many others in the rest of UK. In a crash, many of these wealthier, established, older people probably won't be affected too greatly. They might feel the pinch, but we cannot expect that everyone will be queuing in soup kitchens. In the Great Depression, not everyone w
  10. Interesting. We do need doctor's of course. The questions are: Q1) Do we care about providing for the weaker members of society (the old, the young, the sick, the disabled, and those that are traumatised and genuinely mentally ill.) Answer: I would hope so, if we live in a civilised society that we can be proud of. Q2) Has our society lost its standards, and thus has the rot of corruption, laziness and greed set in? Answer: I think so, and I think it is incurable Q3) Is it normal to have a few very rich, and a lot of very poor, with exponential distribution of money? Answer: Yes, it is.
  11. I'm not a house owner, but I find this kind of comment both heartless and stupid. The economic malaise that now looks likely will effect everyone, and though it is true that some of us may emerge from it with more financial stability in the long run, it remains to be seen which of us will lose our livelihoods. Anyway, Estate agents aren't evil. They're just normal people working an amoral job. Same as many of us with commitments, family etc.
  12. -38% Public confidence in the housing market has been shattered, so prices will freefall
  13. So you think you can really persuade me to buy- So you claim there's a chronic undersupply - Oh Wriggly-can’t do this to me, Wriggly- Just gotta hold out-just gotta hold out for the crash- Nothing more than hype, Anyone can see, Nothing more than bricks, nothing but a bubble to me, Any way the wind blows... ---------- Mrs Mole
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