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  1. And you can keep it. Im heading for the hills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9psap4l-Yc...ted&search= Surely somethings not quit right. Bush cant talk about it coz its a secret.
  2. Behold, the abiss beckons, brother shall be turned against brother, famine and plague shall be bedfellows as the councils of the world shall not be able to establish. Most or what is written shall come to pass and all people of the world shall be touched by it. This is not a game fool. Some WANT what you say to come to pass, they think it will be cool. It wont be cool when our children are starving along side us. It wont be cool when the New World Order comes a knocking on YOUR door. We all stand at the edge of the gates of damnation, some are laughing, some weep, some are silent but all of us look into the pit, weather we know i or not we are all there. The book of revelations isn't just a frigging fairytale even if you dearly wish it was.
  3. The lord moves in mysterious ways. You may have been SMITED. ARE YOU A SINNER :angry: Edited..... Bielzebub still emails Gordon hourly, ALL OF HELLS SPAWN ARE CONNECTED. weep ye, lost and disconnected.
  4. Yeeesssss nicy. AND JUST. This however. is more like what i had in mind. Notice the puny BTLer cowering behind the piller.
  5. Its not RB's fault, im only trying to add a little balance to the descussion. The crash IS comming you know AND ITS GOING TO BE A BLOOMIN BIG ONE.
  6. The unceasing worm shall seize him (Gordon's back benchers) Their shall be a grinding and gnashing of teeth (torys at question time) LEGS FURIOUSLY PUMPING, ALL HOPE IS LOST. DIABLO, LORD OF TERROR STRIDING TRIUMPHANT IN OUR DESPARE, PLUCKS THE UNVIGILANT. THE LOST, WITHOUT SHELTER, SHIVERING AND DRENCHED WITH THE TEARS OF POVERTY STRICKEN CHILDREN. Their will be no escape from the chaos.
  7. I see fear catching up and locking horns with greed. The foolish amature BTLs, recent buyers and FTBs are lining up behind fear. How long can Prof' investers hold out behind greed before fear's shear weight of numbers CRUSHES THE GREEDY TO DUST UNDER BRIGHT BANNERS OF VICTORY. SOON, ALL OF CREATION SHALL TREMBLE BEFORE THE FLAMING STANDARDS OF HELL.
  8. Thank you for that link RB. When i read it i almost droped my trident. Hes obviously having trouble finding a fossil that links any species to any other, Just as FTBs will have trouble linking buying a house with any financial sanity.
  9. And you are a brave soul to stand your ground. HOLD FAST cried the 300 spartan warriors againsed the 800,000. How long can you resist. I lower my bow in honour of you. Alas though, your bravery shall be but a page in our history.
  10. Ha! Look at you all.. Brother is turning againsed brother. Look at the posts, watch the stats, NOTHING CAN SAVE US NOW, YOUR TEARS ARE WASTED. Even if RB spun round and turned bull, their is nothing, ANYWHERE in ANY place that says house prices can only go up, that sentiment is all behind us now. DRINK YE ALL FROM IT. THIS IS MY BLOOD WHICH WAS SHED FOR YOU. The equity in your homes is being shed, and the wealth of the nation is being bled. Nothing can stop the chaos looming ever darker on the horizon. THE TEARS OF THE HOMELESS AND BANKRUPT SHALL DRENCH THE DYING DREEM OF HPI. Youl see.
  11. Thank you for all that. Ill keep on topic now on. Iv read so much stuff and seen so much. Human suffering seems enevitable. A house price crash followed by a world depression looks like on the cards but their are some things i diddnt want to see again. I get a bit passionate about it. if everything in all these threads comes to pass alot of people will be in deep deep doodoo. Perhaps i should buy a few gold coins, it may delay things abit. Good night.
  12. Just like house price increases cant be sustained, nither can the global population increase at the rate it is going. Ban me if you like but both will crash.
  13. The first man made fammine. The next will be as bad. Just take one thing away; petrol, wages, supermarket staff, lorry drivers. Just break one fundimental thing that holds the whole colossal farce of society together and what do you get? Something like this. http://www.ukrweekly.com/Archive/1988/458814.shtml On google images if you type in Ukrain fammine youl see some hellish pictures (not for the squeemish)
  14. Nothing has been cancelled CTT, House prices are still 8 times average. interest rates are still rising, Oil is still running out, the stinking brown hand of Gordon undermines our lives as i speak. People are in denial. They look but they cannot, or will not see. In China, in the beginning of March and just after the dip, all the little fools came back to trade the very next day, throwing millions of yen into markets that had, only the day before, collapsed to a fearfull degree. They are trading in grains of sand. The stocks are already worthless but nobody is in their right mind anymore. 300,000 for an ex council house? madness. Let them pass their pieces of paper arround. Let them dreem greedy little dreems of riches. The higher it all goes, the harder the fall will be and the bloodier the mess at the botom We have time to prepare while they throw all our futures down the toilet. The chaoss is just beginning.
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