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  1. We should expect the house prices according to keep rising. Those who qualify for mortgages are typically already home onwers, have well paid jobs or are just stinking rich. They have plenty of money and can afford the ridiculous house prices. It is their home purchases which are driving the statistics. House prices will only decrease when it becomes a buyers market
  2. So many comments to this topic of which there is some truth and understanding but even more ignorance. Africa is a continent of 54 countries, so don't condemn the entire continent. Slavery was never agood thing for Africa and Africans did take part but that doesn't excuse the role of the Europeans in the mass movements of people for exploitation and brutality on a scale I hope we never see again. Once salvery was out of fashion due to the reduced value of goods including sugar and cotton, the Europeans turned to the African continent for expliotation. The idiots carved out vast areas of land creating countries with a diversity of cultures and are surprised when they don't get along. How can you expect harmony in a country like Nigeria with over 250 ethnic groups? In fact the Europeans incouraged disunity by favouring one tribe over the others. The old divide and conquer trick you are so proud of. Poverty in Africa is disappointing but probably no where as bad as you think considering the only information we see about African countries relates to war or aid appeals. Their economies were geared for european consumption and businesses will not commit to producing food that the locals cannot afford so bear that in mind when you consider the availability of affordable products. Going forward African countries are increasing able to take avantage of their vast resources, including oil and land etc so expect much in the way of building infrastructure and investment of health and education. With regards to the British giving less money to Africa, perhaps it is due to a recognition that their country is going down a hole.
  3. According to the FT, Tchenguiz is selling the largest rental portfolio in the UK. This includes 250,000 homes or 1% of UK homes. How significant do you think this might be? http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/db77a378-4824-11e1-a4e5-00144feabdc0.html#axzz1keVqzIi3
  4. IMO the situation is dire and helps to explain why the average age of a first time buyer is increasing every year. 5% of anything over 15K doesn't sound like much. But what is the typical amount of disposable income after rent, food bill etc? How much can people afford to save towards a home. Now factor in that 5%. My sister has a student debt of £22K, she'll need a wage of around 25K just to pay off the interest, which is far more than she is currently earning. Many graduates have a similar debt burden, which doesn't include credit cards etc. Meanwhile the average wage for a graduate is less than £25. I think graduate debt will stifle any HPI for years to come.
  5. Can anybody recommend reading material which discuss world economics?
  6. The basket of goods and weighting for each product, which is used to determine the CPI and RPI, are revised to reflect current spending patterns? If this is done yearly it would be interesting to see what effect it has on CPI and RPI values!
  7. A degree in graphic design huh! Not such a bad chioce in my opinion. My Brothers a graphic designer, in fact he designs building interiors and creates 3D models and can produce animations to help customers visualize the designs. It pays well and there is the opportunity to do free lance work which comes in handy. It may surprise you to know he has got very far with out a degree or HND.
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