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  1. Hi Folks, Quick update from planet Ski. Predicatably we've done it - bought a house. Actually we're very happy with what's gone on. The usual issues forced us - crap landlord, expanding family, finding a decent place and a good price. On the last point, the place we bought was originally on for £300K, then down to £275K and we got it for £250K. This was over the summer / autumn last year, so there is hope for prices around here. S Cambs village, easy travel (bike) into town. Decent mortgage. None of this removes my logic that the entire housing market is vile, of course. Having gone through the experience only just adds to this. On a very depressing note: I went to take a look at http://www.bloorhomes.com/assets/x/62521 (http://www.bloorhomes.com/developments/cambridgeshire/the-spires/summary/231612.aspx) the other day. The Bampton (plot 13) - £310k - Our living room has 70% of the floor space of this entire house The Wroxham (plot 14 ) - £425K - The same size as our (3 bed) house, but terribly laid out with a postage stamp garden. Cherry Hinton. FFS. Anyone remember when there used to be 2 bungalows on this site.....
  2. Imagine this situation. Family A gets £25K in benefits and pays £120 per week in, heavily subisded, rent. Family B gets £50K in wages and pays £250 per week in, open market, rent. Is the issue here that Family A is paying too little or Family B paying too much ? I'd tend to the latter, for the landlord in this case is a rentier capitalist and income off asset stewardship is... well, there's enough debate on this website on this matter for you to refer to. If you agree with me, this appeal to ethics that the government is making i.e. "is it right/fair" is utter bunkum. So, as much as we all hate New Liebour for destroying the economy/stoking house prices etc., it appears that we should all hate this lot (again) for being the "nasty party".
  3. i noticed this flaw as well...
  4. Thanks. Now how do you prove it ?
  5. Just at the worst possible time, I know, i've finally decided to take a punt on the market. Family situation forces it and it's clearly affordable. Anyway, i've made an offer (83% of asking) and was responded to by the EA with the "they're already rejected two offers at £X", line where X is somewhat north of my offer. Are they shitting me ?
  6. chin up ! I found this in my inbox this week property bulletin 140.doc property bulletin 140.doc
  7. Sounds like twaddle to me. It's going down around here, don't you worry. There's loads of stuff that's been sitting there for months and months, that's ripe for 20% reduction offers to be taken seriously. Or, perhaps i'll wait until the pit of Winter and offer -40%.
  8. Hey, that's funny. I'm in the Cambridge area, wanting a 4 bed house. Want to accept the 40% haircut that brings it back to the long term average ? You can't lose , PM me !
  9. Crikey, when I used to live in Germany, it was all 1 Euro shops. Now that's inflation !
  10. No, how they've build two very large houses in such a small area of ground, then decided the shoe-horn a third one in between them.
  11. Hi All, two things : - The houses on the corner of long road and hills road. The EA's sign outside always said 3 houses, but now that they've started building the 3rd one then what a f*vk up. Crikey. - what are they building a bit further down on Queen Edith's Way, i'm tempted to say "flats, dummy", but they've been at it a while and have only put in the groundworks and the basics of a steel frame yet. Ski.
  12. http://tgresidential.com/Property/Property.pdf?id=S13708
  13. Good for you ! Thinking along the same lines myself, so do let us know how it goes.
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