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  1. love the way you get banned when you say what's bleedin' obvious if you step inside an estate agents or surveyors. the market is still strong whatever people say on here, at least in London. prices are high but properties are selling. Commercial property demand ( fro office space) is as high as its ever been and even the industrial market is seeing high demand for units, despite the strong pound. this isnt VI spin or ********, its true, i know it as i see it every day - vacancy levels are at their lowest since 2001 and rents are growing still. new developments are coming on stream and taking prelets , these arent signs of a lack of confidence from major business decision makers . but people on this site seem to live in a parallel world where only they know the truth and everyone else is a sheeple. its crazy. yes there are worries for the future but when havent there been. please lets get some balance and dont ban people just because a) they have a sense of humour and want to have a jest - show up moderation policy for what it is - cynical manipulation of opinion that stalin would be proud of. very sad as it could be such a good site.
  2. no people say they have bought or are going to buy on this site and its "goodbye, cant wait til you're handing back the keys" , you'll soon be in negative equity and kicked out on the street, you crappy little estate agent b******" i used to post on this site in 2004/5, i was very bearish but changed my opinions after researching values and local markets. when i bought a place and justtified it, several people on the forum were very abusive in their responses. I'm not back now to say "i told you so" as i have more grace than that. just pointing out that markets are difficult to read and i now have a lot of equity, more income, and can move up the ladder - and its not like i bought in 1996 or something. if i'd listened to all the most vociferous bears on here i would still be waiting, wasting money paying a landlord and would be more likely priced out of the area i now live in. bears who have money saved and can afford to by a flat or house of their own and comfortably afford the repayments would do well to ponder on this. i only wished i'd realised sooner and bought a bit earlier but hey that's life.
  3. i think there is something in this (cue the troll troll troll accusations, sorry , just pointing out that there is another view) certainly those on this site who sold to rent in 2003/4/5/6/ expecting the crash and have put their money elsewhere, are now ruing the day and getting more angry. i believed in a crash too during 2003-5 , i bought my place in when the market had stagnated for 3 years in 2005 (still maintain there was a mini crash in London in that period) butprices have caught up again i have a lot of equity in my house and am very comfortable. advice to those who havent bought yet and are despairing is do your homework, you will find a deal if you look long enough and use all the information sources at your disposal to ascertain whether you are getting a good deal, which can be found in any market conditions. if you wait forever you will regret it like some of the people on this site who have got very bitter.
  4. Andy Jones sounds a bit like "property guru" . maybe coincidence but you never know.
  5. the city goes through periodic culls all the time - this isnt necessarily "the trigger" folk have been hoping for. 1000 staff isnt that many, its just been bonus season, lots of folk are happy or disatisfied, really a drop in the ocean. most investment banks at canary wharf are currently taking on more staff and more space within the estate.
  6. Absolutely no way must you buy a static, its the biggest scam going. yes they seem cheap but you pay for your pitch utilities , repairs, depreciation, there are masses of hidden costs you havent even begun to imagine and the deals are usually financed by complete sharks. Avoid like the plague unless you have a field of your own to put your caravan in.
  7. it may have been taken from Property Week or the Estates Gazette , JG does a column in one of them (cant remember which) every now and then.
  8. it may have been taken from Property Week or the Estates Gazette , JG does a column in one of them (cant remember which) every now and then.
  9. [its not a matter of respect. Just simple economics. Most tabloid readers earn under £28k, are therefore a burden on the exchequer yet express an opinion on the country as if they own it or were fit to run it. Neither of which is remotely credible. If I have to step out of my Ivory Tower in order to found yet another company that keeps people in jobs I will continue to hire Polish, Latvian and now Hungarian workers who actually turn up for work 10 minutes early. With their packed lunches that their wives made them. In crisp uniforms that were laundered the night before. In stark preference to the slovenly arsed locals who roll in 10 minutes late, looking like they just left the pub and who spend 50 minutes at lunchtime getting a £3.50 bacon roll from the wagon at the gates which adds to their already prodigous guts. The newsflash is, working class, you've been replaced. Now sell your depressing little terrace and dissapear off to Bulgaria/Spain/Timbuktu. There's a good fellow. i have to say there are parts of this i agree with and the new immigrants do seem to be a lot more motivated, less cynical and hard working towards the British Dream than a lot of our own home grown chippy chavs and chavettes who are often racist and wonder why they've got a Polish guy as their boss ;/ team leader these days. many firms are recruiting directly from abroad, they have roadshows out there (as does the government) and are deliberately passing the so called "decent honest working class" brit many of whom actually just want to milk the benefits system, do a bit of cash work to top up the benefits and have cheap flights to Majorca. hopefully the new EU brits wont pick up these bad habits too quickly.
  10. saw this earlier - incredible rises this year. was posting earlier about crazy asking prices these days anywhere within zone 2 - paper money madness ! Central London house prices increase at record rate Property prices in Central London increased by the highest monthly rate on record last month, according to Knight Frank. The 3.1% rise in March means that the annual price growth for the most expensive postcodes is now 32%. Prices have been rising for 27 consecutive months, with Chelsea and St John’s Wood the best performing areas. Houses have increased in value by 10.2% in the first three months of the year alone. Head of research Liam Bailey said: “As City bonus money filters out of the market, continued strong price performance can be explained by supply shortages and ongoing international demand. “The supply of newly available property fell by 27% compared to the total for February while the number of new prospective purchasers increased by 16%, fuelling the price rise in the market.”
  11. i thought i had bought at the peak in 2005 and it was a real stretch to afford where i am living at £200k but similar properties in the area now seem to be on the market for £275k which i find unbelievable, i just dont know who is paying these prices or perhaps younger poeple are earning more than me or being majorly funded by parents, or the banks are getting more slack with ledning, but the fact is i wouldnt be able to afford to buy where i'm living now....stupid.
  12. i hate property ladder too. i love it when they dont take her advice as well. and end up maxing out their credit cards to finish a job and turning 1.5k profit for a load of grey hair, hassle and aggravation they didnt need to have.
  13. dont think thats true really , LCD's are much improved now and id challenge you to tell the difference really, unless you buy a cheap old model, the whole ghosting thing used to be a problem but really isnt now. and as CRT is definittely inferior quality. maybe with some of my MEW money i'll be able to pay someone to put mine on the wall for me -never was any good at DIY!
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