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  1. Dames, MOHAA do u play over the net or not.Me i play over gamespy
  2. I removed some topics yesterday, but I don't think the one you are talking about was among them. One I deleted had someone posting under "Time to raise my ****", and there was also one started by a fake Monkey. The mods are cracking down on ID spoofing. The threads started by spoofed IDs add nothing to the site, so will be removed. I normally do not touch swearing by genuine posters. The automatic filter blanks out most swearwords and it is up to each poster here what reputation they want to have. I was replying to this quote from BP Cheers anyway TTRTR
  3. Just read all that and all i want to say is come back THE MONKEY
  4. What!!!! So now when i log on i will only read about the housing market.Oh wait a min this is the site called Housepricecrash is'nt it.Well the good thing is at least we can still read about the regulars fighting and not some idiot signing on as someone else just to stir things up keep up the good work BB+BP
  5. As i said the other day prices are going down BUT some houses still selling 3 bed mid terr next door but one has just sold for 125k (no sorry thats what it was put on the market for) but the one further down has just fallen through AGAIN FOR THE 3rd TIME.REDUCED from 125k to 99k and it has still not sold. Cant quite make it out yet. But i'am now seeing REDUCED, which EA's could'nt even spell upto 3 months ago
  6. Will read this post in a min just going to get a beer
  7. 1. Basic Salary - 26K + 10K WIFE=36K 2. Non-regular/other annual income (Bonuses, Commission,etc) - 3. Income from Dividends - 4. Annual Rental Income (if landlord) - 5. Income from other investments - 6. Capital currently in property - 7. Capital currently in shares - 8. Capital currently in commodities - 9. Capital currently in other investments - 10. Cash in bank, savings, ISA, etc - 11.But only paying 450pcm rent
  8. I Have got the article in front of me i will scan it tomoz and put it up for the non believers out there Dont forget this is the North soooooo this is Great
  9. Autumn Sale, Has anybody ever seen this before, an Estate agent in the Northwest has put Autumn Sale across most of the houses in the local rag WAS - NOW 395k - 365k 199.5k - 190k 195k - 179.950k 77k - 73k and on and on and on This looks great and below is a picture of two gold fish and one saying to the other "rumour is were not moving before christmas!" STRUGGLING TO SELL WE CAN HELP!
  10. Ive not posted for a few days now but have to say i went into work the other day and was laughed at, with some saying have you seen the report from the Halifukcs.I never put up no defence but i get the feeling they have been waiting for some news like this to shout about.My own fault really as i show them all the headlines the THE MONKEY gives links to and they know i'm after a crash. OH WELL HE WHO LAUGHS LAST well you know the rest.
  11. 1 BEAR (30% would be nice, 40% would be better) 2 FTB 3 NORTHWEST 4 I.T. (BOOKMAKER) 5 Not as good as i thought 6 age 32 7 Thats me in a nutshell
  12. In St Helens It's thicker than the local paper (the property section that is) a new one i've seen this week AUTUMN SALE,autumn sale whats that about.Have theysaid to the seller were putting your house up a bit cheaper because where having a sale LOL i wish i was there to see that. p.s maybe it's standard but i've never seen it
  13. Even though dave was a bull i think you will find that he was open to the event of a crash near the end.To say that he was convinced there was'nt going to be a crash and could'nt be bothered is CRAP.
  14. but now they are playing it with people who are priced out of the market(which is growing every day )and neg equity people aswell i hope its the biggest land slide loss EVER. BROWN really has convinced himself he has done a great job hahahahahahahahaha what a p***K :angry:
  15. I read somewhere that there has been 66 STEALTH tax rises since labour came to power and house prices have doubled in three years PLEASE tell me why i should vote Labour ever again,yes i said again because for my sins i ONCE voted for Labour BUT never ever again. :angry: What a complete load of Bo*****s of OUR country.In a nutshell earn less pay more for a house the f*****g wa***rs p.s sorry for my language.
  16. Not sure to be perfectly honest but its NOT 25k That figure belongs in never never land. Average hourly rate about £6.00
  17. What the houses are the two friends of BB laughing at me
  18. Thats not good ,but i did only read the first few lines i'm sure someone will rip it apart(BBB BUT MAINLY TTRTR ) but i'll read his reply monday a.m while at work.
  19. Thanks BB that as sad as it sounds as cheered me up
  20. Sorry not got the hang of it yet but both asking prices are 80k and 2 bProbably worth around 30--35k 3 years ago
  21. This is just my opinion but i feel that the housing market is driven by the people as in they will pay what they think a house is worth.Now for reality BTLers (sorry joe public BTLers have caused the upserge in house prices by paying over the odds for every 2 bed shack they can get their hands on( inc the North ) But we people in the North are not prepared to pay 125k for a 3 bed terrace and that is not in a "posh"part of town. Bog standard 2 bed terrace going for about 80k now come on HOW CAN THIS BE SUSTAINED. :angry:
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