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  1. :D Just gone through my local paper(St Helens Star)looking over the housing section and thought there seems to be a lot here so decided to count them.

    Now bear with me we are talking about an area that when i was looking 3 years ago (not any more)viewed a few and was told im the 15-16-17-and so on viewer and my offer would have to be higher than advertised to stand a chance (greedy b$$$$$d's)anyway back to business just finished counting and there is a staggering 615 houses advertised in the paper,that advertised not for sale because they dont advertise all the houses in the paper.

    some EA are using 2 full spread adverts LOL burn babies burn. :lol::lol:

    Recovery,strong economy,low IR,low unemployment,there is more holes in these sayings than a pack of polo's lmao. :ph34r::ph34r:

  2. :( How annoyed am i been trying to get some small(Minor) repairs done and still nothing what do i do.

    Problem is just a leaking pipe in the back room which is leaking into a bucket but its also running back into the wall and causing damp up the wall.

    not a problem as such to me but hhhmmmm that damp can be nasty and costly.

  3. Also someone at work has their house up for sale,asked the other day how she was getting on and said had a good number of viewings BUT all their interested in is how much will i knock off the asking price.(Now the annoying part of the conversation)I told them not a penny because im willing to stop here so take it or leave it :angry: but the herd are turning :lol:

  4. ;) Not posted for a while now but do read every day.

    Now thats over back to business.Right Just one thing, went round St Helens town on sunday morning to the EA.went in five (thats whats was open)and out of all 5 saw one person in a EA :blink::D:lol::lol::lol: arguing about missing his rent LMAO another one i saw coming out laughing clutching some details as i was ffing to myself he ripped it up and threw it in the bin :lol: so all in all it put me in a very good mood for the day so in a way thank you EA for cheering me up. :P

    oh was leaving one EA and said bye bye and it was a very defeated bye i got back even mrs watcher noticed :ph34r:

  5. :) Hi all not posted here now for a while (forgot my password :blink: )

    But i was talking to an EA the other day and just came out and asked her about the housing market in St Helens. To my suprise she just blurted out its dead absolutely dead nothing is moving if it does its for less than advertised, just the other day we had a house up for 125K and got an offer for 100k of course the answer was NO but a week later the seller phoned back to say they will take 105k long story short they settled at 102k. :) i'm not one for seeing people lose their homes in a HPC but i'am for buying my own when i can afford it (so to the people who keep saying your not a FTB until youve bought fair enough BUT how can MOST of us be FTB when there so BLOODY HIGH :angry:

    Housing is not affordable so stop BLOODY saying it is :angry:

    (keefter have you bought because you sound like you have given up hope)

  6. Where i live there was three up for sale,Well sorry to say they are now SOLD(AGAIN)please wake up St Helens please.You bunch of f*****g muppets they are not worth 125K for a 3 bed mid terrace here :angry: If london is now levelling off,well were knackered up here.Please somebody from up North come and give me some reality.whether it Bear or Bull :(

  7. BBB,

    I was just stating that he wants quotes from BULLS for archive purposes and a good laugh when its all over.

    Now on the other hand listening to BEAR statements for the past two years has cost me a lot of hard earned(that depends on how far they fall).

    Personally i missed the boat but hopefully its turning around and coming back.

    BBB sometimes you do come across as arrogant but thats just defending yourself from the attacks you recieve :D

  8. The boom in the Northwest IS over,a lot of REDUCED signs can only meen one thing but i would like to see 30% reductions but maybe that will be 2-3 years away


    Just a little something talking to a chap in the pub the other day and just mentioned house prices falling.I could'nt believe my ears when he said i know it's great maybe my son will get a house one day.(now he has no interest in buying or selling but he knew they were falling).The publics waking up.Now then hmmmm

    Wheres that bloody sheep dog gone now.


    St Helens Local Paper,


    Not going to write it all but first paragragh goes.

    The average property price in the UK has fallen for the fourth consecutive month,according to figures released by the National Association of Estate Agents.


    Here come the ripple,No wait that's no ripple that's a great big bloody WAVE. :D

    P.S Reeds rains have released figures revealing a 3.6 per cent rise in JUST september.is this a sick joke because all i see are REDUCED signs :ph34r:

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