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  1. Just gone onto the BBC WEBSITE or whatever nickname you have for them !! Loaded it up and it came up saying page updated 10th march 2011 ( fair enough ) figures looked good for my area, but then noticed it said figures are from april - june 2010 why ?? also down the right hand side it has latest news section consisting of headlines like Mortgage lending jumps in march Housing market spring bounce When i clicked on these they are both dated 2010 so why the fk are they in the latest headline sections ??? answer me that .... so please stop p;ssing about and update your site !!!!
  2. this monday on ITV 9 P.M should make good t.v.
  3. Northwest ie,st helens not moving no buying no selling but not many price reductions either but they will come,when im not sure. Article in this weeks local paper property section says something like (property sales pick up a little bit as sellers refuse "cheeky offers". :angry: very bullish our local paper if next weeks is the same im going to right up to them with a few stats.
  4. Point her to this site, we must help people like this not make fun of them
  5. sorry to bore everyone again with the same news but, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/tm...-name_page.html and, http://db.riskwaters.com/public/showPage.html?page=283348 and, http://business.timesonline.co.uk/article/...1653044,00.html and, http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-13370207,00.html and, http://portal.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.j.../14/ixcity.html sorry but heh its everywhere you look today
  6. I VOTED -25%(BUT EVEN AT -15%) i'll try to negogiate the rest off.
  7. Property prices rise at just 7% Andrew Oxlade, This is Money 13 June 2005 GOVERNMENT figures today revealed a sharp slowdown in the UK property market with London leading the way. A fall in the price of detached houses in April was largely to blame. OFFICIAL FIGURES: The price of the average detached home fell more than 3% in a month The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) said annual house price inflation in April stood at 6.9%, down from 12.6% in March. The price of the average home fell to £181,832, down 0.8% from £183,346 a month before – although the ODPM warns against a
  8. Just had to post today is a GREAT day just look at the headlines about today. Have they been waiting for the Jackson trial to finish or what???
  9. http://news.money.msn.co.uk/article.aspx?a...ae=windows-1252 Not sure if i've done it right but heh,who cares headline says it all really. not read the full article but not many will they will just read the headline p.s im sure its been covered this morning but (snigger)just wanted to post it anyway.
  10. sorry about posting in the wrong section but going on holidays soon and just wanted to know what the average price is in larnaca (cyprus) for eating and drinking out. sorry again.
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