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  1. I thought I recognised him... There was a show on the BBC, a few years ago, where landlords moved into the houses they rented to see what their tenants had to put up with... He starred in episode 3: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p057v67s
  2. Thank you so much everyone!!! I'm still a nervous wreck but it's been so comforting reading your experiences and so enlightening listening to your cool advice. Most of all I'd like to thanks AdamoMucci who I think has the right ideas on how to approach this, but my sincere thanks to each and every one of you! I'm based near High Wycombe and after my fixed term tenancy ended I moved to a rolling periodic, I think it's called. Could I please ask a couple more questions: -Must I allow the Letting Agent to take photos of the property, for them to put on Rightmove I guess , or can I refuse? -I read that I legally need to be given 2 months notice but is that 2 calendar months or 2 months based on when the rent is paid (if that makes sense i.e. if they give me notice today 15th February, but my rent is paid on the 1st February then 2 months would mean I'd have to leave on 1st May?) Thank you so much again!
  3. Hello, Longtime lurker here. I've always been so impressed with the quality of knowledge on this forum and I was hoping you might be able to help me with the following. I've been renting this place for a few years and felt quite settled but then I got a letter saying along the lines of: "The landlord has asked us to try and sell the property you are renting. They don’t want to give you notice as they feel it is unlikely to sell in this market but would like us to see if there is a buyer out there. We would like to come round to see you to discuss this and how we can keep disruption for you to a minimum." I just feel a bit numb really and don't know what to do next - would anybody here have any advise? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Hi MarkyH, so I take it you’ve now managed to move out of Aylesbury into somewhere more civilised?
  5. Nice to see this bear food in the mainstream mediaBuying and renting: Your biggest financial decision - in 10 charts Your biggest financial commitment is your home. Here is the story of the last 10 years in 10 charts.
  6. Sorry, just a quick question, which gold mining shares did you go for? I have my eye on Centamin, looks good value but I'm no expert.
  7. The trick is not to put the milk in all at once. Just pour a little in and make a 'paste' out of the cocoa and milk. Once amalgamated then add a little more milk, amalgamate, and repeat until you have a smooth tasty drink. Works the same for powdered soups, Horlicks or any other such drink. (Technique learnt from my time in laboratories where you don't want to produce lumpy medicaments for patients to consume).
  8. I've noticed that too... Gold price is falling and Gold miners are still higher than what they were three months ago? e.g. Centamin. I see Gold CoT moving nicely towards a low. Net spec longs were cut by nearly 50k to about 115k and that was before the last three days so should be close to cycle lows by now or very soon... maybe next week. Previous cycle lows were around 10k-50k in the bear market and 80-150k in the bull.
  9. Are you talking about buying in the Buckingham Park development in Aylesbury? Wasn't that rising because of London money flooding into Aylesbury, which has now stopped due to people realising Aylesbury is not that great (to put it mildly).
  10. Don't suppose anyone else on this board followed my advice? Okay its been nearly 8 years since my tip and I've been lurking since then. DGO, in the meantime, has nearly quadrupled in value during that time.
  11. http://www.fool.co.uk/news/property-home/2...-this-year.aspx
  12. It took us years to increase interest rates by 1.5% and now they gone down by as much in just one month! Haven't a clue about what will happen next, apart from living costs are going to get a lot more expensive as inflation takes off... Glum
  13. Hi folks just saw this on another BB and I would welcome your comments: "In April 2008 Lehman Bros precarious position surfaced, and many hedge funds may have decided to take their profits - hence the decline in stocks since that date. But at the moment every big investor is waiting for companies' financial position to become clear. Only fools go in where angels fear to tread. On the investment front, foreign funds are just waiting with itchy fingers to jump in U.K. market because the companies' valuation is so low.The chinese have made it clear that they are not investing in paper money any more. They are calling their subprime hedge fund investment in America as dead money. They want real things and direct investment in companies. Only this morning they have agreed to invest in Prudential so as to give it funds for take over of AIG's Asian business. Merkel has out done other European governments by lending out 500 billion euros.European Central Bank just in one day last week took 17 billion euros in deposits from European banks.She has done this to allow German companies to invest or take over under priced companies. Unlike previous recessions, this one will be reversed not by private investment or growth but by mergers and takeovers. The world has moved on. Our govt. should allow ECB to become a direct lender to non-finacial companies as well or make direct investment, so that they are protected from foreign take over. Goverment's direct involvement has preserved and protected Northern Rock and RBS , and will protect LloydsTSB and HBOS unless Lloyds TSB renage on the agreement in which case the govt. should take over HBOS and leave Lloyds TSB to the wolves.We cannot allow foreign companies to be masters of finacial system of the country - the main artery. It is like allowing some one else to have a finger on the nuclear button. Some one mentioned that Lehman Bros options expire on 21 October 2008. My understanding is - see page 19 of 16 October Financial Times - that in order to rectify their financial position they had taken out $20 billion short position on U,K, equities.If you take that to be 10% margin then the bet totalled a mind boggling $200 billion . That would have caused mayhem and near collapse of U.K. market. It seems that there must have been inter governmental exchange and that would explain why the South Koreans and the Chinese reversed their decision to save Lehman Bros. and the Americans refused to bail them out, because their survival would have caused major earthquake in world markets on the short positions being closed.Gordon Brown through the administrator has frozen Lehman Bros. funds and they are unable to close their short positions - wily Scot.He knows how to kill a snake, unlike Cameron who is advocating stringent regulation without agreement with big economies , and thereof see outflow of capital from U.K. to less regulated countries. He makes policies on the hoof.We need uniform regulation throught developed world to protect all the members. I should further tell you that unlike U.K. in U.S.A the mortgages are solely confined to the property and there is no personal liability. That is why U.S.A. government nationalised Freddie Mac and Fannie May because some people were deliberately witholding mortgage payment so that they could surrender their properties of less value, not pay the arrears , and buy similar property cheaper. After nationalisation the mortgages and the arrears have become government debt and that takes precedence over any other debt and there is personal liability attached to it - same in U.K. By 1 December 2008 quite a few hedge funds will go bust - see the FT comment of 16 October 2008 - and then share prices will begin to perhaps rise."
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