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  1. Because they wanted their cheaper roaming charges innit.
  2. Lord Heseltine said on LBC he thinks the UK will join the Euro. Thats a leave for me.
  3. I can see no other way this side of the decade for significantly reducing house prices unless we leave the EU and I'm not sure they will come down significantly thereafter under the current regime. I'm surprised that the younger population are the ones more likely to vote to remain. Surely their parent have tried talking some sense into them and must want to kick them out of the family home at some point or can see how much a ripoff private rents are? Then again I don't understand the mentality of at least half the population, they seem to live in a completely different dimension to me including the government.
  4. It's making a profit for the taxpayer, so by the Tories twisted logic that must mean its a great idea to privatize it.
  5. How many more programmes or radio shows and headlines harping on about this issue, yet nothing every gets done about it. Whats in the budget a nice tax break for Landlords I guess?
  6. Don't understand everyone's problem? After nearly 20 yrs of Tory rule, we got a counterfeit Tory promising the earth and delivering nothing apart from leaving the backdoor wide open and then because he was so shite we got the Torys back in all over again, probably for life at this point in time.
  7. I think it has got to the stage where they no longer see it as their duty to do anything to help ordinary people get through life. It's purely based on market forces and you can either sink or swim as far as they are concerned, can't see that attitude changing either as they are feeding off the super rich. The fact that this guy is in the news tells me that very few politicians have actually been affected by the reality of the cost of living in this country and in this instance he has bank of mum and dad to fall back on along with an extortionate salary that will be a doddle to save a deposit with so not really a problem unlike the majority of people. All a bit of fun for him really, absolutely oblivious to the true horrors of working for an average wage and having to struggle without a safety net.
  8. Of course there will be losers but the pent up demand must be massive by now. At up to 50% off it would be like Black Friday on steroids. Not only that but there would be a ton of people across the EU willing to rush in and live here esp if we stay in the EU. That on top of rabid foreign investors (esp Chinese) and even bank of mum and dad wanting to kick their overgrown kids out or those people that haven't been able to move for decades. I just cannot imagine people not wanting to sell the family silver to get a slice of this even if they lose money on existing investments, people have seen how much money has been made on property and even even those that have been slagging off landlords all these years would want to give that a go given the chance. Not only that but a lot of savings need homes.
  9. If they came down 50% wouldn't investors rush in and buy as many as possible, so quickly back to square one before long, if not worse without building new stock? Not only that but immigration would hit the roof.
  10. All I can say is the quicker those rents increase the better because then people are going to start demanding action as they will have little choice. Greed will get the better of them.
  11. Not sure why they are so up in arms about losing benefits, I thought they had no need to claim them as they were so hard working.
  12. Young people aside, I honestly don't know why anyone (not young) want's to live in London, in particular those with money that don't need to work. I just don't see what the appeal is when you could go anywhere else in the country or the world and have some space, scenery, serenity, air quality etc, etc. The place does absolutely nothing for me apart from making me want to do a sharp exit to the countryside.
  13. I can often remember the songs of ads but not the actual product. Ads do not work on me and never have and celebs promoting anything is a complete turnoff.
  14. Not eaten fast food for yrs but had to suffer McDonalds recently and couldn't believe how small the burgers are nowadays and the prices have gone through the roof. £5-6 per meal for junk food.
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