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  1. My uneducated guess it that they will bottom out around the 50p mark and once the rights issue is resolved, steadily rise to around £1 and make very slow gains from there onwards over the next couple of years. I've put 5k in for a punt at 65p and just waiting to see what happens. Not at all interested in day trading or a quick buck, will just watch closely over the next year or two - but am quietly optimistic that I will double my money. Share dealing is really not an area that I have a lot of knowledge in, hence using the term 'punt'. I think I'd be unlucky to actually lose money over the long term though... but who knows!
  2. Don't 'do' cash. Got about £50 in coins in a piggy bank, that's seriously it. The rest is spread between ISA, PB's and 2 bank accounts.
  3. The sick thing is, it probably cost us taxpayers much more than £6k for this over-reaction by the police. I know it has been said many times by many people, but I despair at the state the UK is in right now. Something has gone very, very wrong.
  4. I must admit, as the vendor is under no obligation to accept offers, I really don't see the point.
  5. Thanks for the comments. As they haven't specified that they WILL accept the highest offer, it appears to me that this is just an exercise in desperation? They know the market is slow and just want offers ASAP. I think I will put forward my cheeky offer. Nothing to lose - and if it offends the vendor.... great! It will be a wake up call as to what people think his property is actually worth in real terms.
  6. I'm thinking of putting an offer in on a house which is up at 'offers in the region of £150,000' and is being sold on a sealed bids basis. £150,000 is a v. good price for this, even in a declining market (houses in same street up for £170-190k... I am however, thinking of offering £105,000 as I think there will be few bids and I have a feeling the seller has to sell fast. What is the general protocol for this sort of thing? Do you give additional informatione.g. "We are not in a chain, we have a 25% deposit and a mortgage in principle in place" - to bolster our case? Or is it literally just a number? In addition, is the seller under obligation to sell at the highest offer, or can they turn round and say no, because no offers were high enough? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have no experience of this. I know this kind of thing happens in Scotland, but the house is in England, so I assume different rules apply. Mods: if this is too OT, please move accordingly.
  7. I saw one recently where a couple of dimwits built a big, characterless cube, fronted entirely in frosted glass, slap bang in the middle of a load of 'traditional' houses in a busy street. Apart from looking really out of place, you could see their silhouettes wandering round the house when it was dark - I bet the burglers love that one!
  8. Love the show. The couple who built an Italian retreat for artists for a few grand were awesome, as were the couple who did up the ruin of a manor house in France. Occasionally, the show has too many 'toffs' trying to be trendy for my liking, but you can't have it all.
  9. This is assuming your car is free. It repairs itself, you're not insured, and you don't pay road tax.
  10. I didn't articulate very well... but basically, prices have had to fall by much more than 1% 'from the peak' to achieve this YoY negative. According to Nationwide, they fell over 1% last month alone.
  11. I might use that as a chat up line. Beats "what's your star sign" hands down.
  12. That chart is going to pose some difficult layout decisions for the BBC web design department as it gets longer and longer.
  13. I heard it too - they also said something like "house prices have fallen by 1% in a year" - errr.... no.... prices might be 1% lower than they were a year ago, but that is completely different. Poor journalism, as it gives the impression that 1% YoY negative is not really that significant, whereas if they had explained that in a few short months, they've gone from double digit growth to a negative figure, it would make more sense to the layman. Now people will think there's nothing to worry about. *Edit* - sorry, just realised, someone has already mentioned this!
  14. Been watching / Listening to the news from several sources this morning, and many of the pundits seem shocked by this news!??! WTF... can they really be that stupid? I can imagine them every night, when the sun sets, saying "f*** me... it's gone all dark... I wasn't expecting that!"
  15. Touché. But intelligence is (in my book anyway) measured by actions, not the ability to regurgitate data. I have nothing against those that have profited from property whether by making well informed decisions or by complete luck. Good luck to them.
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