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  1. I live near stoke and i know Stoke is getting hit pretty hard in the recession, It always does. The housing is not that expensive compared to the rest of the country, but its still out of the reach of the people who earn the local wages. Add in the high unemployment, and all the part time workers and it adds up for a depressing downward spiral.
  2. I had a vovlo 340 and confirm that the steering wheel appeared to have no connection with the front wheels.
  3. Ah well ****** them. The can read books and the internet like everyone else cant they? If they decide to be ignorant they deserve to be ******ed over hard. Its a choice: Educate yourself and learn, or be ignorant and get ******ed. The people of this country are getting exactly what they deserve/ Working in a field picking brussel sprouts in the rain with an armed guard looking over them is what most deserve for their apathy. And its coming too.
  4. Is this the same deal with Byers and National Express where in public Adonis and Byers would berate National Express, but in private they were doing deals to give them 500 million of tax payer money? That sort of punishment?
  5. Evil Tory baby killing public sector cuts - 9 or so.
  6. I would gladly go down to a 1500 calorie bread and bean diet if it mean that Brown got a good hard ******ing.
  7. I say get everyone a compulsory bank account then start charging for the banking service too. Kind of like paying tax on money you've already paid tax on the interest of, after you originally paid tax on it.
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