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  1. I didn't realise FP was a bender too!
  2. Did he mention his amazing prediction about how the FTSE would rocket? Didn't think so. The bloke's a self promoting pillock.
  3. Yes - I live in Hertford (population around 25,000) and the town is dying. Shops (including Woolies) closing every week. If this is indicative of the rest of the country, as your post seems to suggest, we are f*cked. Thanks Brown you lying cheating irrational tw@t. Bring on the revolution...
  4. Please can you get me a job at the council as there are no proper jobs any more as this country no longer makes anything real. Also I fancy being able to go sick for months on end, have above average earnings and a gold plated pension whilst doing very little. Thanks.
  5. Does the panel think that it is time we all took matters into our own hands and ransacked parliament armed with meat cleavers and chain saws?
  6. "If taking out massive debt got us into this trouble in the first place, why is the government's solution to make people take out more debt?"
  7. How about something along the lines of... "If I was to lend you a gun, could you please shoot Gordon Brown when you next see him and put us all out of our misery?" or "Have any of you C*nts got a clue what you are doing? If not, f*ck off before you do any more damage." or "No more Boom or Bust. Discuss"
  8. Has FP gone? I haven't been on here for a while. He always was a self promoting little turd. Made a mockery of the seriousness of this site. Plus he predicted so many things wrong but never admitted it. Typical Financial Advisor - it's easy being brave with other people's money. Hopefully he invested all his money in the FTSE (or even better Madoff). That'll teach him for being such a smug rude prig.
  9. Can someone please shoot that one eyed Scottish slack jawed C**t NOW before the country is completely f**cked, or is it too late? Shoot him anyway.
  10. You have if you subscribe to Sky. It's them that are bank rolling the Premier League. The clubs are still making huge losses though. Seems no one is able to live within their means any more.
  11. VHS, DVD, CD, They all survived - why so sure Blu Ray won't as it's already beaten HD-DVD hasn't it?
  12. So basically if you predict the FTSE or DOW to soar and it goes up a few points before plummeting, you were right? Christ your clients must love you.
  13. I am not a financial advisor (which is why I pulled my money out of shares when FTSE was 6400). All I know is that FP looks like the policeman on Balamory. That's a fact, not a lie or distortion by the way.
  14. But surely it would be better to stick with the SVR or am I missing something (especially with interest rates seemingly coming down massively)?
  15. Just looked at First Direct (who I am with) and their fixed rates have gone up to ABOVE the Standard Variable rate. (I.e. Fixed rate is 5.99%, SVR is 5.50%) What does this mean??? http://firstdirect.com/mortgages/rates.shtml?WT.ac=OM0400
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