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    1. Watching house prices crash<br />2. Watching house prices crash<br />3. Sex, drugs, rock n roll (not necessarily in that order)
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  1. Siwt mae, WSG No it was in Brighton where I'm doing missionary work among the English... More EAs than you can shake a stick at down here.
  2. A letter from a local EA came through my letterbox this am (hand delivered). Roughly: "Dear Homeowner Re: *** *** (my area) We are trying to locate a 1 or 2 bedroom flat in this locality for Mr B who is a genuine buyer currently registered with us. Should you be considering a move at sometime in the near future, this coule be an ideal opportunity to agree a sale without the fuss and bother sometimes associated with the usual marketing process. If this opportunity is likely to be of interest to you ....blah blah...blah.. A Muppet Branch Manager (not his real name obviously, but prett
  3. I understand (from this site) that Shankleman is a STRer, so not so much of a surprise.....but the more times he says it, the more I like it Put Shankleman on the 6 o clock news!
  4. C4 show tonight: Property expert and professional estate agent Andrew Winter presents a series about selling difficult properties. In this programme, he teams up with Matt James from the City Gardener series to tackle a house in Bury St Edmunds. It is a double-fronted, detached Victorian property with eight bedrooms but, after six months on the market, has still not received a decent offer. Looking forward to next week's show - featuring any house in the UK!
  5. I was told I would have to pay an admin fee when renewing my 6 monthly tenancy agreement. At the end of the 6 months I changed it to a monthly agreement and paid no fee, without a murmur from the agent.Telling them I was thinking of moving out soonmay have had something to do with it. Now I've actually given them notice I don't see any influx of would be tenants. Are these facts related?
  6. Just popped out of my garret for a few minutes and noticed huge numbers of "latest homes" everywhere. I reckon the only reason anyone is picking them up now is for the free tv listings. And inside......lots of "new price", "re-available", "price reduced", "back on market" etc, and Halifax having an open day on Saturday. Especially liked the Halifax ad - "Get a free market valuation before Christmas......and we'll make sure you're ready for the buyers in January". Anyone being taken in by that guff will have a long, disapponted wait I think.
  7. It's interesting how the new posters with their stories & opinions always seem to work out the avatar thing so quickly, makes me wonder more whether they're just a past poster with new colours..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Some of us are just highly intelligent!
  8. Wow, moneyweek is impressive - this was back in mid September: http://info.moneyweek.com/sample.php?p_id=...use+price+crash
  9. Sorry for any confusion caused geometric, but I'm a genuine ftb er due to being completely shafted by d i v o r c e . I'm renting, so would love to see rents crash and hp s crash at same time (see avatar).
  10. Rics survey says rents are increasing at their fastest in three years, reported in grauniad: http://money.guardian.co.uk/news_/story/0,...1365395,00.html Good news for crash scenario, but bad news for poor ftb ers while we're waiting....
  11. But look at these wonderful, comparable properties which have sold in Hanover - why on earth would they take it off the market? http://www.wheelersestateagents.co.uk/whee...ng_250over.html
  12. This article suggests that Prescott and Milburn want to lower HPs drastically - but what will the government actually do about them, if anything? A crash is hardly a great vote winner for the 70% who own a house. http://money.guardian.co.uk/houseprices/st...1360321,00.html
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