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  1. That's the pretty universal view, that and the fact it's right on a road junction so you get idling cars right outside your window,
  2. Interest rates were always going to go up this year after I bought. (Cirucmstances forced my hand I'm afraid, I still fully expect a crash so bought a much smaller / cheaper house than I was intending)
  3. There's a huge holding area for cars at Avonmouth that I see when I drive up the M5. That was absolutely full prior to the scrappage scheme coming in, the last time I saw it (March) it was down to about a third full to my casual glance. Which is about as empty as it gets, and I've been driving past it on and off for about fifteen years. So I don't believe the original linky; and we've been reading stories about huge numbers of new registrations over the past two years so they are selling.
  4. It starts 2015 when US interest rates rise. Sewn on. Annoyingly circumstances may dictate I have to buy earlier. Which will mightily hack me off as it will cost me (my estimate) £150k. Fingers crossed but potentially: Nadgers.
  5. That's about right. People have moaned about irrational house prices but in order to fall there needs to be not analysis but a bit of cold hard reality. That's now in all forecasts in the form of rising US interest rates in 2015, and where the Fed goes the BoE always follows. Stretch out and wait; this time it's for real.
  6. You may be right, I've received another couple of maturities this week and I had to pore through the leaflet in detail to get past the multiple references to index-linking to find the one sole reference that said it was still to RPI. I'm expecting any new issues to be CPI, when they start applying it to maturities as well then I'll start taking them and worry about where to put the money afterwards.
  7. In theory. My only experience of doing this was at one major PLC where we were encouraged to start using an Indian processing company they had acquired. The wages were a quarter of the UK level (for the obvious reason that their housing costs are much lower) so it made sense but I kept my clients' work in the UK and let somebody else be the guinea pig. They were used for some basic processing but the work was so strewn with mistakes that much of it had to be redone here so the cost saving actually became a cost increase. We stopped using them. I have also seen what happens when companies regard accounting as mere book-keeping: the mere rule-driven processing that some seem to think it is. There is a big opportunity cost. I saved one company several k in the first week I was there by just checking their last year's invoices for temp staff and having their VAT corrected by the issuers.
  8. Was what I was going to post! The contraction has pretty much already happened. The army of clerks (think the Tony Hancock film: The Rebel) that sat there basically adding up lots of figures, assembling the base data for the accounts, has been replaced by computers. I started in the computer era but there were still remnants of this about: I remember A3 trial balances covered in tippex. Accounts departments used to be bigger and pyramid shaped, with lots of juniors, they're now much more narrow pyramids. Technology / automation is already integral to these teams and can't go much further because of the need for review / interpretation / action upon the data the computers process.
  9. This is about right. Decent pubs near me are doing as well as they ever have. Wetherspoons has nabbed the casual trade (deservedly IMO, great beer, decent food, all well-priced). The ones that lurch from one landlord to the next are those that are slightly out of the way and have no intrinsic merit such as a great pub garden that would make anyone think "I must go there", especially if it's non-walkable. So I don't think the pub trade is dying, a lot of it's doing very well, but all the marginal pubs that are struggling now will end up closing.
  10. Why not? My horror at finding out I've been unwttingly eating kosher / halal meat with its barbaric method of slaughter has been ignored by politicians (except in Denamrk) so let's all follow the muslim way
  11. They'd probably say so! I did a thread on it before; there is a significant proportion of the population here who not only aren't keen on leaving Cornwall but will of choice go all year without leaving their town and proudly state this. A friend's workmate had never left Penzance, he was in his fifties.
  12. Not all of it, maybe the Bude / Stratton region should form their own independent state.
  13. Yes and yes. Certain areas in Cornwall always come bottom or near bottom for measures of poverty across the whole of England (clay country, Camborne Redruth area) and Cornwall as a whole, even when taking into account the posh bits, is still well behind Devon which lags Somerset etc. In taking Cornwall out of the SW region the masking effect of the better counties is removed and it then qualifies for a lot more grant / assistance money. But as usual this will be splurged on quangos, creating loss-making heritage parks, various horrendously expensive eco projects, and a raft of diversity co-ordinators at the council. Lots of spend, little benefit. Put all the extra money into Adult Social Care where it will make a real difference and everybody will be happy except the quango sitters.
  14. This had passed me by though I have seen the channels a couple of times (not my choice!): http://www.retail-week.com/topics/marketing/tv-channel-sit-up-falls-into-administration-despite-passing-cva-last-month/5059530.article So it did actually get that penny in the pound voluntary arrangement last month, and that still wasn't enough. Anybody know who their main bankers were? Co-Op and Santander are the usual suspects.
  15. Loads of people speak Cornish, just look up the census returns: 1.17 on, but it's all good
  16. More EU interference IMPO. As this was part of my postgrad I will chip in that the genetic testing on people with long family histories in an area showed a clear British (as opposed to Anglo-Saxon) population in Cornwall and equally in Devon, this was surprising as place name evidence suggested that only Cornwall would be British. That's all a bit irrelevant anyway, as compared to 1900 when 90% of people living in Cornwall were born there now the majority aren't.
  17. Agreed for a 5% holding but "buy low" applies to gold as much as any other investment. I wasn't going to touch it above $1500.
  18. I'm not being contrarian but having thought gold was a mugs' game for a long time I'm about to start buying on the basis it's a reasonable long term bet for some of my cash. I've held a lot of my investments for 20+ years so I'm not after a fast buck.
  19. I'd happily work four days for 80% of the money, but in order to do that and still operate effectively I'd need the people that I'm dealing with to work the same four days. A national four day week Mon - Thurs would suit me down to the ground, and I'd have said the same when I started work on my not very big salary.
  20. You can turn off signatures in your profile but not avatars. I can't think of any offensive ones since somebody had Gordon Brown as theirs.
  21. I think so but he didn't talk about it much as it wasn't a big deal to him, he saw there was a need so helped out. When there were company Friday nights he'd have a couple of beers but then have to shoot to help with the sandwiches.
  22. That last reason is what will push to me it eventually. I would like a camper van, sports car, classic car and a fully equipped garage with inspection pit to work on all of it. I could get a Mini and work on it on the drive but that's not the same.
  23. I worked with a devout Christian (also a good laugh, the two are not incompatible) who spent an evening every weekend as part of a team making soup and sandwiches by Trafalgar Sq and handing them out to the queue of homeless. He said you always got the odd tourist waiting in line for a freebie. He said they didn't disapprove, it was open to everyone, but found it surprising somebody would want to do that.
  24. Any opportunity to trot out this story again: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/6671012/Man-with-sexual-fetish-for-slurry-jailed.html And he has his own facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDavidTruscottAppreciationSociety?ref=stream Don't annoy him though:
  25. What boom? Here is the FTSE 100 nominal and inflation adjusted. There is no boom, this is not the United States and peopel who say that there has been a stock market boom have been watching too many US youtube vids.
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