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  1. It's around time to do my annual tax-avoiding SIPP investment so does anybody have any current favourites? I've been sticking it into UK equity income funds over the last few years (which have done surprisingly well) but have been toying with the idea of the US or maybe Europe if it's cheap enough at the moment. I have a wide range of existing investments so there's no need to diversify it and it'll probably all go into just the one fund or maybe two funds 80 (safe) / 20 (punt). I wouldn't consider investing in bonds / fixed income as that seems a good way to erode your capital. Or gold.... yet. I will report back.
  2. I don't really see the point, an attack is an attack, but the definition seems to be that you are attacked for fitting a certain category rather than for something personal to you. So Lee Rigby's killing was a hate crime IMO because he was attacked because he was identifiable as a British soldier. If he was beheaded by somebody with a personal grudge against him in particular then it wouldn't be a hate crime. As per my opening statement, what's the point of it?
  3. A real shame to read that. The SNP are horrible little bullies who keep peddling the big lies that anybody who is against them is unpatriotic (if Scots) or hates Scotland (if English). As North Sea oil runs out so will their last shreds of credibility, all that decent people have to do is wait.
  4. OK, I'll pitch in. Yes, I do really like Scotland and have enjoyed my visits there and am happy to hear all about it. But I can't stand the SNP: single issue bullies. They were always going to do extremely well this time as everybody who voted for separation was going to turn out to vote for them to make up for losing. This is however the high water mark, they will deliver nothing, the scandals and corruption will bubble to the surface, and the flash in the pan will be gone. Enjoy your four years of dreaming.
  5. Nicely summed up here. http://www.propertyinvestmentproject.co.uk/blog/house-price-crash-is-cancelled-screams-the-psycho/
  6. You win. Unless anybody out there can beat that number?
  7. Don't blame me, blame Cyber Nat aka Ronald MacDonald.
  8. Ok, I don't venture much outside OT these days Errol but when I did your posts were generally along the lines of linking to any kind of gold ramping story that implied it was getting scarce or that the Indians / Chinese were secretly buying vast amounts of it so buy some before it all disappears to Asia whereupon they will use it in some unspecified way to destroy our economy. I have cited you before as the one goldbug (unless you also object to that?) who would actually enter into a reasoned debate on it rather than post a trite response or just not reply.
  9. Indeed, happy to have alternative viewpoints but the recent blanket-bombing by Cyber Nat reminded me how they can wreck a forum if left unchecked. The wost one I've encountered wasn't on here but on a football forum. One girl had an obsession with one of our strikers to the point of ending up literally stalking him. She hijacked any thread that even mentioned our strikers (it was football, most would do this) and turned it into a banner-wave for her striker whilst other people took the piss. She was regularly banned for short periods (she wasn't offensive) but it made no difference, she always came back the same. We only lost her when the striker went to another club whereupon she did the same to their forum. I maybe notice them more as I rarely venture away from Off Topic; the main reason being that I reluctantly bought a house and do not wish to be reminded on a daily basis that they're going to crash (although I'm sure they are, with the only question being "When?").
  10. I was going to put trolls but that's not correct, some of them could be ok and they (can) post reasoned stuff but only ever on one issue and from one viewpoint. I've seen them on other forums but we seem to have a steady run of them here. Off the top of my head, apologies for any names I get wrong and feel free to add: Scottish Independence - Cyber Nat - the most recent that had me reaching for my ignore button Global warming (it's real - panic!) - snowflux & fulffy666 Iran is really good you know - Asheron Muslims are all peaceful really and it's all the west's fault - Leroast Look at all the pretty coloured fonts and symbolism of names - Erranta Buy gold, sell your granny and buy gold, buy it now - Errol, DiggerUK
  11. The SNP, who the referendum showed are not Scotland, just wants a big freebie and don't care whether it's provided by England or the EU. Don't blame them, if I thought I could vote myself into a situation where I received loads of free money then I would do the same. Responsibility is over-rated.
  12. The left have a mistaken belief that they're nice; which entitles them to describe anybody who disagrees with them as scum. Cue Alanis Morrisette.
  13. I never used to understand the dislike of the Conservatives and actively supported them (well, voted for them) through the Thatcher & Major years but I find Cameron & Osborne to be ridiculous stereotypes. Over the last week alone their continued pumping of the housing bubble (cash to allow people to have the rent deposit to rent a BTL, whack up the inheritance tax threshold so massive unearned gains on property can be retained) and now the frankly mental Right to Buy being extended (and yes I know that was originally Maggie's, nobody's perfect) even further. I would actually agree with RTB if it applied to all renters including private sector, but no, that particular lottery win is reserved for social housing renters.
  14. Heard the same about Bude but this was chavscum from Manchester on ths occasion. Lovely people, not. Fights in the town centre every weekend now and it used to be a nice quiet place.
  15. Do you mean Qatar for covertly funding islamist terrorists whilst being friendly to the west?
  16. In pretty much all ways tbh! Though we need to lose the outdated snobbery and have more of a German model where the engineer or the brewer is as respected as any other occupation.
  17. At one big co. I worked at we had an unofficial policy of looking out for university drop-outs. They were usually cheap to hire, worked well as they were grateful of being given the chance, and had shown marked intelligence and drive by packing in useless degrees before they got further into debt. Generally they did very well and it was an excellent policy.
  18. The problem is that being a graduate used to be a guarantee of a high level of intelligence which meant that certain jobs, particularly the professions, would take a graduate in any discipline because they knew they would be up to it if they could cope with the workload. What has happened is that the word "graduate" has been so devalued by having half the school leavers get a degree that it no longer carries this weight. You have to be a graduate of a good university or a second tier university with a good degree in a decent subject. Other degrees are a waste of time and money (in strict career terms) as employers will look no more favourably on you for having that than for having good A levels. As G&S said (or rather G) when everybody's somebody then no-ones anybody.
  19. That's not bad at all. I thought it would be pricier hence my ignoring their advice. Wilko Brewing Sugar 1kg now £1.50 was £2.50 save £1.00I can go there Tuesday so will see if they have any (big big store so it's likely)
  20. I swill the bottles afterwards and then put them in (with other things) into the dishwasher on intensive, 70 degree wash. That will take off all traces. Then prior to bottling all the bottles go into the bath (I don't use it for anything else so it's always clean) with Camden tablets for about eight hours whilst the tablets dissolve, then swill with fresh water. Bottling I mostly use a jug and pour carefully, siphon for the last few inches. It's not anywhere near as arduous as I thought it would be, hence I'm going for the full 40 pints next. This is the half malt, half sugar single can one. I was going to use normal sugar despite the warning of a cidery taste. Should I be warned?
  21. Holy Thread Hijack Batman! I am, on my second 20 pints of a Wilkos all malt 40 pint kit. The first one was lovely as long as I didn't let the yeast mix into it. I use bottles with a Wilkos crown corker, didn't really look at a keg.
  22. Were you an English teacher Sarah? That was what I got told when I wildly misinterpreted a poem, they can't say you're actually wrong, it's a poem and about perosnal interpretation, but I soon realised "interesting" meant "wrong".
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