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  1. Free movement for them is an irrelevance. Nobody speaks the language and they're cold places so there aren't people piling in. It's a nightmare for the UK as all it's all one way; everybody wants to work here, they already speak the language and the benefits, both in work and out of work, are generous and open to all without having paid in. Few Brits want to work abroad where English isn't the language when they can work in Australia, the US or Canada. So the effect upon the average British worker from freedom of movement is that they have increased competition for jobs (hence lower wages) and for housing (and hence higher housing costs, longer to wait on social housing lists), longer waits for healthcare, harder to get into local schools. Great for employers though. Pay less for more experienced staff.
  2. Everybody will get one vote in Brexit; however important you happen to think they are. There are very few farmers so their views don't matter; despite the press attention. There are loads of supermarket cashiers so their views do matter; despite the zero press attention. Supermarket cashiers is merely an arbitrary example of a large yet invisibale group; feel free to use your own.
  3. It's a load of nonsense, just ike the Treasury projections for the Scottish referndum vote. Nobody has the faintest clue what the economic situation will be in 2030 and as soon as you pretend that you definitively do as Osborne has done then you show yourself to be a charlatan.
  4. The number of farmers is tiny here, unlike France for whom the CAP was drawn up, it really doesn't matter what they think. The opinion of supermarket cashiers, for example, is far more important as there are many more of them.
  5. Yes, but your circle would mostly consist of intelligent successful people who understand the arguments. There is a big chunk out there who do not understand any of it and a lot of those vote (small c) conservatively through fear of change. Their ill-informed votes count no less than that of the people who do understand the arguments. The referendum will be won on pure rhetoric; Boris Johnson (a very good speaker whatever you may think of him) would be a very useful cheerleader for either side.
  6. IMO all the BoE is jaw off a load of meaningless guff with the sole purpose of allowing themselves the wiggle room to do what we always have done and always will do: Follow US rates up with a polite lag of half a percent and six months.
  7. Likes button please. I feel inhibited from continually doing "+1" posts but there are many cracking posts that I would like to acknowledge.
  8. How shall I explain it? Well, I will try. If somebody was a huge fan of Taylor Swift and kept posting her videos because they thought that everybody would want to hear such marvelous music and it was really really important that they did. So they posted it in a music section and nobody took any notice which upset them because they thought that it was really important and she was really great and people really should hear her music and know all about her. But they weren't interested, weren't reading the threads, weren't replying to them. "Right", they thought, "Taylor Swift is so important that she cannot be ignored." So they started posting Taylor Swift stuff onto any music thread, then posting it on non-music threads, then starting new threads about Taylor Swift because everybody must hear Taylor Swift songs and know all about her. And then got funny when people complained about it, for how could people not want to hear more and more about Taylor Swift? Well they don't. And they don't want to hear about the SNP either so please restrict your Nicola Sturgeon fantasies to this section where they won't cause bother, irritation and alarm to normal people.
  9. As I've noted the IGNORE function doesn't work any more; I don't want to read his rubbish. You can start 200 threads every single day as far as I'm concerned, just do it in the Politics section where it belongs and I don't see it. Stop coming onto the Off Topic for a reaction; people are ignoring you on here because they are just not interested in the internal political point-scoring of a country with the population of Yorkshire.
  10. Please can EVERYBODY use the report button for this thread and for for every other politics thread that this attention-seeking shill posts into the OT forum. If the mods get several dozen reports each time then the threads will get moved, this gentleman's appendage will get warned, and if he persists then he will be banned and his demise will be very much unmourned. If you're on the mobile forum it's not there unless you switch to the full forum; but it's worth making the effort. Edit: Reported.
  11. Maybe there should be a politics section for this rubbish. Oh there is.
  12. That's Labour then, so: Austin Mitchell Frank Field Neither got anywhere near the front bench because they had genuine principles.
  13. Today's inflation figures make a (small) December rise possible IMHO; the shot that was heard around the world. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34847161
  14. The only sensible way of investing in films is to buy shares in one of the big entertainment corporations. There was a list published a few years back of apparently hugely successful films which have never made a profit. They have never made a profit because the studios continue to allocate vast amounts of their overheads to them to avoid paying out to actors and suchlike with a profit-share agreement.
  15. Nobody? I used to like M&G Recovery for ages but don't want any more in there. I'm already global Mr Drummer. My diversities are diversified.
  16. Gentlemen, and ladies, I have come to the sorry conclusion that we have within our ranks an avatar thief. I will turn out the lights and count loudly to twenty. If when I have turned the lights back on the avatars have been returned the nothing more is to be said upon this matter. One Two ...
  17. Corrected for you. The expansion is at the bottom with the worthless degrees at student factories.
  18. That's still what I think of as somewhere decent, when I left sixth form not many went on to a degree but those that did in the main went to those type of places. A couple of my mates went to Keele which we joked about beforehand but they really enjoyed it.
  19. I thought it was a great idea. I see "winter lets" in the newsagent's window and wonder what the people who rent them do in summer. Well the answer is clearly struggle so good on these lads, hope they stay there through the winter too rather than line some holiday-letter's pockets.
  20. If they could go somewhere decent and do a subject in which they are interested then he should be encouraging them to go as it is a great life experience that a correspondence course cannot replicate. Not everything is down to money. If of course they were looking at doing media studies at some glorified technical college then they are spot on with not wasting their time or money.
  21. Wow at those Swindon prices. And there's a lot of jobs there. 106 Saltash Road, Swindon, Swindon SN2 2EE £105,000 Flat, Leasehold 07 Nov 2014 2 bedrooms £260,537 Flat, Leasehold 30 May 2003
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