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  1. Nooo!! It's not Scotland, it's the bleeding SNP irritating you into believing they are Scotland. They're not.
  2. That's the trap they want you to fall into. The SNP continually annoy and provoke to get a reaction from somebody English that groups the Scots into a single block and thinks that the SNP is representative. It isn't. It's in a minority and the majority of Scots who want to remain part of the UK should not be tarred with the SNP brush.
  3. http://aberdeenvoice.com/2013/03/chavez-mourned-in-scotland-as-well-as-venezuela/ There lies your independent future under Sturgeon, following in the footsteps of the "achievements" of that great man.
  4. Or go to Romania, Latvia, Poland where the land is cheaper, the government more accommodating, the grants are free flowing, the labour is a lot cheaper, and they don't need to stick the finished car on a boat.
  5. Like Switzerland and Norway pay "a lot more" you mean. Crikey it's the auld alliance all over again with the SNP willing the EU to use Scotland to launch attacks upon England. Nice.
  6. Why would any non-European company interested in the EU market opt to place its operations in Scotland rather than in mainland Europe? Sure it's a nice place but then again so's Argentina. They wouldn't put it there either.
  7. IIRC EFTA still exists so us Norway, Switzerland and anybody else who wants out.
  8. It's tempting to suggest tracking down anybody who voted Remain and help them to do so.
  9. About six so far per the RT today article I posted. From memory: France, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Austria.
  10. You're joking aren't you? Sturgeon is so in favour of being ruled by Brussels it is ridiculous. Not one Out voter did it because they thought it would take them out of the EU.
  11. What do you really expect? Her and Salmon are just unprincipled rabble rousers hence their warm reception in Glasgow council estates.
  12. A possible UK exit from the EU was part of the previous referendum campaigning, one reason put for a Yes vote was that if the UK left the EU then if Scotland was already independent then it could remain within the EU. The argument has been considered and rejected by all decent Scottish people.
  13. I'm not sure. He thought he'd had a post deleted for "filth" and took umbrage at what he thought seemed like censure directed at him. It was self-declared, I've no idea what he posted but it wouldn't have been porn.
  14. eight. His valedictory post is towards the end of the Deluded Old Scrappers thread.
  15. He said to deactivate his account and is now a "guest" account.
  16. Well he's gone. So let's mark it with hsi own thread. This is a tribute thread to eight rather than a moderation debate so pics, vids, and quotes.
  17. So: high house prices and low mortgage rates or low house prices and high mortgage rates If I was a FTBer I would prefer the latter.
  18. I know some people detest them as the march of Facebook but they work well on other forums that I use. There are many posts that deserve credit and this is a straightforward way to do this without littering the thread with "+1" et cetera.
  19. Unless you live in Plymouth. When in addition to decaying nuclear waste plants on subs you build an incinerator smack bang in the middle of a residential area. Genius. All the local residents were woken at 3am recently by the plant going into meltdown, just what you want when you live by a nuclear dockyard. http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Emergency-shut-Plymouth-incinerator-early-hours/story-29002102-detail/story.html I wonder what the stats on respiratory illness are looking like,
  20. The root of all of this mess is the EU's landfill tax. This was lobbied for by Holland and Denmark as their small and mostly occupied or under cultivation land masses meant that their industries had a big and expensive problem in disposing of their waster; putting their industries at a competitive disadvantage. So they wanted these costs to also apply to other European countries so they dreamed up the landfil tax. This was then dressed up in a load of "green" propaganda as an afterthought. The result of this tax, filtered to local council's responses to the costs imposed upon them by it, is the endless sofas, tyres and washing machines despoiling nature across the land. Repeal the landfill tax and the problem is immediately solved.
  21. Cashing my last one in this time; there are much better investments around IMHO and I don't like holding too much cash or equivalent.
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