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  1. And one of the worst. As they are friends then Adibrown would have tried to talk them out of it. And got the usual responses presumably.
  2. Ireland is a tiny country that's seen its economy rocket through offering incredibly good tax breaks to companies to relocate in the 90s (e.g. Dublin docks - 10% corporate tax), receiving vast amounts of free money from the EC in the 90s and early 00s, and most recently great swathes of cheap credit that allowed an asset price boom. The tax breaks have gone The free money now goes to eastern Europe The cheap credit has dried up I'm not anti-Ireland (far from it) but there's only one way for the economy and house prices to go in the next five years. And it's not up.
  3. I can only wait with relish for: The Great Property Swindle Why millions face banruptcy in middle age when they should be starting to reap the benfits of their hard work. How a nation was seduced into over-reaching itself on false promises. By Rosie Millard
  4. The Beggar, as she is known, made her last diary entry in October 06, closing on: So how do I see the next few months panning out? My objectives are to resume payments with all my creditors as I had being doing right up until four months ago, and pay off my arrears to clear off anything that is outstanding. I will get there, I know I will. Ah, that cold-hearted rationalism that is the mark of the sophisticated BTL-er! Haven't heard anything since? Where's the happy ending?
  5. Absolutely. I'm in Newquay and developers have been making serious money for a few years by knocking down hotels and converting them into "luxury" (I think that word is now a legal requirement) flats. One of the most recent, most acquisitive, and apparently most skint is Penpol Group. They have knocked down a lot of hotels but don't seem to have the readies to build on the sites because they're not selling their early developments. Still, if you fancy buying a hole in the ground give them a call, they have lots available!
  6. I don't dare vote as the moderator "The Oldie" will be going through them and deleting any he doesn't agree with and presumably barring members. Then this will get shunted down to the "Off Topic" forum along with the similar thread with loads of replies.
  7. I would have said hysteria on this scale is fairly new. The first time I can remember the country going mental on a big scale (rather than celebrating something like VE Day or the World Cup) was the mass nervous breakdown that followed the death of Lady Di. Since then mass stupidity seems to have become acceptable.
  8. There does see to be an agenda to encourage a dependency culture by encouraging people to take out big loans and gamble. Then because of these debts people become totally stuck in one situation where as long as they keep earning at the same rate then they can keep their head above water. So the government have a nice entrapped middle class who have no option to keep plugging away as they get squeezed by all manner of taxes. Good old Gordon! Can we deport him if Scotland votes SNP?
  9. I've been with them three months. No problems at all and just got my first tax certificate through the post.
  10. Great article. A nice counter to the mortaggaed to the hilt BTLers who say taht if rates go up they'll have to raise rents to cover their costs or go bust. I suggest they're looking at the latter option
  11. Echoing that. Thanks to Gal Bear for her efforts and Sarah Beeny for being one sharp cookie. To think I used to bracket her with that Kirsty
  12. It's more likely to be the provisions that banks have charged in their accounts for impaired debts. They're not forgetting about it but may have sold it off to an agency or been offered part payment as you say. That's not to weaken the story. These are huge numbers and the weakening of the IVA legislation could well mean an end to the days of credit card offers tumbling through the door and a return to an interview with the bank manager to prove you are a person worthy of credit. Bring back George Mainwaring!
  13. Icebank is good, they have something like a 3 yera guarantee to beat base rates and are 5.70% now. Or go for NSI Index-Linked bonds. RPI + 1% and you can put 15K in each of the current issues. Tax free and the inflation rate is going up up up.
  14. Tee hee. You mean I can't sit on my **** pretending I'm rich from borrowing cheap money. Bejasus it's back to lick-spittle neutrality for me.
  15. Wow - a vested interest who calls it as he is. If I didn't think the whole housebuilding sector was going to collapse I'd buy Bellway as I bet they have a better strategy than their peers.
  16. If tehy had security of tenure then yes. As it si, no. He appoints wets.
  17. I just think, kick your shoes off and relax. Alll the ramping by Halfiax, Rightmove and the other usual suspects will come back and bite them on the backside as all the over-inflated rises they have posted suddenly concertina. Looking forward to a a warm, SMUG, summer.
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